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  • Quality assurance in ecvet mobility LEONARDO DA VINCI
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  • qaecvet DESCRIPTION I Introduction II problematic and objectives Iii presentation of the partners Iv process V timeline VI impact
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  • I - introduction
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  • The ECVET Recommendation invites European Countries to apply Quality Assurance when using ECVET Nevertheless it appears that so far the stakes and the process to apply Quality Assurance in ECVET have not been clearly defined and is therefore hardly understood by the different partners It is then suitable to set up a process to define, explain and describe the goals and objectives that in the future will allow the implementation of ECVET 9 partners from different countries and with their own specificities will then work on QUALITY ASSURANCE IN ECVET MOBILITY
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  • II - problematic and objectives
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  • PROBLEMATIC The project aims to enlighten VET stakeholders how to apply Quality Assurance when using ECVET. It intends to contribute to solve the following main problems: Lack of information on ECVET terms and on the description of the Quality Assurance Process Different stakeholders are not aware of the exact process of ECVET in their own country
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  • Different stakeholders are not conscious about the expectations of other stakeholders on ECVET There is not any guideline explaining to the stakeholders what are the steps they have to follow to implement Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility* Lack of cooperation between relevant organisations in Europe on Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility * It actually already exists Using ECVET For Geographic Mobility (2012) PART II OF THE ECVET USERS GUIDE that the new guideine will aim to complete http://www.ecvet-projects.eu/Documents/ECVET_Mobility_Web.pdf
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  • OBJECTIVES These are the points this project aims to achieve: To give further information to VET promoters about clear and measurable goals and objectives at each of the four stages of the VET Quality Assurance process (planning, implementation, evaluation and review) To contribute to a better understanding of Quality Assurance and ECVETs technical specifications (e.g. the Memorandum of Understanding and the Learning Agreement among VET stakeholders)
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  • To encourage VET promoters to use the ECVET system to support the geographical mobility of learners in a partnership framework To enhance collaborations between employers and other VET stakeholders To utilize the different experiences on Quality Assurance and ECVET in partner countries
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  • Partner n1 : MS AD The Independent Industrialists and Businessmens Association Istanbul, Turkey Mrs. Zuhal Yce MSAD is a non-profit, voluntary-based businessmens association aiming to promote internal and external trade which therefore leads to the development of Turkeys economy.
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  • Partner n2 : SPRS The Studio of Self-Awareness and Self- Realization Kaunas, Lithuania Mrs. Egle Pauziene The goal of this non governemental organization is to increase the recognition by people or communities of their own capacities and opportunities through community projects, group seminars and or individual consultations with qualified specialists.
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  • Partner n3 : School Inspectorate of Iasi County Iasi, Romania Mrs. Liliana Romaniuc This local educational authority, public institution aims to continuously evaluate and increase the learning standards to reach the highest quality of the educational services.
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  • Partner n4 : Eurofortis SIA Riga, Latvia Mrs. Adela Vitkovska Eurofortis SIA is an educational and consultation center providing innovative solutions to schools and enterprises aiming to convey new educational techniques and ideas amongst teachers and quality development working with the management team.
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  • Partner n5 : EGInA European Grants International Academy Srls Foligno, Italy Mr. Altheo Valentini EGInA Srls is a private consultancy body dealing with numerous EU projects such as Lifelong Learning, Transnational Mobility, multilateral projects and the implementation of training activities.
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  • Partner n6 : Gungoren Technical and Indusrial Vocational High School Istanbul, Turkey Mr. Adem Kocatrk Gungoren Technical and Indusrial Vocational High School provides three kinds of instructional programmes (Anatolian Technical, Technical and Vocational High Schools), in various department such as IT Technology, Machinery and Electronics.
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  • Partner n7 : SUPSI - DSAN Manno Lugano, Switzerland Prof. Andrea Cavicchioli The DSAN SUPSI launches numerous researches at local, national and international levels in different fields such as studies on the elderly, rehabilitation and development of new technologies to improve the health or decrease the disability of various type of people.
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  • Partner n8 : Industry Watch Group Sofia, Bulgaria Mrs. Assenka Hristova Industry Watch Group is a research and consulting company dealing with education policy development and labor market issues. IWG has significant experience in management and coordination of projects, organization of local and international dissemination events.
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  • Partner n9 : SCALDA Terneuzen, Netherlands Mr. Patrick De Bruijn SCALDA is an organisation of upper immediate secondary education level training. It provides subtainable training and further lifelong training programmes in vocational education.
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  • The process to establish ECVET implies to go through different steps which will lead to a better understanding of the project A Mutual Agreement among Projects partners on workplan 2 Brochures about VET Quality Assurance Process and ECVET Technical Specifications (in English and Partner Own Languages) 3 National Workshops on Implementation of Quality Assurance in Partner Countries, Implementation of ECVET in partner countries and Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility in Europe
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  • A Project Website including Project news and results and outputs A Guideline for VET Stakeholders on Quality Assurance Process in ECVET Mobility An International Conference on Quality Assurance Process in ECVET Mobility The use of the Quality Circle of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET
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  • Planning Define the learning skills the learner has to reach abroad Reach a common understanding between the partners about the learning outcomes Settle the learning outcomes in a Learning Agreement which will be understood and signed by the learner Explain and set measures up to ensure the validation and recognition of the units
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  • Implementation Make sure the learning activities are ongoing and followed by the learner, as settled in the Learning Agreement Ensure that the assesment is carried out abroad Receive and review documentation about each learners assesment Confirm that all the conditions to validate credits have been respected
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  • Evaluation Once the learner has returned, check if each learners credit has been validated and recognized If not, identify the reasons why Collect feedbacks from learners, teachers and partner organizatons on what worked and what did not, what were the positive and negative points of the mobility *Offer to extend the evaluation all along the mobility (not only once the learner has returned) to avoid negative experiences
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  • Review Reflexion on the experience Provide conclusions and recommendations for the future use of ECVET Create a Guideline on Quality Assurance in ECVET mobility (clear and mesurables goals and objectives at each of the four stages in the VET quality assurance process) to improve future mobility exchanges
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  • StepsDescription of mobilities and other activities Destination country for mobilities only Approximate start date Partners involved 1Preparing a presentation on Quality Assurance Process and ECVET in Europe 10/2013MUSIAD 2Preparing Matrix Template for I. National Workshop on Quality Assurance in various VET Institutions in Partner Countries 10/2013LATVIA
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  • 3Kick-off Meeting Turkey11/2013All Partners 4Preparation of Brochure on VET Quality Assurance Process 12/2013P6, GEML, in cooperation with all partners 5Second Project Meeting Switzerland02/2014All Partners 6Translation of Brochure on VET Quality Assurance Process into partners own languages 02/2014All Partners
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  • 7I. National Workshop on Implementatio n of Quality Assurance in Partner Countries 04/2014All Partners 8Preparation Workshop Report 05/2014All Partners 9Third Project Meeting Lithuania07/2014All Partners 10Draft Booklet on Results of I. National Workshops in English 09/2014P5 EGINA*, in cooperation with MUSIAD
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  • 11Booklets on Results of I. National Workshops in English and summary in partner languages 10/2014P5 EGINA* *