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Online Classified Business Competitor Analysis

Online Classified Business Competitor Analysis11

Table of ContentsResearch - Evaluation of Quikr and Olx performance2Research Objective2Research Methodology2Data Analysis2Performance Measurement2Summary11Recommendation12Appendix14Table 1A: Category Wise Response data14Table 1B: Response ratio of Quikr and Olx category-wise14Table 1C: Response Summary of Ads: Image and Non-Image14Table 2: Response Recorded Day-wise14Table 3A: Response Summary: Communication versus Category wise15Table 3B: Preferred mean of communication by buyers- Company wise15Table 4A: Communication received from company related to Ads15Table 4B: Site Engagement Ratio of Quikr and Olx- Communication Type16Table 4C: Site Engagement Ratio of Quikr and Olx On basis of Ads Type16

Research - Evaluation of Quikr and Olx performance Research ObjectiveTo do the competitor analysis of Quikr and Olx and evaluate the performance of the website in terms of response generated for the ads posted, time taken for the ads to go live, and overall user experience.Research Methodology Different Ads were posted for different categories on the website of Quikr [4] and Olx [8] where each category covers two type of ads: Ads with no image Ads with Images The categories covered under this study are Real-estate, mobile, laptop/tablet, kitchen appliance, furniture, bikes/cars, television, and video games The data were collected for the continuous 10 days after ads were made live on the respective website.Data AnalysisThe data analysis of only those categories are considered which has generated suitable number of responses in Quirk and Olx when combined together. The minimum number of total responses considered for the analysis purpose is five responses. Therefore, according to the given table (refer Table 1 of Appendix) Laptop/ Tablet, Kitchen Appliances, and Furniture are regarded as dead category for this study since they were not able to generate more than three responses in overall.The next section describes the various aspects of the performance measurement.Performance Measurement1. Ease of posting an advertisements and promptness in guidance for improving the quality of the advertisementThe user has to follow three steps to post theirs ads on the website. The table below highlights the experience of the user while postings classifieds through website.


Step 1 to Step 2

In direction page, helpdesk number appears which seems to be quite user friendlyIn Olx no such feature exists

The web page is simple and sober but the space has been utilized ineffectively.Simple and sober web page and makes the use of scenery to have good look and feel

The transaction from Step 1 to Step 2 is smooth and quick in responseStep 1 to Step 2 motion is smooth and quick in response

Step 2 to Step 3

Change of Category Icons on the left side of the page appears to be convenient for the userNo such feature exist in Olx

The look and feel of photos icons is not impressive. The suggestion line " Ads without photos get 50% fewer RESPONSES" doesn't sounds confident and focus more on response part rather than selling part.Photos Icon is very well elaborated with instruction and suggestion. The suggestion line " Photos with image SELLS 5X" sounds good and positive

Overall Information required from the is well addressed to make an effective AdDoesn't ask for specific details

Information about locality of sellers is requested. To what extent it really impacts is a concern. Olx do not ask information about locality, only state information is needed

No such promise companies doesYour email address won't be shared (Promising)

Premium Ad tells benefits clearlyOlx do not follow premium ads revenue model

No such feature is embedded in Quikr pageThe web page contains a functionality called road map

The Description part of the Ad again talks about getting more responses. Ask for the information which makes your ad unique

Impact of quoting higher price which is displayed is static in natureImpact of quoting higher prices flashes on screen to get displayed. This catches attention of the user.

After Ad Posting Experience

Quick Communication through SMSCommunication through SMS but slow compared to Quikr

Post completion Page very disappointed. No friendly greeting.Acknowledgement of ad and its details

Overall recommendation is Quikr need to do re-work in making user experience better. No acknowledgment, no friendly greeting, only focus on to add pic, No personalized touch like Dear Ankit Agrawal ( this automatically helps the company to connects with the user)Olx manages to connect with user especially due to personalized communication like Dear Mr. Agrawal and open the web page to wish the user with the message "Congratulations" on successful completion of the Ad.

