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PowerPoint file of pictures taken by Tolu, Ikeolu and Funlola during their visit to QSI on September 14th 2012. Please post all your comments and feedback on the state of our beloved QSI.


  • 1. Queens School, IbadanDo you remember this Place?

2. This is the outside of the building we used in form 4 3. a. Outside the building b. The block we used in form 5 has been condemned 4. Inside the classrooms 5. Inside the classrooms 6. a. The staircase b. The corridor 7. Inside the classrooms 8. a. A view from outside b. The black board 9. The balcony 10. Inside the classroom 11. a. One of the toilets in the school b. The front of aclassroom 12. a. Back of a classroom b. Laundry shed 13. HSC building and Dining Hall 14. Queens School, Ibadan Do you remember this Place?Definitely not like this! Certainly not in its current state!!What happened here!!!Lets all rally round and play our part inrestoring QSI to its old glory