pv-100, pv-200 weld inspection solution - epsilon-ndt. inspection solution pv-100, pv-200 ......

Download PV-100, PV-200 Weld Inspection Solution - epsilon-ndt. INSPECTION SOLUTION PV-100, PV-200 ... Ultrasonic Weld Inspection Solutions Olympus has created the AUT PV solutions (automated

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    PV-100, PV-200


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    Surface-breaking crack in a 50 mm thick weld, undetected by radiography

    Combining Different Techniques for Full-Weld Coverage and Improved Efficiency

    PHASED ARRAY PULSE-ECHO TECHNIQUEThe phased array technique uses a mosaic of transducer ele-ments in which the timing of the elements excitation can be individually controlled to produce a certain desired effect, such as steering the beam axis or focusing the beam.

    PULSE-ECHO TECHNIQUEThe pulse echo technique is an ultrasonic test in which dis-continuities are detected by the reflected echoes from defects.

    TIME-OF-FLIGHT DIFFRACTION (TOFD) TECHNIQUEThe time-of-flight diffraction technique is an ultrasonic test that relies on the diffraction of ultrasonic beams from the corners and ends of internal structures (primarily defects) in a component being tested.

    CREEPING WAVE TECHNIQUEThe creeping wave technique is an ultrasonic test in which discontinuities are detected by the return of a creeping wave that tracks the surface of the component being tested.

    Benefits of the Olympus PV SolutionPV Solution Radiography

    Radiation hazard No Yes

    Restricted area needed No Yes

    Ease of deployment on site Yes No

    Probability of detection (POD)(planar defects such as crack and lack of fusion)

    Very good Poor

    Inspection throughput Very good Good

    Depth sizing capability High precision Poor

    Length sizing capability High precision Good precision





    Ultrasonic Weld Inspection SolutionsOlympus has created the AUT PV solutions (automated ultrasonic testing) to provide you with an affordable means to inspect welds according to code. These solutions are portable and can be put to work virtually anywhere. The perfect combination of acquisition unit, scanner, encoder, and software makes the inspection of pressure vessel welds and other welds an easy task.

    Fast inspection of small- and large-diameter welds 100% volumetric weld coverage Adaptable to butt welds, circumferential welds,

    long seams, one-sided access configuration, and most common weld profiles

    Inspection of wall thicknesses from 8mm to 300mm and part diameters from 100m to flat

    Digital archiving of inspection data Elimination of film archiving Portable for in-house and field inspections Improved productivity compared to radiography Improved probability of detection (POD) compared

    to radiography

    Analysis of the weld inspection results given by AUT and radiography shows that AUT provides both depth and height information, and is more sensitive to planar-type defects while eliminating radiation hazards.






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    Automated Ultrasonic Testing Versus Radiography TestingUltrasonic technology has been proven very effective for pressure vessel weld inspections and it is easily adapted to common codes such as API and ASME Sec III, V, VIII, CC2235, CC2599, and CC2600.


    Measurements Performed by

    ID Type of Defect AUT Radiography

    1 Toe crack Position X, Y, and ZLength sizingHeight sizing

    Position X and YLength sizing

    2 Centerline crack

    Position X, Y, and ZLength sizingHeight sizing

    No detection

    3 Porosity Position X, Y, and ZLength sizing

    Position X and YLength sizing

    4 Incomplete root pen-etration

    Position X, Y, and ZLength sizingHeight sizing

    Position X and YLength sizing

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    Combining Different Techniques for Improved Efficiency and POD

    Manual Couplant Feed Unit


    OmniScan UT 8 channel UT flaw detector

    Closed umbilical cable

    Pulse-echo channel, 60 shear wave for weld cap coverage.

    Pulse-echo channel, 70 shear wave for weld root coverage.

    TOFD channel for weld volume coverage.

    Combining pulse-echo and TOFD channels offers complete coverage of the weld.

    PV-100Pulse-Echo and TOFD Inspection SolutionThe PV-100 solution is based on the proven OmniScan UT flaw detector. This advanced UT instrument uses two inspection techniques simultaneously. The combination of time-of-flight dif-fraction (TOFD) and the pulse-echo or creeping wave technique allows a full volumetric inspection in a single pass. Inspection results are available instantaneously providing immedi-ate code based acceptance or rejection. This solution was specifi-cally designed to meet the productivity requirements of construc-tion welding in petrochemical and power-generation industries.

