quality score is king: triple ppc traffic & 2x your roi

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For more information visit, www.wordstream.com "Help! I raised my AdWords bids and got LESS traffic!" Sound familiar? Thousands of advertisers every day rely on increasing bids in hopes to drive more exposure for their paid search campaigns. If this is you, STOP...we have a better approach that could potentially triple your PPC traffic and double your return on spend. It all starts with Quality Score. In this free live webinar, WordStream's Director of Paid Search Marketing Rich Griffin and Technical Support Engineer Andy Stefano team up to share their insights on the secret hacks behind AdWords Quality Score and Bid Management. You'll also learn... - Valuable tips from a real AdWords user case: "I raised my bids and got less traffic...why?"" - How to increase your Quality Score without draining your budget - Tricks to get more clicks! See real examples of emotional Ads, A/B tests, and campaign keyword cleanup techniques to boost Quality Score


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2. PPC University 3. Take Part In Live Blogging 4. Meet The Experts 5. o o o o About WordStream 6. Todays Agenda 7. Symptoms Problem 8. Conclusion Higher Bid Higher Position HigherTraffic 9. SMBs Limited by Budget 10. Choose Your Path 11. How Quality Score Impacts Ad Position 12. How Quality Score Impacts Actual CPC 13. CTR is the most important factor in QS 14. Categorize Your Keywords 15. PRIMARY 1.89% $0.58 $6.17 SECONDARY 1.97% $0.76 $15.94 TERTIARY 0.88% $0.73 $36.47 9.38% 4.74% 1.99% CTR CPC CPA CNV RATE Delete Tertiary Terms 16. Most Ads Suck 17. Be Different! 18. Youre Not Testing as Many Ads as You Think 19. True A/B Test 1 2 20. Path #2: Raising Quality Score 21. WordStreams FREE AdWords Performance Grader 22. Summary 23. Special Offers! Would You Like 24. Webinar THANK YOU


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