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  • 1. By Denisa Sykaj!

2. The Task! As part of our A2 Media coursework wewere asked to create a music videoproduction and product two ancillarytasks for this music video. The ancillarytasks were to create a digipack and amagazine advert/poster for our artist andmusic video and the genre. 3. BrandingThe term brand is the name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature thatidentifies a specific product, service or business. It also differentiates the identitiesof products, services, businesses etc. Branding is important because it gives you achance to make your product, business, services etc different to others and moreappealing to others. With successful branding comes four key elements whichneed to be considered.1: The big idea The big idea is the summary of your businesses, products orservices quality and what differentiates it from others. This is the starting point.2: Vision A long term vision of where you would like you business to end up or thedirection it goes in. Your vision could be something huge or something small.3: Values your values are other peoples understanding of what your businessstands for.4: Personality Once your brand is opened up to the world, you will be expressingand showing the personality and the difference of your company through the tone,language and design you use. 4. Rap/Hip-Hop Branding! Before starting my own products, Iresearched rap/hip-hop musicbrands which I could present myartist with. I found a variety ofdifferent music brands which I couldexpress in my own way anddifferentiate it from the other onesthat already exist. 5. Our Brand Identity Rap/Hip-hop Our brand identity represents rap/hip-hop. We chose thisgenre as our brand of music because it is a very populargenre of music and our artist looks like a rapper so wethought it would be the best choice, also because we allwanted to do rap/hip-hop as we are mainly into that genreourselves. Our artist fits the rapper criteria perfectly, as heis very into his music and is a lyricist himself, he has thecharacteristics of a rap/hip-hop artist and he looks the parttoo as his style of clothing is very similar to those existingrap/hip-hop artists. He follows the conventions of an artist ofthis genre. However, he also challenges the conventionsbecause of his hair which isnt very common to find and alsomainly because although he looks the part and can rap , ourartist is unique in his own way as he is mocking other rapartists, what our artist is about is real life situations and notcommon existing topics such as girls, cars, houses, money,drugs etc which most rappers talk about. 6. The Final Products! 7. Front cover andback of booklet.AdvertisementBack cover of albumBooklet Insert 8. My Final Music video! 9. What is my digipack? My digipack is a marketing tool. The purpose ofmy digipack is to advertise my artist. Toadvertise his style, his sound, his characterand the genre of his music. 10. How does my pack effectively market to my targetaudience? My pack markets to my target audiencebecause it has a clear identity of thegenre that it is. From my gatherings ofmy audience research I know thatrepresentation of a rap/hip-hop cover isan important factor as it reflects on theartist , therefore I made sure that mydigipack represented the genre clearlyso that it would effectively catch mytarget audiences attention as my targetaudience is mainly teenagers between theages of 17-19. An important factor of mymarketing to my targeted audience isalso the parental advisory explicitcontent which I used on my cover whichconveys a certain age requirement forthe content that it holds, as the wholepurpose of that sign is it indicates to theaudience that it could haveinappropriate use of language orperhaps sexual references. 11. How did you decide which images were suitable for whichproduct? When beginning to create my own digipack, I hadto construct a lot of research in order to make suremy own digipack would follow the correct rap/hip-hop conventions of a real CD album of this genre.Whilst researching it came to my realisation thatmany of the artists of this genre have either verysimple images on there albums were the artist/s islooking at the camera or at something else in theframe or there are very well structured, well-thought images that could include other objectswithin the frame such as cars, girls, money etc. 12. Front cover! For my front cover I used an image whichrepresented my artist in a clear form andalso represented his genre clearly. I chosethis image for my front cover because itgives of a cool, rapper look as he is sittingon block stairs which is a common rap/hip-hop convention when it comes to rap/hip-hop. Also it shows his choice of clothingwhich is another important aspect when itcomes to rap/hip-hop as it is a formrepresentation. For example the snapbackis a very common feature within therap/hip-hop genre as many other existingartists wear them. Another reason for mychoice to use this image as my front coveris because of the props he has on him,these being his phone and theheadphones, these are shown on manyoccasions during the music video and alsoon the other photos which were taken. 