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Qurus' partner readiness service ensures that your channel partners from all across EMEA understand and are correctly positioned to increase their sales of your products and services.



2. Success : HP Sales Skills EMEA Courseware & Certificates Evaluation DashboardObjective To improve the overall quality of sales skills of HP funded Retail sales staff when selling HP computers with Microsoft software. Drive a step change in customer experience, channel readiness and ultimately increased sales of HP PCs. Participant InteractionSolutionResultsGive HP funded retail sales staff from countries all across EMEA two days of high impact, small group, and highly interactive sales skills training.This program has been active since June 2010 and has now been extended to all corners of EMEA. Scale: To date qurus has coordinated and trained 314 participants to Expert level in 21 countries in 10 languages with an average of 76 % post knowledge. 99% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the training was worth their time and that they felt the presenter effectively delivered the subject matter of the event. Inside into sales staff performance: HP is now able to link knowledge with sales performance.Knowledge: Pre and post knowledge checks at the start and end of each day take a snap shot of base and final knowledge levels. Target is 80% post expert knowledge.High Impact. Highly Interactive and Customized: Training content fits with HP PC line up. Training given in local language. Small groups, no PowerPoint presentation, numerous relevant role plays ensure participants experience and practice, rather than learn the desired sales behaviors. 3. Success : CEE Channel Development Objective CEE (Central Eastern Europe) represents a number of unique challenges for Microsoft. For instance, specific to CEE, there is limited or no existing Microsoft organization, and infrastructure in place with which to rollout a campaign such as WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage). The objective of this by engaging with local Distributors and System Builders, and the delivery of a WGA Partner Readiness Campaign.Solution The pilot execution was divided in 4 stages. Initiation: including CEE country selection and documentation. WAVE 1: analyze the Microsoft execution bandwidth in these markets to engage OEM BG, Client BG and/or AntiPiracy persons to support the program, organizing local vteams and training them. WAVE 2: execute the WGA Readiness campaign at the level of Local Distis and Local Named Accounts. This was done by performing an inventory of willingness and readiness, (knowing the distributors and contacting them). WAVE 3: execute the WGA Readiness campaign at the level of SBC in cooperation with local distributors, to enable the maximum level of channel reach.Results Desired partner readiness: more than 90% of the channel was touched and 25% trained on the WGA campaign. Big increase in channel development: Local distributors enthusiastically engaged in WGA execution, thus contributing to build the channel relationships 4. Success: Retail Sales Manager Skill Development Objective Hewlett-Packards Personal Systems Group needed to drive a step change in the performance of their retail sales organization by bringing the PC To Life for consumers throughout EMEA. With Qurus already training their customer facing RSPs on Sales Skills the question came, do our Trade Marketing Managers have the sales, negotiation and leadership skills required to drive the needed change? Answer NO.Solution Bring 30 key HP Trade Marketing Managers (TMM) from countries all across EMEA and give them 3 days of high impact, small group and highly interactive training covering sales skills, negotiation and leadership : Knowledge: Pre and post knowledge checks at the start and end of the training take a snap shot of base and final knowledge levels. Target 80% post knowledge. High Impact. Highly Interactive: Small groups, no PowerPoint presentation, numerous relevant role plays mean participants experience and practice rather than learn the desired sales, negotiation and leadership behaviours. I n t e r a c t i o n wi t h g r o u p me mb e r s w a s e x c e l l e n t , t h a n k y o u . H u s s a m A l t a l . T MM H P PSG Sa u d i Ar a b i a .Results Feb 2011, 3 Qurus expert trainers gave 30 TMM 3 days of training in Cannes, France. Knowledge Increase across the whole group increased from 69% to 84%. 100% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the training was worth their time, would make them more successful in their role and that they would recommend it to other TMMs. Hewlett-Packard satisfaction. Qurus has been asked to give this training to the remaining TMMs in EMEA. T r a i n i n g e x c e e d e d my e x p e c t a t i o n s . I t i s a g r e a t t r a i n i n g b u t i t i s n o t a b o u t t a k i n g t h e t r a i n i n g i t i s a b o u t a c t i o n s a f t e r i t . 