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  1. 1. Photoshop I learnt how to use various tools on Photoshop. For example, I learnt how to use the colour sample tool so that some of the cover lines and the masthead were the same colour. I also learnt to make guidelines using the ruler tool so that my media magazine was made within the guidelines in order for the magazine to appear professional. I also learnt how to put outlines on my cover lines so that they stand out on the background of the image of my cover artist, which was used as my front cover.InDesign I learnt how to use InDesign in my preliminary task. At first, I thought that it was similar to Publisher. But after learning all of the new tools, I realised that this software was far more advanced and it took me some time getting used to. But after learning how to use InDesign, I ended up with a high quality DPS and Contents page as displayed below
  2. 2. This is the camera that I used in my photo shoot when I was taking pictures of my model. The quality of the pictures were excellent, and this helped my magazine appear as professional as possible. At first I had some trouble taking pictures as they would come out blurry. But after a bit of help and practice, I managed to get some high quality pictures. Some of the pictures that I took are displayed below.
  3. 3. Prezi I have used this website to give my magazine proposal, as well answer questions 1, 2 and 3 of the evaluation of my media product. Slide Snack I have used this website to upload my presentations for question 4 and question 5, as we were instructed by the examiner to use a variety of technologies. Speaker Deck I will use this website to upload my presentations for question 6 and 7