13. Booklet Insert! These images were taken on a separate photoshoot. I decided to use these two images for thebooklet because although they are very simpleshots, they represent his style and genre. Thehat that he is wearing is again as mentionedbefore a very common accessory which is wornby many artists in the rap industry, also becauseof his hair which gives him a unique look as notmany rappers have this kind of hair. The firstside of the booklet I decided to keep quitesimple, having a close up of my artist and thetext The Saurus Era placed on his mouth as hementions it a lot throughout his lyrics and alsobecause he is advertising himself through hislyrics by saying that this is his era, this is goingto be his time to shine and that is what I wantedto interpret. This also challenged the typicalconventions of a rap/hip-hop CD album as thereare not many artists that have a booklet nor frontcover or even a back cover designed this way. 14. Booklet Insert!! The second page of the booklet I decided to use a long shot image of my artist asI wanted to show his position/pose, I made him do a slight hand gesture toindicate his musical status as a lot of existing artists have hand gestures Handsigns in their music videos and on their advertising packs , this could be either asign represent a certain area, or tag of a person or just for the sake of doing it tomeet the conventions. I added a Urban street background to the second bookletas I wanted to represent the street side of this pack. This again was done tofollow the conventions of what rappers do/ talk about in their music, this also wasdone so that the hand gesture and the background entwine together and lookmore realistic. I chose specific lyrics to add to this cover so that it links in well withthe main image and the background and again so it follows the conventions of areal rap/hip-hop booklet. 15. BACK COVER!! For my back cover, I decided to keep it simple. Similarly to my front cover, the artist is sitting on the blockof stairs looking at the one of the cameras but not at the audience. He still has the phone and headphoneson him as he does on the front cover. My choice of colour (Black & White) was because my music videoitself is black and white and I wanted to refer it back to the video as many rap/hip-hop artists of this genreillustrate something from their music video onto their advertisement packs, whether it being the CD Albumor the advertisement/poster. I kept it at a tasteful black and white which was balanced well and thenadded a few logos and signs which normal, realistic covers have, again following normal conventions. Thetwo black bars I kept simple with just the name of the artist and the name of the album and another titlewhich represents the whole album, the artist and his music, this being Saurus Era. The typography forthe album title I used on this cover was a replica of the one used in the actual music video, the reason Ichose to use it was because the way it is designed (the tower blocks at the bottom of the text MY LIFE)as it represent a city view and links in well with the lyrics / message/ plot of the video as my artist istalking about his day to day life. The typography for the song titles is from a website I found which I wasable to create and personalise , I thought that the colour I chose would work well with the colours of theactual cover and would blend in well. The whole structure of my CD back cover is a very commonconventional way to lay it out as many existing rappers have similar layouts. The branding of my album isalso on the back cover MTV logo which is a music station of this genre and also House OF Fame logojust under the barcode. 16. Advertisement!! Before starting my advertisement I constructedresearch on advertisements for rap/hip-hop artists.It came down to two brands which were mostpopular , ITunes and Amazon. The reason I choseITunes is because (and I can vouch for this) mostteenagers purchase/ listen to music on iTunes andkeeping my target audience in mind I know that myartist would be marketed more on here as it is verypopular. The typography used for myadvertisement I created on a font website as Iwanted the name of my artist to be very appealingto the audience and represent his status as arapper. I used the front and back cover on myadvertisement as a brief insight on my artists style,character , looks. I also added lyrics on top of myback cover again to give the audience a brief insightof what kind of music is produced by my artist. Thetour dates I positioned on the side of the page as itwould go well in order from looking at the frontcover to the back cover to the tour dates, I used redand black because these two colours reallycomplement each other and match the criteria of arappers style and conventions.