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Putting the Customer at the Center: How American Airlines Uses Instagram & Vine Visual Social Communications Leadership Forum December 12, 2013

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Presentation: Putting the Customer at the Center: How American Airlines Uses Instagram & Vine Presented by: Stephanie Scott, Social Media Specialist, American Airlines American Airlines believes listening to customers powers an effective social media strategy. On Instagram and Vine, as on its other social networks, American uses customer feedback and engagement data to continually refine its content strategy. In addition to leveraging data to improve content, American puts the customer at the center by repurposing user-generated content and engaging influencers directly. www.bdionline.com


  • Putting the Customer at the Center: How American Airlines Uses Instagram & Vine Visual Social Communications Leadership Forum December 12, 2013
  • About Me Oversee community management and content strategy across American Airlines nine social networks Worked in social media since 2009 Tweet me at @stephaniescott #BDI1 2
  • Agenda Our Team Structure Our Digital Footprint Our Social Strategy Instagram Overview & Case Studies Vine Overview & Case Studies Key Takeaways 3
  • Our Team Structure Social Customer Service 16 team members Social Customer Engagement 5 team members Social Analytics 1 team member 4
  • Our Digital Footprint American Airlines Social Channels 5
  • Our Social Strategy: Build relationships in the spirit of the new American. Define the social customer experience with authentic conversation, real-time resolution, energy and inspiration. 6
  • American Airlines on Instagram www.instagram.com/americanair Followers: 20,411: Results: #46 on Statigrams list of brands by engagement; consistently receive 1,500+ engagements per post Strategy: Appeal to robust #avgeek community by using aviation-themed photos, often repurposed 7
  • Case Study: #AmericanView Cross-platform social posts invite customers to share their views from the wing using #AmericanView Engagement team uses Statigram to monitor and engage with photos using hashtag Social customer service team is trained to spot and share appropriate photos with engagement team Engagement team repurposes on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest 8
  • Case Study: #WeekendInBogota Captured unique experiences in Bogota, Colombia via Instagram video to highlight new route from DFW-BOG Shared moments as if we were live during a #WeekendInBogota Saw decreased engagement (e.g. 500 likes per post) but positive comments Tested idea, used engagement data to measure success and reinforced our strategy of pure aviation focus 9
  • American Airlines on Vine Process: Publish Vine videos through Twitter and Facebook Twitter Followers: 686,300 Strategy: Maximize visually-appealing content by sharing via Vine; nurture influencer relationships via personal messages; create quick promotions to build engagement Results: Personalized messages generated significant buzz and cemented relationships; content and promotions generate ample retweets 10
  • Case Study: Influencer Outreach Identified top 20 brand influenceradvocates Crafted personalized messages based on recent dialogue and filmed team sharing them Sent directly to influencer-advocates via @reply Strengthened relationships with influencers and, via sharing, generated positive buzz 11
  • Case Study: #TakeOff Dunk Contest Goal to generate awareness of American Airlines support of Dallas Mavericks Filmed pilot making trick shot Posted with call to action to share your dunk or trick shot with #TakeOff for a chance to win miles Generated engagement, but minimal entries Key learning: High barrier to entry so fewer entries, but highly engaged https://vine.co/v/hTdjTtTahlP 12
  • Key Takeaways Listen to your customers Develop a clear content strategy by platform Dont be afraid to test ideas and content Measure success Use data to refine content strategy Repurpose user-generated content Make the customer the hero Identify, recognize and nurture influencers Even a favorite goes a long way 13
  • Questions? Stephanie Scott @stephaniescott 14