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Nowadays developers are flooded with various libraries which are supposed to help and speed up the development process but often proove to be counterproductive. Same with design processes - designers are trapped with styles and hypes which they use without thinking. This talk aim is to show good practices within processes, emphasize the importance of decisions made within them and how they impact whole projects.Talk given at Spain.js conference in Madrid on 6th July. http://spainjs.org/


<ul><li> 1. ThePURSUIT OfSIMPLICITY@KAROLINASZCZUR | SPAINJS | MADRID, 5-7th JULY</li></ul> <p> 2. Hi!IM KAROLINA. UX DESIGNER AT NODEJITSU. EVENT ORGANIZER FOR MEET.JS. KAROLINASZCZUR 3. simplicitySIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE FORM OF SOPHISTICATION.- LEONARDO DA VINCI 4. keepcalmAndkiss on 5. Frameworks 6. PleaseBitchslapmyBootstrap 7. Some drawbacks over here 8. unsemantic poo 9. learning curve 10. override vs overwrite 11. heavyweight code 12. A fewadvantagesnonetheless 13. fast development 14. testing made easy 15. beginner friendly 16. code generators 17. sass is less 18. the hype club 19. responsive html9boilerstrap Yes! 20. closing thoughts 21. Askthe rightquestions 22. beautiful usable 23. SIMPLICITY minimalism 24. be user-centric 25. dont overdo it 26. thankYouattendee SLIDES CAN BE FOUND AT http://speakerdeck.com/u/karolinaszczur RATE AND COMMENT THE TALK! http://speakerrate.com/talks/12851</p>