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<ul><li> 1. Question 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?</li></ul> <p> 2. Introduction During the creation of my music magazine I have learnt a lot about technology and how it is used to make a magazine. Without the wide variety of technology to make my magazine, it would have been extremely difficult to even come close to my finalised product. Before this task, I didnt know half of the technologies and how to successfully use them, but; this task has improved my knowledge on the wide variety of technology available. 3. Blogger Through out the task I remained on task and in order in what to do next and how to regularly blogged what I had done. This helped to keep improve my tasks. 4. Technology Used: Apple Mac Computer/Laptop Apple iPhone (For the camera) Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Internet Explorer/Safari Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint 5. Apple Mac PC and Laptop Using this technology helped me create my design, carry out research for my piece and all in all, the task could not of been completed without an Apple computer or laptop. 6. Apple iPhone My iPhone 5C was used in my task to take photos. The camera is very clear and good for taking good quality photos. The camera on my iPhone is most probably a lot better than a standard digital camera and it was also easier to take the photo on my iPhone so I could easily upload it to the Apple Mac to edit and start my design. 7. Adobe InDesign InDesign was the programme to design the magazine on. It includes special features to make your magazine as realistic as possible. You can easily add in your own photos, change the text font and colours and to make the page into a magazine design it is simple to create your own columns so you can simply start typing away. 8. Adobe Photoshop I only used Photoshop once to effetely get the colour in my photo to fade out and to change the brightness of the original photo.Original PhotoBrightened Photo, with white background fading into text. 9. Internet Explorer / Safari The internet was extremely helpful. Not only was it good for research and to research other magazine plan-outs, It also helped me to blog all of my work online. During the research stage, the internet helped me to look at magazine forms and conventions and research the general idea of music magazines. I also used Blogger on the internet, which shows clear evidence of my progress through out the task and was extremely helpful to refer to when doing my evaluation. 10. Microsoft Word I did a lot of my text via Microsoft word and then copy and pasting the text into InDesign. This was because Microsoft Word helps you to spell check any incorrect words and you can easily type and edit your work on this programme. 11. Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint was only useful in the elevation stage. It helped me to produce my answer for the evaluation questions and I liked using PowerPoint to present my answers as it is clear to follow and easy to read from. 12. Finally.. Without the technologies I used to create my piece, I would have had a very difficult job of making my piece as professional and as good as it is now. The technology used helped me for each page in my magazine for various different reasons and ways. Without the technology and internet, my work would have been very unclear when showing my progress and overall, the standard of my work would have been very poor without any technology used. </p>


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