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  • The future-proof solution for PV plants

    For reliable operation, dependable forecasting and maximum yieldSiemens PV Monitoring Solutions


  • For maximum profitability. Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions.

    The solution enables reliable monitoring and control of PV plants locally and via remote access, any time, any-where. In the event of a malfunction, the plant operator can immediately take appropriate action, fix any problems quickly, and thus keep yield losses to a bare minimum.

    Dependable yield forecasts are based on reliable opera-tion, as well as integrating the latest information and forecasts about the weather. All of which ensures that the energy produced can be marketed as effectively as possible.

    The solution can be integrated into new and existing plants, enabling even globally distributed PV plants to be centrally managed.

    Reliable operation and dependable yield forecasts are indispensable for oper-ators of photovoltaic parks wishing to market the energy that they produce as effectively as possible. To maximize PV plant profitability, Siemens offers a complete solution that fulfills each of these requirements by providing full transparency of the plants current performance, as well as forecasting its future performance:

    Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions.

  • Precise detection

    All field data from modules, individual strings, the weather station, switchgear, etc. is collected from the individual containers via local automation servers and assigned a time-stamp. This enables precise status reporting for all components of the PV plant.

    Reliable data

    At the third level, the Energy Management Suite SPPA-M3000 evaluates the plant data and calculates all the economic performance indicators. Current weather data and weather forecasts are used to generate a reli-able forecast for energy production from 15 minutes up to seven days in advance worldwide. This provides dispatchers with reliable data for grid feed-in and trading. This level provides the basis for optimal market-ing and generates the performance data for the plant.

    For maximum yield. Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions in detail.

    Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions are based on the world-leading SPPA-T3000 control system and the Energy Management Suite SPPA-M3000, which have been adapted for use in the renew-able energies field, and specifically in PV parks.





  • Reliable operation

    Data from the automation servers is processed in the central SPPA-T3000 application server. From here, the control system manages the inverters and the PV parks grid parameters, in particular active/reactive energy and frequency. Any installed trackers are also optimally controlled from here. Local performance indicators and technical reports, such as performance ratio, energy production, alarm messages, etc. are calculated and made available based on the field data. The control system allows for reliable, automated operation of the PV plant and serves as the interface for both operation and maintenance both locally and via remote access.

    Full transparency

    The web-based platform Siemens PV Portal provides a structured over-view of all data and key performance indicators for the PV plant, which cover CO savings as well as performance ratio and revenue. The Siemens PV Portal is accessible via the internet (also using mobile devices) and without the need to install any additional software. If several plants are connected to the PV Portal, these can be compared directly with one another in the Portal and use configurable reports. This level provides a clear overview of the plants performance any time, anywhere, at the press of a button.

    For maximum yield. Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions in detail.





  • The complete solution for your PV plant. Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions at a glance.

    Reliable, transparent, in real time: Plant monitoring and control

    Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions offer full access at the press of a button

    to the plants data and key performance indicators via the Siemens PV Portal

    An overview of information about the plant clearly presented, covering multiple levels

    Dependable energy generation forecast, from 15 minutes up to seven days in advance

    Alarm management customized for each recipient Reporting prepared to individual specifications,

    suitable for subsequent processing

    to the plants control technology and electrical systems via the control system:

    Plant and process data precisely detected Control of all electrical systems in real time Diagnosis of malfunctions and failures

    chronologically precise signal archiving

    Comprehensive, tailored, customer-specific: from planning through to service

    Technology, experience and individual service packages. In line with the needs of your specific project, Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions cover the whole process from plan-ning via engineering, installation and commissioning, right through to service:

    Tailored control technology and electrical systems for plant, Electrical Balance of Plant (eBOP) and grid connection

    Fish-eye camera and algorithms for short- and medium-term yield forecasts

    Data processing and evaluation via Energy Asset Management software

    Information platform for plant data: Siemens PV Portal

    Selection, configuration and integration of battery storage

    Customer-specific service packages that range from remote monitoring and operation through to main-tenance and complete plant operation

    Proven technology for reliable operation

    Dependable control technology and electrical systems are essential for reliable operation. Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions are unique in that the underlying SPPA-T3000 control system has been success-fully tried and tested in more than 1,700 power plant projects.

    Dependable forecasts for optimal marketing

    Energy generation is forecast dependably (up to seven days in advance). The forecast is based on precise detection and evaluation of data, reliable operation, and the inclusion of weather informa-tion and specially-developed forecasting algorithms.

    Individual service for maximum revenue

    Dirt and shading on modules are identified immediately and with precision - and reported automatically, as are technical malfunctions.

    Appropriate remedial actions ensure that yield losses are kept to a bare minimum. Siemens offers individual service packages that range from remote monitoring through to maintenance and com-plete plant operation.

    Data security that meets the strictest standards

    Data transfer and remote access to the control system are provided via the Siemens common Remote Service Platform (cRSP), a gateway that is secured and encrypted to current VBG and NERC standards.

    Expandability and scalability for maximum future-proofing

    Siemens PV Monitoring Solutions can be integrated into new and existing PV parks. Equally suitable for single and multiple plants, they even offer the option of centralized management of fleets distributed around the globe.


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    Subject to changes and errors. The information given in this document only contains general descriptions and/or performance features which may not always specifically reflect those described, or which may undergo modification in the course of further development of the products. The requested performance features are binding only when they are expressly agreed upon in the concluded contract.


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