Quality Enablement - Agile Practices with Quality Enablement

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  • 1. Randy Pagels Developer Tools Technology Specialist

2. Building Modern Apps Quality EnablementAgile PlanningDeveloper Operations 3. Conventional QA Solution managersDevelopersDocument requirements as BRDs and functional specsDefineBACKLOGIdeationWrite code to implement requirementsDevelopConstructIdea to Working SoftwareQAConnectRELEASEUATTesting Post implementation TestersMostly manual with limited automation.OperateUsersOperateWorking software to Business outcomesOperations readiness verificationUAT post implementation & systems testingOperationsPre-deployment verificationLate engagement of stakeholder functions | Late detection of unmet requirements | Increased cycle times | Increased costs 4. DefineOperateConstructDevelopConnectOperateRelease 5. DefineOperateConstructDevelopConnectOperateRelease 6. DefineOperateConstructDevelopConnectOperateRelease 7. DefineOperateConstructConnectOperateReleaseDevelop Shared test artifacts 8. DefineOperateConstructDevelopConnectOperateRelease 9. DefineOperateConstructDevelopConnectOperateRelease 10. Quality Enablement Architecture 11. Actionable feedback Exploratory testing Requirements management Acceptance criteria definition Developer testing Build automation Actionable Role tailored tools diagnosticsBuild enginesLab infrastructure Production monitoring Integrated incident managementTest recorders and runnersQuality metrics and reporting 12. The Microsoft Solution 13. Office Feedback clientRequirements management Office,SharePoint Project Browser appsProject planning & managementTeam development services VS IDE Eclipse Xplatform toolsMicrosoft Test ManagerMicrosoft System CenterSource code managementTest lab managementTesting servicesBuild and deployment automationGitLab infrastructureTest recorders and runnersBuild engines Office SharePointReporting and Business Intelligence 14. RequirementsAcceptance criteriaCodeTestsFeedbackReleasesLearning 15. Organizing Manual Tests Exploratory Testing Feedback Management 16. Business challengesSolutionsBusiness valueUI regression test needs grow over timeRecord and automate UI testsTest more functionality in less timeManual UI testing impacts the delivery cycle times Automated UI tests are brittle, time-consuming to maintainRobustly instrument UI tests to reduce maintenance overhead Associate UI tests with a scheduled buildReduce or eliminate repetitive manual testing Reduce cycle time when delivering new features 17. Business value of quality enablementAttainment of business objectivesShortened value delivery cycle timesUser and stakeholder satisfactionCost reduction 18. Application LifecycleContinuous quality practicesRole tailored toolsExtensibleHybrid IT capable 19. Testing through Quality Enablement Continuous quality for continuous value delivery Short and iterative delivery cycles Traceability throughout the full lifecycle Role tailored tools Business value of Quality Enablement With these continuous quality practices, coupled with tools that are tailored for each role we are able to more easily and effectively achieve continuous value delivery at least every 30 days 20. Whats new in VS 2013: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/bb386063(v=vs.120).aspxVisual Studio blog: blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/Visual Studio Toolbox on Channel 9: channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Visual-Studio-Toolbox