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F Genovese, Elena Meyers in crimes throughout, with John Honakers witness on video and affidavits, while she/they went around police reports and affidavits for her/their crimes on banking statements direct, timing his emergencies, and threats and injury, theft of susans work and over 500 counts of Johns symptoms, with her over 50 coutns daily federal felonies on doucments, she falsfies, failure to disclose federal felonies added over 50 daily by Elena Meyers, operating as Meyers LLP for crime, (over 50 years with Meyers family members and Genoevse crime family) threats to carry out all premeditated crimes. She with F Genovese, Bushes, make phone calls daily, federal felonies and crimes daily to 2011 billing for it to fedearl healthcare, with slander and claming 'her husband works, call me, he's helping us,' and 'she was seering someone, and on federal witnesses tapes of locking susan up, and ocntinued cirmes, threats with their loan, mortgage frauds and Bushes operating af fire house, aviation, drug racketeering all agencies direct with all frauds, HSBC and illegallly operating as organized crime at the court, Attorneys generals offices, prior to threats and threats for that reason.


  • 1.Susan Cameron HonakerJohn A Honaker4693 Kenton RdDover, DE, 19904Psychotic, federal felonies, Elena Meyers, with over 50 Genovese psychotics, Meyers all labs, UD, MIT,national, direct from HSBC, Frank Genovese, all elementary schools, operating in child murdres,trafficking on sentencing lists including FBI, Chiefs of Police, with Meyers LLP attorneys, DE, NY, federalfelonies threats and in collections, operating threats 11 years, slander illegally as social services, sellingkids nationwide, trafficking, child murders Meyers operating psychiatry all states, and attoneys also NY,judges, child sales, including where she carries out crimes from 2000 to 2011 in PA, osbructions of court,arresting judges as Meyers LLP, slander, threats, violent crimes to 2011, with Robert Bush, FrankGenvese and over 70 Genovese crminal animals, as satanic animals, with her at the coiurts bankingcrimes as HSBC.Elena Meyers, illegally operating with over 50 Genovese, Frank Genovese, George Bush, as socialservices and Meyers LLP for all loan companies, Frank Genvoese and all crime; ederal felonies operatingover 20 emeegenicies, crimes on john Honkaer as social services, from 1990 to 2000, in collections withFrankGenovese operatin his NONABSORPTION VITIMA B, MEMORY LOSS, HEREIN WITH HER THREATSWITH FRANK GENOVESE, ROBERT BUSH, MEYERS IN FINANCIAL HERSELF OPERATING CRIMES ANDTHREATS TO SUSAN AND SON, IN PERSON 2000 DAILY TRANSFERRING HER AND ROBERT BUSH, FRANKGENOVESE FEDERAL FELONIES SLANDER AND FEDERAL CRIMES OF FALSIFIED MATEERIAL OVER 50COUNTS DAILY OF CRIME WITH SLANDER ALONE AND THREATS; with Frank Genvoese, Genovese crimefamily members, Bill Clinton, timed crimes, over 20 Emergencies, for John A Honaker, over 18 loancompanies, with Meyers LLP for Bill Clinton, HSBC, Mdiland Bank with Frank Genovese, and Robert Bushdirect from WSFS, HSBC, with Meyers in financial.Dorothy Arpino, a Genovese crime family member, threats to Susan (Cameron) Honaker in 2000, overBush crime, Genvoese out of labs with them, over their crimes, nemours, tainted vaccines, to carry outviolent crimes theft frauds, theats over their day care crimes, over their satanic crimes, over chemicallabs and chemical corporations, operating with Bush, over 50 years, Genovese, Meyers with EwanCameron ouf of UD as chemical divisions, with Genovese, Meyers, as head of American PsychiatricAssociation also, to carryout finnaical crimes, theft, slander and have Susan locked up, Elena Meyers,Robert Bush, over 50 Genovese crmie family members with Elena Meyers, Meyers in porn andtrafficking as social services, with all agenices under social services, with Bill Cloitnon, and HSBCbanking.Robert Bush, direct from UD labs as director, with direct HSBC mgt. WSFS, with Frank Genovese, ElenaMeyes and Meyers LLP for HSBC, child murdes all agencies, trafficking,as social services, with Genoese

2. and all businesses and crime, falsified material daily to 20211, sloander, threats taking over JohnHonakers pay, operating his loans from prior to marriage to 2000, and collections, over 18 loancompanies, Clinton Midland HSBC combined, over 50 counts, slander, federal felonies with GeorgeBUsha nd directly at fire house in Dover, aviation, HSBC, Citi corp, federal felonies acting as FBI wGenovesee crime family prior to threats, in drug and child trafficking and during threats, and to 2011,and within police, arresting DE state police, federal felonies on documents timed thousands in overdraftfees, and banking crimes, Johns emergencies, with Threats daily over 50 coubnts additional federalfelony threats to carry out slander, frauds, theft of Susans work, with Frank Genovese, Robert Bush,operating CAP Payday loans, from him at work, American General, Citi Corp, loans he doesntremember, his employers, Emile Henry (over 50 years with Bush Sr. and present).Class Action Lawyers, Attorneys, Complex Litigation | Schneider ...E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Compa View Case ; Carpenter v. ...... View Case ;Genovese v. U.S. Small Business Administration View Case ; Gensiak v. ...... BronxCounty District Attorneys Of View Case ; McClendon v. ...www.schneiderwallace.com/other_cases_types.php?type=Employment1. Frank Genovese - 12 Penns Way New Castle, DE 19720 - (302) 295 ...Frank Genovese at 12 Penns Way New Castle, DE 19720, (302) 295-3096. ...www.getfave.com/9192685-principal-health-care-of-delaware-inc ... Spas New CastleSchools New Castle Social Services New Castle Storage New Castle Used Cars ...www.getfave.com Delaware New Castle -Timed emergencies, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, with Bank America, Midland Mortgage under Clinton, 1993emergencies, with Household Finance over 3,500 cashed and given at work, HSBC, prior to marriagewith Bil Cltinon, Elena Meyers as Meyers LLP, for all crime, for HSBCc with Genovese crime family, FrankGenovese, other Genovese listed with Meyers from labs, Robert Bush, University Delaware, to hervioletn crimes, knoiwingly with Frank Genovese, Bush Family members, Meyers operating with her,Genovese as social services and Tricare health federal crimes on documents, Lab Corp, operate d byGenovese crime family prior to threats to 2011 dialy, Genovese crime family, Bill clinton operating withElena Meyers, violetn crimes, slander daily over 5,00 counts, federal felonies on John A Honkaer, to2011, slander, firing by FBI with ELnea Meyers and Meyers family members at Boys Girls Clubs allagencies in child porn, mollexation, including FBi, with Genovese as Racketeering division and allagencies, John Honakers loans, direct federal felonies with his emergenices induced, his lab Corp, withElena meyers in the crimes.2004, March, Johns emergencies, again, and seen at Veterans Hospital, with Dr. Bush as drug dispensing,Genovese crime family and total Blood chemical mixup, tested again, illegally calling John Honaker for 3. Dover home through Real Estate, Ellis, to Bob Lilley, from Dover for the home to be temporary, JohnHonaker discussion of his circles, memory loss, chemical testing, sitting over 10 years while having loansat work, Bushes buy out with Frank Genovese, with government money, Cheswold Airport, operatingcrime to HSBC, to hospital with Elena Meyers. Dover home supposed to be temporary because of Johnscircles, no plans, his chemical damage, and sitting all year long, spending only, no actual sports, anyactivity 20 years, but mowing, spending, working on cars destroyed operated by Frank Genoese, Johnslab corp with Bushes, Elena meyers in crime. 4. John, daily at home, but for occasions on car he doesnt remember, while Meyers LLP, Elena Meyerstimed loans at work, claiming falsities herein, on John Honaker, timing his overdraft fees by thousands, 5. for violent crimes by his testing, lab corp and memory lapses, with the thousands in loans, she purposelycarries out with Mark Bush, other Bushes, herself from HSBC, American General, federal pay, an datWSFS, checking his credit to give John Honaker loans, during -700 in the bank, timed with seriousemergencies, medical lab corp testing for chemical damage, herein she uses for her crimes daily forthreats and violent crime, and biling for locking Susan up at the same time for patented cash flow booktheft and business theft and injury to Susan, having Ct scans needing colon surgery, with nine monthsfrom 2010 August, plus, of diahrea from it and nonworking colon, by her crimes with attempted murder, financial frauds, banking, mortgage and loan origination frauds, notary frauds, threats, locking uppolice who have the affidavits that still exist to present.1-07 Elena Meyers after 500 counts criminal acts, has HSBC with Frank Genovese, Robert Bush,Mortgage set up, carries out continued Nemours crimes, over 50 counts added daily, calls susan withher own federal felonies, acting with Frank Genovese, WSFS, Meyers in child trafficking, with HSBC, Robert Bush, with anonymous call threatens both in person, at all times, with John Honaker, just called fora new loan, on credit report, extended credit, with mortgage in arrears, timed with Elena Meyers, hereinto 2008, attempted murder, threats to both, slander, and to Susan 7,000 overdraft fees by 2008, ANDFrank Genovese operating CAP Pa6yday loans to 2011, with John Honaker, banking crimes, loans hedoesnt even remember or have long term memory for planning any acivity, money, but spefic long termmemory only, and short term current sudden work ability on car or mower or email and his daily job.Cameron Honaker, attempted murder, injury, timing over 300 days from the banks, to steal all money,federal crimes on new mortgage, with HSBC employees, Meyers in financial and as Meyers LLP for HSBC,Frank Genovese and over 50 Meyers with Bushes, labs to social serv ices, Federal witness from 2006,already before congress and on tape of her crimes during 2008.Robert Bush, direct with Genovese, from HSBC, WSFS, to 20211, continues threats, slander, violentcrimes, over 50 counts added daily federal felonies, extending loans not qualified for, federal feloniesacting Meyers UHS/BHS Dover, all states, in crime over 50 years and threats to begin with whilecollecting for their crime in 2000 with Dorohty Arpino.Elena Meyers, continues, federal felonies over 50 daily at Nemours, set up HSBC, Citi cards, cashadvances, with Frank Genvoese, operating Johns emergencies, lab corp with her, threats to both Susanand John Honaker, erasing sons Nemours records, with hired Genovese criminal, military doctor, shethen calls Susan and John again, with anonymous call as Meyers LLP for HSBC, as social services, asfrom priro to 2000 in crime, attemtped murder to 2011, timihng his emergencies, direct with FrankGenoese, Robert Bush, American General, citi Corp loans, threats at this time 2007 and ongoingfabrications of Johns inactivity to time over 300 days no money, no gas, on documents, direct fromWSFS, American General to 20211 daily , threats to Susan Cameron Honaker and billing for her criemswith Frank Genovese, Genovese cri