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Q2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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Page 1: Question 2 - Evaluation

Q2 How does your media product

represent particular social groups?

Page 2: Question 2 - Evaluation

Front Cover: ImageThis is the image I decided to you use for my front cover. I chose to use this image as I felt it would appeal better to my target audience. The way each band member is dressed shows their own style – I think this is good way to show their individuality within the group.

The fact that three out of the four band members are looking into the camera shows how I chose the challenge convention. I feel that the picture shows how laid back they are – and the way the middle band member is standing shows a sense of informality.

I picked Connor and Luke to wear a checked shirt as I feel that it appeals to the target audience, this is because of the type of clothing people wear at the moment (It shows that they are ‘on trend’

Page 3: Question 2 - Evaluation

Contents: imageAccording to Perkins “stereotypes are not simple” therefore I made the choice to incorporate another 4 original images on the contents page. I hoped to represent different aspects of young males, and how they want to be seen.

The photograph showing Patrick wearing a hoodie shows a lower class/ urban style, whereas the striped t-shirt portrays quite a smart (upper class) look and the pose indicates he cares about his image also how others see him.

The picture with the hand gesture signifies a sense of privacy and represents how some young people don’t want their face made public.

Page 4: Question 2 - Evaluation

DPS: imageAccording to Dyer ‘A star is an image’ therefore, when making my DPS I chose to try and re-create an Indie band image. Although by doing this I am stereotyping, I think that it has still worked well.

The way each member has their hands in their pockets shows a casual theme, and a laid back atmosphere. Their facial expression is something that you see in most bands – a type of serious/casual/intriguing face.

These are two more photographs which I also, in a way, stereotyped. The way they are posing is very similar to the way most artists do today e.g. the way Liam is looking away from the camera and the way James is looking into the camera but also holding up his guitar – showing it off.

Page 5: Question 2 - Evaluation

Front cover: fonts, language and register.On my front cover I have used Pugs and puffs such as the ones I have screen grabbed.

The main font I used was Calibri (Body) I used this as I believe it looked more formal than most other fonts and most presentable(for a magazine).

I did not use any ‘bad’ language (such as swear words) on my cover as I did not consider doing so. If I was to re-create my front cover I would consider it since it is the type of language that may appeal to my target audience.

Page 6: Question 2 - Evaluation

Contents: fonts, language and register.

Again, I have use Calibri (Body) as my main font type to keep the house style. I have not used any ‘bad’ language on my contents and if I was to make it again I would not consider doing so, this is because I believe that the contents page should be more formal than the other pages.

I really liked the idea of using the red text on the left as a subheading and then an explanation beneath it, I thought that this looks nice and eye-catching – I also like it when other magazines use this style.

I have used a range of different font size to draw the audience to different sections, it also stops the page from looking boring.

At the top of the page I have advertised YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Faab. By doing this it also broadens their audience and users, as well as my own.

Page 7: Question 2 - Evaluation

DPS: fonts, language and register.

The fonts on the DPS are the same as the font on the cover. I have used Calibri (body) this is to keep and emphasise the house style of my magazine.

I used a quote from the interview with Liam on the right side of the page. I used purple for this to also emphasise house style – I used this quote as I think it seems quite intriguing, I believe it shows the ‘softer’ side of the band member and from my own experience of reading magazines – whilst looking at interviews or life stories the quote is always the first thing that you see since it is larger and stands out. It also gives a taster of what to expect from the interview.

I have used a text wrap next to each members head, I think this looks nice and is also a reminder to their names.

This symbol suggests to the read to continue onto the next page.

At the start of the sentence I have used a larger letter (Typography) – this is to draw the reader to that particular section. It is also something that most magazines do, therefore I decided to do it.

Page 8: Question 2 - Evaluation

Front cover: colours and graphics.

On my cover I have tried to keep the same house style and tried to stick with one main colour – which was purple. I took the purple colour from Liam Broughton’s T-shirt. I thought this colour worked well, it doesn’t look childish and it is not girly. I originally considered using red as my house style but I soon changed my mind since I did not believe it looked as presentable or as nice.

The hardest part I found when making the front cover was cutting out the photograph. I found it hard to cut out the photo but also make it look realistic (as if they were actually stood in front of that back ground. I found that if I rushed it I ended up cutting off parts of peoples bodies – therefore I had to take my time to get it just right.

Page 9: Question 2 - Evaluation

Contents: colours and graphics.For this page I continued the house style (purple) – I put purple onto each page, therefore they all had a clear connection. I again used the colour from Liam’s top to create banners and text colour.

I am happy with the pictures I have on this page as I feel that they are similar to what you would get in a normal magazine. I like the photo I have taken of Peaceful Panic as I caught them off-guard therefore they are acting natural.

I asked Oliver to wear quite dark colours, this is because not all celebrities wear bright colours 24/7 and I wanted the photographs to look natural .

Page 10: Question 2 - Evaluation

DPS: Front colours and graphics.

On this page I have slightly changed the colours, I have still used purple – but not as much.The main colour for this page is red, I decided to use red as I thought I looked nice and fit the DPS nicely. I took the red from Connor Petch’s shirt therefore it still links with the band.

If I was to change something on this page I think I would change the picture. Although I like the picture I do not think it was taken as well as it could be. I feel that Luke is too far forward making him, compared to the other members, a lot taller. I think it would look better if all the members were the same height.

Page 11: Question 2 - Evaluation

The End.