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Research and Planning

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  • 1. Research and Planning

2. Influence My genre, primary and secondary research influenced my work and made me want t strive to be professional-like with my own product. Through this I also gained a lot more knowledge of the forms and conventions of a magazine. Developing my skills benefited my work by allowing me to work to the best of my ability; a professional standard. By learning about the forms and conventions it allowed my product to be more in line with real media products. 3. Organisation During my production I tried to keep track of all my work, making folders for specific things so that they wouldnt get lost in the mx of files. I also made my self a check list for every task and set a deadline to have certain tasks completed on time to improve my work methods from the Prelim task. 4. Construction 5. Photography Composition I was able to develop my skills within this area using a better camera and the studio within college. The lights that were available in the studio enabled me to create the shadowing affects that I wanted to create in my front cover image. I learnt how to use a light meter and set the aperture and shutter speed setting on the camera in order to ensure that my photograph wasn't over or under exposed. This is clearly evident in my final production as compared to my prelim task. I was also able to find the exact environment needed for my shot rather than just doing it in the classroom. 6. Page Layout As I developed my skills in Photoshop and InDesign I was able to place guides on my work to be able to Aline my sell lines to the left r right hand side of my magazine. This gave it a clean cut look leading it to being more professional looking. I could use tools on the tool bar at the top of both Photoshop and InDesign to cure and lead my sell lines which allowed me to group certain words as a topic on he page. On Photoshop I could also us stroke to allow words to stand out against the background so they can be easily read. 7. Fonts Instead of using the fonts within Photoshop and InDesign, as I did in the Prelim task, I searched, myself to find the exact fonts I wanted to use as they had a purpose e.g Masthead having to look cracked to give the image of not being pristine. I used to find the fonts I was looking for and uploaded them to the software. 8. Use of Models + Mise en Scene For my Prelim task finding models was only about availability, hence my prelim didnt have much of a genre. Whereas for m final product I needed the models to suit the genre that I had chosen Indie Rock. Therefore I used models that fit to the description of the Indie Persona and feel (casual, un-planned and energetic) so my target audience could identify better with my magazine. This is different to my Prelim as there wasnt a need behind the project to actually sell my magazine to an audience. 9. Content Instead of the content being generalised and just quick ideas, my content for the main product was thought through to be able to catch the target audiences attention. For example, it needed to have musicians advertised in the magazine needed to be of the Indie genre, the colour used needed to be unique and individual against other real media products , the offers/deals needed to be suitable for the younger generation hence info on new beats available and upcoming gigs.