The below is one example where Quikr misses personal touch with user while sending SMS.

Ur Quikr as has no pics! To get more replies, upload pics by clicking on ( link provided) or email pics to images@quikr.com with "152516660" in subject

Similar observation was made in email communications.Olx message after Ad has been posted:

Dear Ankit Agrawal, thank you for posting your ad titled Enjoy the experience of using Samsung Tab GT-P3100 at 2014-01-17 11:02:06.034. If you didn't post this ad and wish to have it removed, then give us a missed call on 919555098188. Happy Selling! The Olx.in team

Does not have any such service like Miss Call to remove the advertisementMiss Call option to remove ad is quite convenient

Quikr misses out sending SMS for "Downloading mobile App" for the every new ad posted.Olx sends the message to user to download their mobile app for every new ad posted in the website

Does not inform user about any safety tips through emailSends the seller information about safety tips while dealing with the customer

Ad goes Live much faster than OlxAd may take even take 2hrs before going Live on website

Problem Identification: The Response generated from Quikr is poor compared to Olx. The possible reason for this could be in Olx only 5-10 ads are posted in last 8 hours after ad goes live and can be viewed by user for a long time but in Quikr in the same time more than 40-50 ads appears in the same category after Ad goes live due to which Ads visibility almost disappears and become difficult for the user to see old ads with ease.


Price Range Option- Since millions of ads are posted in the website and its price range may vary from zero to lakhs. Thus, company can look to expand its search capabilities by providing pricing filter. The additional benefit of adopting this function is any sellers who inflate price significantly will lose credibility and chances are that it won't appear in the filter result.

Direct Page Number Entry- Since each web page can accommodate only few number of ads at a time (say 15 ads per page). Therefore, option to jump into specific page number can increase the efficiency of the search system.

2. Promptness and effectiveness of extracting images from non-image advertisements.Both the company effectively uses emails to updates sellers to highpoint the importance of adding images to the Ads containing no images. The reminder mails are also sent to notify to add pics which helps in making advertisement more effective. Apart from this SMS to update image is missing in sellers ad and Whatsapp to request seller to share image through Whatsapp in order to add image into their ad is value added service from both Quikr and Olx.The company also prefers to make a call to the sellers to create awareness regarding importance of adding images in their ads and provides service to sellers to send their ad images to company email ids which will be uploaded by the company on sellers behalf. For every ads posted (no image) on Olx call was received from support team requesting to add images while in Quikr few received others not. Despite of this fact we can say that overall promptness and effectiveness of extracting images for both company is appropriate and effective. 3. The spread of responses over the time period

The above graphs clearly demonstrates that in 90% of the cases, the response generated from Olx is almost twice the response generated from Quikr in particular day. The positive sign for the Quikr is its ability to generate marginally higher responses after a week w.r.t Olx. This might be due to the fact that Quikr regularly updates user with emails and SMS on a daily basis once the classifieds are posted while Olx do not send any messages for such follow-up. For data refer data given in Table 2 of Appendix.4. Quality of responsesQuikr- Car, Mobile, Video Games, and real estate received queries from the serious buyers and were willing to negotiate and meet to undergo transactions. Rest all the categories did not generated enough responses which indicates this category receives low interest from the buyers.Olx- Car, Mobile, Video Games, Real-estate, and Televisions were favorite for buyers in Olx. The quality of response in terms of numbers was higher as discussed earlier so the interested buyers. Rest of the category did not generated responses similar to Quikr. Overall, Olx response when compared to Quikr have received more serious responses especially in Car, mobile and televisions category. In laptop, kitchen appliances, and furniture Olx didnt generated a single response while Quikr just managed to generate the response though the quality of response cannot be predicted since communication was mainly through email or website and the credibility of the buyers email address cannot be guaranteed. 5. Preferred mode of comm


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