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  2. 2. Front cover
  3. 3. Contents page
  4. 4. Preliminary OK plug, but could be better by adding maybe the iTunes logo Cant really read the text very well if at all, and you cant decipher between the main article and the others The same font is used throughout the whole front cover Only the Wyke part of the masthead stands out Used a issue number and date Ive included a barcode with a price Included a header
  5. 5. Final product Even though the masthead is behind the artist, it is large and stands out Nice plug which stands out and pulls in readers Main artist/subject in the photo is well positioned in the middle of the frame, and can see his whole torso Can read most all sell lines clearly Name of the band clear and stands out as the main article Includes issue number, barcode, price and date
  6. 6. Differences Through learning and making my own final product, I have learned how to make my product more professional looking and appealing to audiences. From the preliminary task to the final product, the main difference between them is that the text and sell lines on the final product stand out and are easily readable. This gives the product a professional look which my preliminary didnt have as the text wasnt quite readable. The final product includes more conventions that magazines have. As my preliminary product included conventions, I used the conventions more effectively in my final product I feel. The preliminary product only uses one text font throughout the whole product, where I have a range of fonts in my final product. This makes the product look more appealing and will intrigue people. The main article stands out a lot in my final product, whereas you cant even tell which one is a main article on my preliminary product. This really helps my product look more professional in my final product as this is a very good convention to follow. I have also framed the shot more nicely. Part of the subjects bodies are cut off and the picture is at a weird angle in the preliminary product. The final product has a nicely framed picture, with the subject in the middle.
  7. 7. What Ive learned I have learned how to use different fonts to make the product look professional and appealing as before I thought using only one font would be consistent and good looking. I have figured different fonts looks better. I have also learned how to position and colour my font so that it is readable and clear. This will help my product look professional and people will more likely buy my product if they can read it properly. I have also learned how to include more conventions into the product. I did this by including more without making it look cluttered.
  8. 8. How the preliminary helped me The preliminary helped me by allowing me to see my flaws and how I have improved upon them from the beginning. An example of this would be with the framing of my subject(s). I know now that you have to make sure the subject is in the frame fully, and that the lighting is good so you can see the subject. It also helped me learn how to research into how to use conventions and compare my product with real products in the industry. This helped me know what to include in my own final product to make it look professional. Making the preliminary task allowed me to have an insight into the making of the final product. This gave me the basis on how to make my final product as I started to learn how to do things such as placing text over an image.
  9. 9. What I would improve in my final product Within my final product, I might try and have the subject in my photos in different positions. For the majority of the photos I took, he was standing in the same way, and even though it looks nice, it could have been a better pose. I could have added in some props in my photo to ensure that it really fit the genre of the product. I also think I could have improved with the colouring of some of the fonts in my product. This would be so that you could very easily properly see it to ensure it didnt deter readers.
  10. 10. Conclusion Overall, I have learned to use conventions better to make my product look more professional. I have also learned how to take more professional looking photos which will allow the overall look of my product to be much better. I learned how to use new technology such as Photoshop, which I didnt previously know how to learn. I have included more information about this on question 6. Finally I have learned how important conventions are to the look of the product.