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  • 1. ANNUAL REPOR T 2013 Transformation for the Nations Growth Sampoerna Strategic Square North Tower, 27th Floor JI. Jenderal Sudirman Kav.45 Jakarta Selatan 12930 Indonesia Phone (62-21) 577 2340 Fax (62-21) 577 2341 psfoundation Sampoerna Foundation info@sampoernafoundation.org www.sampoernafoundation.org

2. Ad Infinitum Continue Forever,Without Limit Every Potential that Lies Beneath The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, a cycle of life that starts with the planting of an egg and ends with the fluttering of wings. Indonesia is home to some 2,500 greatest species of butterflies, reflecting the countrys diversity and the myriad of opportunities to seize. A butterfly egg represents ideas fundamental to Putera Sampoerna Foundations (PSF) work to bring positive changes to the nation. A caterpillar feeds itself to grow big; since it was founded, PSF continues to grow and expand through collaborative efforts and partnerships. Inside the chrysalis, a major transformation takes place. PSFs metamorphosis over the years is the result of our continuous undertakings to create sustainable initiatives beneficial to all. An adult butterfly breaks free from the cocoon and soars into the sky, ready to lay an egg and begin a whole new life cycle. PSF works to elevate our beneficiaries, so they, too, can rise and prepare the ways for others to follow. At the core of our mission is the belief that every Indonesian has the capacity to transform and blossom into a skilled, productive and empowered individual. We realize our limitation in achieving this goal alone, so together with our partners we work to make it a reality. 3. Social transformation through education is something that we at the foundation are fully committed to with the development of future leaders as the main focus of our initiatives. -Putera Sampoerna Table of Contents INDONESIAS POTENTIAL ECONOMIC PROGRESS THROUGH SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION 04 06 10 12 14 16 110 115 22 24 44 50 56 62 68 70 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT MILESTONES FOOTPRINTS ACROSS INDONESIA TRACES AROUND THE WORLD MESSAGE FROM THE MANAGEMENT BOARD OF PATRONS BOARD OF SUPERVISORS BOARD OF EXECUTIVES BOARD OF OPERATIONAL EXECUTIVES GALLERY FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS FINANCIAL STATEMENTS PILLARS OF PUTERA SAMPOERNA FOUNDATION EDUCATION WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPASSIONATE RELIEF PARTNERSHIP LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS WORDS FROM DONORS ABOUT PUTERA SAMPOERNA FOUNDATION VISION AND MISSION MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER TRANSFORMATION FOR THE NATIONS GROWTH 74 78 80 84 86 88 94 98 100 106 4. 1 Personal transformation begins with the awareness of ones potential in the face of a multitude of challenges. Our role is to assist people to recognize their capacities and envision ways to optimize them. The life of a butterfly begins when it lays an egg on a leaf. n. egg [eg] The Potential Within Egg 5. Over the past few decades, the poverty level has dropped significantly, with the GDP growing at over six percent average in 2009 to 2012, bringing better and greater access to health care, education and capital for more Indonesians. With an estimated three-fold increase in the number of consumers and an economy to be worth US$ 1.8 trillion in 2030, Indonesia has real potential to become an advanced and prosperous nation. But this can only be realized by overcoming a number of great challenges. Indonesia needs to ensure an equitable economy, reduce unemployment and provide quality education for everyone to improve its human development. This is a responsibility for everyone. We must pull our weight to help the country overcome these challenges as failing to do so will lead to more missed opportunities. By providing avenues that strengthen the education sector, empower women and the marginalized, and foster an environment that supports entrepreneurship, we move forward towards creating a brighter future for Indonesia. Beberapa dasawarsa terakhir, tingkat kemiskinan merosot drastis, dengan PDB rata-rata yang tumbuh di atas enam persen dari tahun 2009 hingga 2012, lebih banyak warga Indonesia mendapat akses kesehatan, pendidikan, dan penghasilan yang lebih tinggi. Dengan kenaikan jumlah konsumen mencapai tiga kali lipat dan perekonomian senilai US$ 1,8 triliun pada tahun 2030, Indonesia sangat berpotensi untuk menjadi bangsa yang maju dan sejahtera. Hal ini hanya dapat dicapai dengan mengatasi sejumlah tantangan besar. Indonesia harus menciptakan perekonomian yang adil, mengurangi pengangguran, dan menyediakan pendidikan berkualitas untuk pembangunan masyarakat. Tanggung jawab ini milik bersama. Kita harus bahu-membahu mengatasi tantangan-tantangan tersebut agar tidak kehilangan lebih banyak peluang. Dengan menyediakan wadah yang dapat memperkuat sektor pendidikan, memberdayakan wanita dan masyarakat prasejahtera, dan membangun lingkungan yang kondusif untuk kewirausahaan, kita dapat menciptakan