    PV-100 ATTRIBUTES Quickly detect weld defects Accurately size defects Easily characterize weld defects Easily create customized reports On site inspection without production disruption Full data collection for auditing and code compliance

    PV-100 APPLICATIONS Wind tower construction Pressure vessel and piping construction Structural construction welding Structural welded components Production control In-service inspection of welds

    PV-100 SPECIFICATIONSPart thickness: 8mm up to 300mm

    Part diameter: 100mm up to flat

    Part material: carbon steel

    PV-100 OPTIONSUMBILICAL CABLESTwo different umbilical cables are available:

    -- The-closed-type-umbilical-offers-the-most-rugged-protection.-It-covers-the-cable-with-a-resistant,-waterproof,-and-dust-proof-conduit.-

    -- The-divisible-type-is-composed-of-two-split-shells-that-protect-the-cables.-Although-not-as-rugged-as-the-closed-type-umbilical,-it-offers-other-advantages:-the-cables-inside-the-umbilical-can-be-changed-at-any-time.

    CFU03 ELECTRIC COUPLANT-FEED UNIT The CFU03 is a portable electrical pump unit used to supply cou-plant to wedges during ultrasonic inspections.

    WTR-SPRAYER-8L MANUAL COUPLANT-FEED UNITThe manual feed unit offers a cheap and efficient way to supply couplant to wedges during automated inspections.

    TRPP-5810 REMOTE PULSER/PREAMPLIFIER FOR TOFD INSPECTIONThe TRPP-5810 unit is a high-performance remote pulser/pre-amplifier dedicated to TOFD inspections and compatible with Olympus industrial scanners.

    PANAMETRICS 5682 PREAMPLIFIER FOR TOFD INSPECTIONThe Panametrics 5682 ultrasonic preamplifier provides low-noise amplification of ultrasonic signals (for one probe) ranging from 500kHz to 25MHz.

    Amongst other advanced tools, TomoView analysis software offers a TOFD Man-ager for calibrations, lateral wave straightening, lateral wave removal, and synthetic aperture focusing technique (SAFT). In addition, the Volumetric Merge tool can merge multiple groups.

    Standard InclusionsContents of the PV-100 kit are configured de-pending on the thickness of the parts to inspect.

    Typically a PV-100 kit consists of the following:

    OmniScan UT acquisition unit UT probes and wedges Industrial scanner Encoder Umbilical cable Preamplifier Irrigation system

    Available Scanners for PV-100 SolutionWeldROVER HSMT-X03


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    Amongst other advanced tools, TomoView analysis software offers a TOFD Man-ager for calibrations, lateral wave straightening, lateral wave removal, and synthetic aperture focusing technique (SAFT). In addition a C-scan Merge tool merges interleaved C-scans based on minimum or maximum amplitude, or TOF.

    PV-200Phased Array and TOFD Inspection SolutionOlympus has developed a versatile phased array solution for weld inspections. The PV-200 solution uses a variety of techniques to achieve a productive and efficient inspection. Phased array tech-nology allows the scanner to adapt to different weld inspections without changing the probe position. This dramatically reduces setup time and eliminates many of the mechanical components needed with conventional ultrasonic probes. Fewer mechanical parts means fewer mechanical failures.

    Fast setup without manual probe adjustment Easy adjustment of ultrasonic parameters Smaller, more versatile scanners easily adjust to different weld

    configurations. Complete weld coverage in a single passThe PV-200 solution brings together an Olympus acquisition unit, scanner, probes, and software tailored to your needs. The acquisition unit controls all the multielement-probe channels. The software is equipped with a dedicated calculator that guides you when changing beam angles, depth, and focus without moving the probe. Length and depth sizing for code acceptance /rejection is performed at the time of the inspection and results are recorded rapidly.

    PV-200 ATTRIBUTES Inspect immediately after welding to help you monitor the

    welding process. Detect and size vertical defects using TOFD and tandem

    techniques (requires instrument with P-R option). Maximize the probability of detection (POD) with controlled

    focusing. Create an automatic setup procedure for any weld profile. Reduce data analysis and reporting time. Many inspection parameters such as weld profile are

    accommodated in software offering improved flexibility.

    PV-200 APPLICATIONS Wind tower construction Pressure vessel construction Structural construction welding In-service weld inspection Inspection of carbon steel, austenitic, and dissimilar welds Inspection of circumferential and long-seam welds

    PV-200 SPECIFICATIONSPart thickness: 8mm to 100mm

    Part diameter: 100mm up to flat

    Part material: carbon steel and austenitic steels

    PV-200 OPTIONSOptions are identical to those of the PV-100 described on page 4:

    Umbilical cables CFU03 Electrical couplant-feed unit WTR-SPRAYER-8L Manual couplant-feed unit TRPP-5810 Remote pulser/pre


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