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<p>Milestones</p> <p>Future of Python </p> <p>Milestones</p> <p>Python as TechnologyPythonis a widely usedgeneral purpose high level programming languagePython is a scripting languagePython supports multipleprogramming paradigms including object oriented, imperativeandfunctional programming styles.</p> <p>Guido van Rossum, the creator of PythonWhy people as to learn Python</p> <p>It itself Scripting Language</p> <p> Entrepreneur and complete-easy to learn</p> <p> open source</p> <p>Got its frame work</p> <p>Largely, programming consists of two things. The ability to formulate algorithms and architectures to solve problems is one of them. The other is mastering the syntax, and resources, provided by a language and the tools that support it.Python does have a lot going for it in terms of simplicity. There is a rich set of modules associated with it. In many ways, it is "easier" to do things in python,</p> <p>Python the future of innovative technology?</p> <p>If you want to go on in computer science, you will need to master at least one language. And if history is any indication, more than one.</p> <p>Python is popular enough to make it a good choice. You can get work writing Python, you can find all of the support materials you'd like: online help, documentation, tested libraries, etc. </p> <p>Python also has a bunch of the properties of classic beginners' languages: it's line oriented, there's an element of loose typing (dynamic typing, which allows it to be strongly typed where it count, but makes things easier on beginners, eliminating the need for complex declarations).</p> <p>It does lots of runtime checking, which will slow things down, but will also find errors -- and by doing so, teach you not to make them, rather than simply crash somewhere. I'm not a big fan of indentation as a control structure, but I first encountered that in a language called PROMAL back in the 80s.Pillars of PythonRELATED KEYWORDS:Tech-Language|Python-Language|Python|Infosys|Hewlett-Packard|Ajit-KumarPython is still greek to India's top IT firmsNeha Alawadhi, ET Bureau|Sep 2, 2014, 06.52PM ISTinShare95In spite of its popularity among developers, Python is yet to find a place in the teaching curriculum of schools or universities.NEW DELHI: Recently, one of India's top software companies was faced with quandary. It had won a $200 million (Rs 1,200 crore) contract to develop an app store for a large US bank, but did not have adequate numbers of programmers who could write code in Python, the language most suited for the job. Eventually, it paid thrice the billing rate to a group of freelance Python programmers in the US. And learned a valuable lesson about the importance of a language named after the British television comedy series Monty Python.</p> <p>For a nation regarded as a software programming powerhouse, the episode has salutary lessons. While skills in traditional computer languages meant for stitching software applications and maintaining large mainframe computers are a strength, ignoring Python could prove to be a costly mistake.</p> <p>"Because companies likeInfosysand TCS prefer proprietary languages like Java or dot NET most students think of these as an option in college. That is the reason you don't get good quality talent in the industry to work with us in Python," said Jofin Joseph, cofounder and chief operating officer of Profoundis, a Kochi-based technology startup which has been struggling for about a year to hire young Python programmers.</p> <p>Top Companies using Python Googleis using it in everything from artificial intelligence algorithm to its Google AppEngine cloud platformFacebookis using it , actually tornado server that power some of Facebook components is written in pure pythonYahoo, EventBrite, Reddit, Disqusare also using pythonNASAweb app is written in Django/python.</p> <p>Why Python in CegonsoftCurrent Up-to-date Industry CurriculumSyllabus designed based on industry requirement and in consultation with clients requirement.IT Training coupled with Rs. 5000/- + worth free communication, aptitude and soft skill classesWith huge market experience Cegonsoft helps to bridge the resource quality gap (RQG) between Demand and supplyIn line with industry expectation our training is balanced with 60% Practical &amp; 40% Theoretical Sessions.Exposure to Job Oriented Projects for every student which gives additional booster to their technical knowledge.Job Trends in Python</p> <p>Salary Trends in Python</p> <p>Python in Bangalore</p> <p>Way to Success</p> <p>Thank you</p> <p>Python The future TechnologyCEGONSOFT PVT. LTD.</p> <p>CONTACT: 8494903869</p>