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  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    portfolio || Quentin Gaucher M.Arch Architect (DE-HMONP)

  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    Museum of Africa in AlgierInternational competition for the Museum of Africa.Algier, ALGERIA, 2013with Langrand&Tazdat architecture of ce - selected 1st place - ongoing

    Competition for the Museum of Africa, by the consortium of African States, aiming to regroup African Arts collection undeone roof in Alger. The project was developped as a main base/mass consisting of the main program requirements, from

    multiple exhibition spaces to of ce areas and theater stage, using newer adobe construction techniques. On top and toshield the base from the strong sun of this area, three large ombrires, or shaders are rising. They also serve as a signalon the large Bay of Algier, to announce the new complex and the future developments of this area.The 3 elements, from surface geometry to structure, were modelled in Rhino with the Grasshopper3D plugin.This project was selected and is currently under development and scheduled for early 2015.

  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    SOCAR Business Center - concept1Convention center and of cesTbilisi, GEORGIA, 2012with Erginolu&allar architecture of ce - ongoing

    Development of a 1200 m 2 convention center and 10000 m 2 of ces, right next to the headquarters of the Azerienergy company SOCAR. This project was started from scratch, de ning the program and needs, after which multiple

    alternatives were offered, wiith a study of the masses, and the concepts presented here. A particular attention wasnecessary throughout the development to conciliate the Georgian clients needs, judgment from the main headquartersn Azerbaidjan, and the local authorities.

    This project in ongoing and is scheduled to be completed in 2014.

  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    SOCAR Business Center - concept2Convention center and of cesTbilisi, GEORGIA, 2012with Erginolu&allar architecture of ce- ongoing

  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    YemekSepeti.com headquarters2000 m 2 of ce spaceIstanbul, TURKEY, 2012with Erginolu&allar architecture of ce

    Existing 6 stories building transformed into of ce space for the rst food delivery company in Turkey. This young rm wasasking for dynamic as well as anti-stress of ce spaces. We conceived an entertaining work environment, full of colours,

    with various playgrounds. One important point was the conversion of the car elevator into a mobile meeting room thatoffers movement, as well as a welcome addition to every oor area. In this project, I participated in the overall conceptdesign, the development of construction drawings and the construction phase, as well as in the desgn of the overall feeland furniture selection.With a budget of 600k , this project was delivered in spring of 2012.

  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    Sahibinden.com headquarters5000 m 2 dynamic of ce spaceIstanbul, TURKEY, 2012with Erginolu&allar architecture of ce

    Developed for the rst online shopping website in Turkey, the new Sahibinden headquarters spans across 7000 m 2 oor area, over 2 levels. This young and dynamic rm was looking to give its employees an enjoyable workplace. The oors

    are organized along an entertainment axis that serves as circulation, with a hub connecting the two levels. Included isa small sports center, a caf and a stage. With a budget of 3 millions euros, this of ce space was delivered in autumn2012.

    axonometry top oor

  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    Amburan Four Seasons Beach Villas14 villas on the beachBaku, AZERBAIDJAN, 2012with Erginolu&allar architecture of ce - ongoing

    14 luxury villas complex on the Amburan Beach near Baku. I participated in the elaboration of the massing and siteplan, and the concept design of the 3 types of villas. An advanced analysis of the views from each plot and building

    was necessary in order to improve the quality of the divisions and enhance the villas (surface areas from 400 to 800m2). A particular attention was necessary to comply with the Four Seasons quality standards and obtain the label.This project is currently under construction. It is expected to be delivered early 2014.

  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    City +Neighborhood facilities, City facilities. Lyon, FRANCEdepartment: Advanced Strategies and Architectural PracticeDiploma Project , 2011

    The manufacture of todays city is not able to meet the aspirations and the increasing complexity of our urban societiesbecause of the rational control (= timelessness) and planning (which reduces to a simple execution such as architectural

    scale). The urban landscape is determined by regulations (PLU, alignments, templates ...) that create a discontinuity anddestruction of urban form.

    The city is conceived more in space than in time. This dimension of time is important and should be developed at a timewhen abstract planning shows its limits. If there are scales in time and in space, there must also temporal forms that canbecome innovative urban forms.

    We must learn to think transformable. Urbanists, architects and building owners should challenge the model programs,deprogram dare, think in terms of giving space and opportunity for conversions. The notion of reversibility must nd itsplace: imagine works that change of destination, that transform. On the scale of the architecture, thinking capital tempss equivalent to acquiring a new moral of construction.

    On the one hand the thought of lasting, on the other the thought of becoming..





  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    n order to attain a project that operates on space through time, it is necessary to introduce programmatic micro-strategieson spaces that hold the most potential, in order to preserve the remaining ones for future uses, presently unknown.

    Adaptability is a different way of exibility. The building is both adaptable and multifunctional, cross-functional and must allow thepossibility of changing its use. Identity and an apparent long-term presence in the urban context is necessary to meet futureneeds and changing conditions.

    Generators of adaptability:Oversizing

    Neutral facadeContextualismGrowth

    Materiality and details

    SPONSOREDBY GOVERNMENT_transports,ple multimodal,infrastructure

    SPONSOREDBY COMMERCES_magasins,cafs, restaurants,services, bureaux



    G CC C C

    TEMPS 1

    _ Linfrastructure_ Les quipements de transport, Parc Relai ...

    _ Les commerces du ple multimodal_ Le dveloppement priv en hauteur

    TEMPS 2







    C C

    of ces,conference,caf, restaurant

    landscape open slab

    parking relai

    services, shopping

    subway, bus

  • 7/28/2019 Quentin Gaucher Architect Portfolio


    HexaGnesVarious projects/competitions under the architects collective Hexagnes:_ Festival of Lights (Fte des Lumires de Lyon)_ Lyon Vgtal_ biennal of Contemporary Arts of Lyon, 2012_ interior design

    Since 2010 I have put together and been a part of the collective of architects HexaGnes,along with 5 other students of the Architecture School of Lyon. We began this collectivebefore our Masters degree, and started to engage in various projects and competitions. Our aim has been to practice our skills outside of the universitys grounds.