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Emacs for python programmers in Python Korea Community seminar. Mostly derived from Vinod Kurup's material


  • 1. Emacs for Python Programming Johnny Cho( ) @popeye92 June 29th, 2014

2. First ... 3. Special thanks to Vinod Kurup 4. But first ... 5. How to safely play with Emacs Control-x Control-c to quit (C-x C-c) C-g is your friend Plan to mess up vinod:~$ rm -r .emacs.d .emacs vinod:~$ emacs You're good to go again! 6. Emacs Sucks! but only if you use the default settings 7. Emacs Tutorial C-h t RET M-x help-with-toturial-spec-language RET Korean RET 8. Emacs Starter Kit M -x package-installRET starter-kitRET 9. Packages for Emacs python programmers ido-settings.el; auto-complete; jedi.el; flycheck; autopair; optional ipython; 10. Installation Packages (require 'package) (setq package-archives '(("gnu" . "") ("marmalade" . "") ("melpa" . ""))) 11. Installation Packages M-x package-list-packages M-x package-install RET autopair RET 12. Emacs Python IDE 13. Features Syntax highlighting Auto-Indentation Code completion Documentation lookup Code lookup / navigation Error highlighting (on-the-fly) Code runner Test runner Debugging 14. Major mode Python's is a bit of a mess 15. Use python-mode.el M-x package-install RET python-mode RET ( < Emacs24.2 ) Emacs24 .2 16. Syntax highlighting 17. Automatic indentation 18. Code completion 19. Documentation lookup 20. Code lookup 21. Error highlighting 22. Code runner Send the current buffer to Python C-c C-c Choose your interpreter (setq python-python-command "ipython") Choose your virtualenv (virtualenv-workon "myproject") or M-x virtualenv-workon RET myproject RET 23. Test runner 24. Debugging 25. Useful links Python Programming in Emacs 26. Non-python stuffs 27. Magit mode 28. Dired mode 29. Keyboard Macros 30. Pretty Themes 31. Shell modes 32. And more!! Kill ring yasnippet Org-mode ace-jump erc 33. Help in emacs C-h t=> tutorial C-h f=> function docs C-h v => variable docs C-h k => keybindings Emacs can teach you emacs 34. . @popeye92


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