5. Success: HP Product Training in MEMA Objective Drive a step change in customer experience, HP retail partner readiness and ultimately increased sales of high value PCs and accessories by training HP and non HP retails sales staff on HP PSG (Personal Systems Group) products and How to Sell HP Products.Solution Give Sales Staff a high impact and interactive product training that shifts their focus away from product specifications onto the customer benefits that the products provide.ResultsDesign a new interactive presentation deck was created by qurus to support the new training style and objectives.Impact: average 21% knowledge increase on how to translate product features into customer benefits.Knowledge Pre and post knowledge checks at the start and end of the training take a snap shot of base and final knowledge levels. Target is 80% post knowledge.Satisfaction 100% of the participants would recommend this training to their peers.Implementation- Refresh and Deliver cycle set up to match the 4 product launch dates of HP through out the year t h i s w i l lImplementation: 350 store sales staff in 9 countries have been trained. HP will repeat this 4 times a year.r e a l l y h e l p i n i m p r ot ih n g i v e s e s s i b e t t e u n d e rm y es r a al ce t s i v e n t o n s g a v e u s r s t a n d i n g o f 6. Success : Vista & Office 2007 Readiness Objective To ensure the channel was well informed, trained, and supported operationally for a successful launch of Vista and Office 2007.Solution Joint Communication Strategy weekly email with all key updates, progress reports, and up to date reporting (e.g., Distis preorders). Management Dashboards measured performance with detailed reporting to allow management to steer issues in the channel (sales figures, SKUs mix) Marketing Support Desk address any question relating to operations, business management,and content for a diverse group of people, extending across the whole of EMEA Content Site organized all marketing and campaign related materials for OEM, IW, and Client channels show-casing Groove.Results High Degree of Preparedness in Channel 38,000 partners trained. Specific to Office 2007, we managed 1,250 unique pieces of content, handled 2,500 email requests from the field, over 2,800 technical questions answered, and more than 3,100 people helped. 7. Success : Microsoft Kenya Software Activations Objectives To promote Windows 7 & Office 2010 awareness & sales for Microsoft ESA in Nairobi.Solution Deploy specially recruited and trained team of sales promoters to major shopping malls and inside stores of selected official resellers to do awareness and sales activations. Gather vital MI: Sellout data and Customer FAQs Demo product features: let customers experience the product Sell Windows 7 & Office 2010: Close the deal on the spotResults 37% Office 2010 attach (double the norm) achieved during month long campaign in key Safaricom retail outlets in Nairobi. Product awareness of Windows 7 and Office 2010 with the public increased with sales activations in four major shopping malls in Nairobi (Westgate/Sarit/The Junction & Nakumatt Mega.Windows 7 sales activation at the Sarit Centre Mall in Nairobi, Dec 2010.MS Office 2010 in-store sales activation inside a Safaricom Shop in Nairobi, March 2011. 8. Success: Get Your Partners Office Ready ObjectiveH 2 h a s s e e n t s u c c e s s f u l l a u n o f t h e Of f i c e Re a PC p r o g r a m i n t ME A r e g i o n . T h i s h b e e n e x t e n s i v e s u p p o r t e d b y MS M a r k e t P o i n t (o ma r k e t i n g p r o g r v e n d o r ) a n d o v e r a Customised Campaign Action Plans t h e ORP C l a u n c h h b e e n a g r e a t e x a mp o f v -t e a m i n g w i t h s u b s i d i a r y I W a O E M g r o u p s . - A l Di a cEnsure a successfull rollout of the Microsoft Office Ready PC program by supporting the OEM and IW channels in MEA (Middle East Africa). The focus was on helping the channels Distributors and Resellers to understand a new sales and distribution model.Solution Customised Action Plans - matrix of key tasks, activities cross ref with actions, owners, roles, timing, Briefing Sessions conducted webcasts for internal readiness , explaining ORPC Strategy, and operational issues (OPK & MLK distribution) Data Scrubbing & Call Downs srubbing contact data and contacting Partners to explain sales model.Results MEA was accelerated hitting its performancetargets - overcoming an initial gap in channel awareness and readiness activities Distributors were overall well informed about the new sales model Field and Channel Awareness was high relative to other campaignsh c d h a l X u a l a l i n e re h y e s y / r m l s e n d x e