masa depan Indonesia yang lebih cerah. Indonesias Potential WITH A RAPID GROWTH IN THE MIDDLE CLASS, INDONESIA OFFERS SIZEABLE OPPORTUNITIES. SEIRING PESATNYA PERTUMBUHAN KELAS MENENGAH, INDONESIA MENAWARKAN PELUANG YANG BERLIMPAH. he Indonesia of today is a growing middle-income country, the worlds 16th largest economy set to become among the top 10 in less than two decades. Even as economic growth slowed to 5.9 percent in the first half of 2013, it generated 1.2 million new jobs, according to Asian Development Bank. aat ini kelas menengah di Indonesia tumbuh dengan pesat. Sebagai negara ke-16 dengan perekonomian terbesar di dunia, Indonesia akan naik ke peringkat sepuluh besar dalam waktu kurang dari dua dasawarsa. Bahkan ketika pertumbuhan ekonomi melambat ke angka 5,9 persen di semester pertama tahun 2013, Indonesia masih mampu melahirkan 1,2 juta pekerjaan baru sebagaimana dipublikasikan oleh Asian Development Bank. T S 44 5 6. Economic Progress through Social Transformation INDONESIA NEEDS TO EVOLVE AND DEVELOP TO REALIZE THE PROMISE OF A BETTER FUTURE. INDONESIA HARUS BEREVOLUSI DAN TERUS BERKEMBANG UNTUK MEWUJUDKAN MASA DEPAN YANG LEBIH BAIK. CHANGING TO REMAIN A PROGRESSIVE FORCE butterflys metamorphosis inspired the publication of the 2013 Annual Report of Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF). From an egg to a caterpillar that turns into a chrysalis, from which a beautiful butterfly later emerges, the life cycle imparts an important lesson about personal growth and the interconnectedness of the steps we take in life. PSF has undergone a major transformation over the past decade since it was founded in 2001. We created initiatives, and over time improved and expanded them to empower more people and give lasting benefits for everyone involved. Together with our partners, we pave the way for social transformation by helping people to recognize their potential and enriching their journeys to help them realize it. Like the butterfly, our beneficiaries will emerge with empowered tools and skills to seize opportunities, become agents of the nations development and contribute to the rise of others. etamorfosis kupu-kupu menginspirasi Laporan Tahunan Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) 2013. Bermula dari telur, larva, kepompong, hingga akhirnya terbentuklah seekor kupu-kupu, siklus ini memberi kita pelajaran mengenai perkembangan diri seseorang dan keterikatannya dengan setiap langkah yang diambil dalam kehidupan. Sejak dibentuk pada tahun 2001, PSF telah melalui transformasi besar. Kami menciptakan beberapa inisiatif dan senantiasa mengembangkannya demi memberdayakan lebih banyak individu dan terus memberi manfaat yang berkesinambungan bagi siapa pun yang terlibat. Bersama para mitra, kami membuka jalan demi terciptanya transformasi sosial dengan membantu para individu mengenali potensinya dan memperkaya pengalamannya sehingga mereka sendiri dapat mewujudkannya secara mandiri. Seperti kupu-kupu, kami yakin para penerima manfaat akan bangkit dengan keterampilannya yang lebih matang sehingga mereka dapat meraih peluang sekaligus menjadi agen penerus bangsa dan bersumbangsih dalam pengembangan masyarakat. A M 7 7. The right efforts to move forward and overcome obstacles are a crucial first step in the journey to success. We lay the groundwork to affect fundamental changes for progress. A caterpillar hatches from an egg and feeds almost constantly so that it grows big enough to start pupating. larva | n. pl. larvae (-v) or larvas Hatching Out Larva 2 8. Ourprimegoalistoprepareskilledandethicalleaders,agentsofchangeand creative entrepreneurs. Over the last few years, we focused on completing a pathway allowing talented youths to access international education at affordable costs while preparing them for careers. This year we relaunched our international preparatory boarding school Sampoerna Academy into Akademi Siswa Bangsa Internasional, as well as the Sampoerna School of Education, Sampoerna School of Business, and new study programs into Universitas Siswa Bangsa Internasional where students can afford a US degree. This pathway called Siswa Bangsa Education Ecosystem is supported by the Koperasi Siswa Bangsa providing student assistance as well as a networking system for engagement. In community development, we work to improve womens economic contribution, assist entrepreneurs for investment, and collect Islamic alms distributed as education fund and natural disaster relief. Kami bertujuan untuk menyiapkan para pemimpin terampil dan bermoral, agen perubahan dan wirausahawan kreatif, di tahun-tahun sebelumnya kami berfokus pada penyempurnaan jalur pendidikan sehingga para pemuda berbakat dapat mengakses pendidikan internasional dengan biaya terjangkau dan sukses dalam karir. Oleh karena itu, pada tahun lalu kami merilis kembali sekolah asrama internasional kami dari Sampoerna Academy menjadi Akademi Siswa Bangsa Internasional. Kami juga melebur Sampoerna School of Education, Sampoerna School of Business dan program studi lainnya menjadi Universitas Siswa Bangsa Internasional, yakni kampus berstandar