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Python Experience in KKBOX GroupShuen-Huei (Drake) (It was originally planned for PyCon TW)04/21/2016Lets conduct some surveys first.pyKKBOX? pyUIA? Mass?@drakeguan- Technical Director, KKStream- Sr. Principal Engineer, KKBOX- Volunteer, PyCon Taiwan talk is about a compilation of tasks and projects, done in Python, in KKBOX Group. Each project has its own challenges and context to deal with. What you can take home are some stories and experience.Warning: its just our own experience, not suitable to yours!pyKKBOX, 2011KKBOX KKBOX An user can broadcast what he/she is listening to others. Multiple users are then able to subscribe to his/her station, listening to the same song simultaneously. A major/highlighted KKBOX feature developed in 2011.Challenges by iOS (client) co-works with Windows (broadcaster) only. There is even no broadcasters to listen to! In academia, we may call this ill-posed (optimization) problem.pyKKBOX, It is a lite-weight, not fully functional client. It is initially just a bot, which can login, and do broadcasting. It should be easy because we are iOS client team, not server team. Its a proof of concept.API Testing by pyKKBOX Now we have bots: A tool to do stress testing. A tool to provide radio-like automatic service. And then, more APIs are in. Test cases for KKBOX API! Hourly testing on Jenkins CI.Playlist Auto-Sync CPL (Cloud PlayList) synchronization. The sync is not done based on data (playlist), but JSON-based commands! In 3 months, the APIs version changed 5 times. n-to-m synchronization makes it even worse. pyKKBOX is, again, used to prototype even though technical spec is not finalized.Toy Project: Photomosaic by pyKKBOXAlbum covers by pyKKBOXYes. Thats me.Photomosaic Its based on KKBOX 2014 workshop group photo. 1,500 album covers are used. Final photomosaic resolution: 14k x 6k. I didnt read the official KKBOX API yet. Just self-introspection of pyKKBOX in IPython is enough. Coding time: less than half hour.pyKKBOX facts Initiated in 2011, to ~2013. Two main contributors (Welly Liu and @zonble), but with ~10 contributors then. Just the builtin Python modules (including PyObjC) are used.Another weapon for app developers;prototyping, or even trash-able code, is a great fit here;being a glue, a common language among diversified developers if youre doing multi-platform product development;Python speaks plain language. Hmm, we have no further plans yet. :ppyUIA, 2013Testing Goals & ReportsTesting for Playlist Auto-Sync Easy to manage and organize playlists across various devices. Multiple devices, mostly in different platforms, are involed.One Test Case (iOS > Android)1. On iOS, create a new playlist.2. On Android, check if the playlist created in step 1 appears.A (Pseudo) Test Script that Works!Abstraction of Layers for TestingpyUIA,, facts Initiated in 2014 and it keeps evolving. It doesnt take much time because its just simply works. v0.3 is released on June 2015. 3 developers contribute their talents. Python packages: selenium, robotframework and Appium-Python-Client.Somehow, we just want to implement automated tests in Pythonic way! 120 Release Acceptance Test (RAT) are on pyUIA, ~20% cases. Encoding System, 2014Video Streaming Service KKBOX forms a team, Video Development, to build video streaming services in Japan. They are Videopass and Animepass. More than 1,000,000 subscription users. More than 30,000 videos, not that many but resource-consuming.Challenges for Video Encoding System Given a couple of thousands of videos; given ~150 videos per day; given a scalable number of encoders on EC2 instances; assuming the workflow for each video can be different; how to make a robust system to handle this challenge in consideration of just 1.5 developer(s) everything can be broken computing resource is expensive (c3.8xlarge, c4.8xlarge, ) its a vivid world~One Simplified Audio Encoding WorkflowAnother Simplified Encoding WorkflowRender Farm Idea from VFX/Animation IndustryEd Catmull, PixarPixars Alfred,, Job script as the central data to control the workflow, instead of fixed coding logics in workers. Focus on data, the workflow and real work, than underneath system or infrastructure. Leverage AWS SWF (or Apache Kafka, Mesos, or other message brokers) to provide robust, fault-tolerant and fully automatic distributed system. facts Initiated in 2014, and it keeps rocking~ Just 2 mid-level Python developers (they both have presented in PyCon TW). Python packages: arrow, awscli, boto, click, clint, flask, filechunkio, flask, fluent-logger, isodate, logbook, parmap, requests, sh.We hope to polish the open-sourced Mass much sexy and useful in near future. 3,000,000-minute videos got encoded through it. Mass once finished 3,000 videos encoding within one day without any issue while 800 encoders on 100 c3.8xlarge instances were on duty.RDC Toolbox, 2015KKBOXers demands more data-driven facts/infoOne example of request ticket from production teamSomeone can learn from others queries!Python, , --- RDC Toolbox main developerRDC Toolbox facts Initiated in Oct 2015, still quite young. 1.5 developer(s) with many contributes then. Python packages: flask, pandas, psycopg2, redis, requests, slacker, sqlparse.python flask pandas log slacker virtualenvpython, prototype 10,000,000,000 metering data to deal with. 10,000 queries conducted by (mostly) non-developers. Lots of future plan. We are building music streaming specific BI tools.AWS Lambda CI/CDIt would get shared in PyCon TW 2016Finally, lets do some surveys again, but in KKBOX Group (just for fun).What programming languages have you used to contribute your talents in KKBOX Group?What programming languages are you HAPPY to work with in KKBOX Group?What programming languages are you planning to learn for future challenges in KKBOX Group?Thank you!