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Quality Assurance!

Quality Assurance! Prepared By/Sajjad Ahmad

What Mean Audit?An independent review and examination of record/Product .

An examination and verification of a company /Product to check the accuracy level to determine if a company is doing what it says.People are frightened by auditor's .A person can not audit their own work.

What mean Product audit?Check the attributes against the design , specification (Size,Colour )etc.

Classifying basic types of auditWe can classify audits into three basic categories the purpose always to determine the truth .

Internal audit (1st party audit )

External audit (2nd party audit )

Third party audit

Internal Audit (1st party audit)This involves auditing your own company to discover evidence of what is occurring inside the organization (self assessment)

Finding should not be shared out side the company.

External Audit (2nd Party audit)External audit involves your customers auditing you.

Or you auditing your supplier / Client.

The goal is to ensure the expected level of performance as mutually agreed upon in their contract .

Third party audit (3nd Party audit)Independent audit or outside the customer- Supplier.

There is no relationship between the two.

What mean PPR Meeting?Pre Production Run


What are the PPR meeting requirements.

INT/EXT Concern (Mills , Production , Mkt , QA/QC )Complete QC file Trim card Dye lots Contract file DCD detail (Direct consolidated date)Red tag sample ( Customer Approved)All types of detail related to PPK (Mail etc)Knowledge of planning to start production (Location wise) Knitting status of PO# Any approval From customer

PPR meeting ImprotanceEffecting Meeting that produce results All requirement of product clearly understand every one Customer focus point noted.Information deliver to production flour staff.All document clear before starting production.Risk of variation in style eliminate.100% meet the customer requirements.Order & delivery plan knowledge Best opportunity to solve the problemsImprove the process Better decision are made

We can make Meeting make most productive and ensure the results by providing necessory information in advance!

After PP Meeting we are able to start production.

There are two kinds of people Those who do the work and those who take the credit.Try to be in the first group; There is less competition .

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