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  • Quick Guide EMS Attaching and Faxing

    Receipts EMS

    Page 1 of 5 – Last updated on 11/4/2014

    There are two options for attaching receipts to expense reports:

    1. Attaching receipts electronically (preferred method) 2. Fax receipts

    When a receipt is required for an expense, there is a check mark in the “receipt required” field. If there is no check mark, no further action is required.

    Option 1 - Attach receipt electronically – (preferred method)

    When attaching receipts electronically, all receipts must be electronic files residing on your computer.

    There are two ways to attach receipts electronically:

    1. Attach one file including all receipts to the report. a. Click “Add” under General Information during ER preparation.

  • Quick Guide EMS Attaching and Faxing

    Receipts EMS

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    2. Attach receipts to each line item: a. Click the “+” sign in the Attachments column on the line item within the ER. Only one receipt

    can be added to each line item. Do not attach receipts for expense report lines totaling less than $75.

    b. The attachment Summary Information page will display. Attach your receipt as follows:

    1) Enter a Description of the expense. In the category field choose “receipt” from the drop down menu

    2) Click the Browse button and select the 1 file.

    3) Click Apply.

    2 Note: If scanning receipts, rename the file to include the ER number. This will simplify finding the file(s) when attaching receipt(s)


    to the report.

  • Quick Guide EMS Attaching and Faxing

    Receipts EMS

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    4) The Expense Report Summary page displays. Perform a final review of your expense report. 5) Click “Submit Report” to send the receipts.


    1. If all receipts are added electronically, it is not be necessary to fax your receipts. 2. Receipts in office file format (.docx, xlsx, etc..) will not be viewable in procurement inquiry. If you

    require these receipts to be viewable in procurement inquiry please convert all documents to .pdf. Most other standard file formats (.jpg, .tiff, etc) are ok to upload and will be viewable in procumbent inquiry

  • Quick Guide EMS Attaching and Faxing

    Receipts EMS

    Page 4 of 5 – Last updated on 11/4/2014

    Option 2) Submit receipts via fax

    Faxing recommendations and best practices

     Most important is to always print at 100%. do not shrink to fit or scale the page down to show more of

    the expense report detail.

    o You will need to check print preview for this setting in both IE and FireFox

     When faxing see if the fax machine has fax quality settings (most should) and set that the best quality.

    o This may need to be changed every time

     Fax over only a few ERs at one time. Do not send through a stack of cover pages and receipts

     It is best to always fax the same day

    o within 24hrs the system will check for receipts every 15mins after 24hrs the system will only

    check for receipts every 24hrs

     ie. Report submitted 9/26 at 10am but receipts are not faxed until 9/27 at

    11:00am EMS will not read the receipts until 9/28

    Complete your expense report. Click the submit button. A page displays with a barcode in the upper right corner.

    1. Print the cover sheet in:

    o Landscape o Normal size (do not choose any “shrink to fit” option)

    NOTE: Shrinking pages can cause the text and barcode to become unreadable when it is faxed. This prevents receipts from being attached and prevents expense reports from being processed.

    2. Fax the coversheet and receipts

    o Make sure the EMS iExpense cover page (with barcode) is the first page of the fax o All supporting documents should follow the cover page o Fax all documentation to: (203) 436-9750 o All pages must be received in a single transmission. If the fax machine jams or the

    transmission is interrupted, start again.

  • Quick Guide EMS Attaching and Faxing

    Receipts EMS

    Page 5 of 5 – Last updated on 11/4/2014

    Maintain your fax machine

    Be sure the fax machine is properly maintained and cleaned. If the fax machine creates “unclean” faxes (i.e. lines or spots appear on the document being faxed), the expense report may be rendered unreadable and will not be processed. If this happens, the expense report will be rejected. Re-fax the information or perform manual attachment.

    Note: The expense report will not be processed if required receipts are not received. Also, the system does not recognize scanned/faxed documents instantaneously, please allow approximately 10 minutes for EMS iExpense to recognize receipts.

  • Quick Guide EMS Attaching and Faxing

    Receipts EMS

    Page 6 of 5 – Last updated on 11/4/2014

    Type of Questions Who to Contact Contact Information

    Log‐in Password System Functionality

    ITS Help Desk Hours: Monday ‐ Friday 7:00 AM ‐ 9:00 PM Phone: 203.432.9000 Email: helpdesk@yale.edu



    Yale Shared Services Hours: Monday ‐ Friday 8:00 AM ‐ 5:00 PM

    Phone: 203-432-5394 Email: yss.ems@yale.edu

    Policy & Procedure E‐Commerce Scott Lucker, Associate Director E‐Commerce

    Deployment 203.436.4184


    Transition from Concur Kathy Chambers, Manager, E‐Commerce

    to EMS iExpense 203.432.9977

    New access requests Katherine.chambers@yale.edu

    mailto:helpdesk@yale.edu mailto:yss.ems@yale.edu mailto:yss.ems@yale.edu mailto:scott.lucker@yale.edu mailto:Katherine.chambers@yale.edu

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