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  • 1. The main idea behind Pundit is to enable users not only to comment, bookmark or tag web pages, but also to create semantically structured data while annotating, thus enriching the Web of Data. Lets take a tour of the user interface and some new features. We will begin with the basic layout of Pundit, so youll know your way around. Lets start
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  • 3. The Template Highlighting Feature in Pundit will help you make repeated annotations faster. A Template is defined by one or more statments. Lets start
  • 4. Using Templates
  • 5. This will select the outlined text
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  • 7. Creating new Templates
  • 8. create either a new Templete or go to the Template Editor to creat a new Template
  • 9. This will enter a serch term
  • 10. This will repeat the prosses for the next statment
  • 11. This will select the outlined text
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  • 13. The Automatic Suggestion feature in Pundit allows the user to automatically extract entities from the whole text of the page or from the selected text. The system proposes some available entities that the user can accept as valid: when these are accepted, some new annota- tions are created in PundIt. Lets start
  • 14. Accepting a single suggestion
  • 15. This will work on mouseover rather than click
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  • 17. Accepting multiple suggestions
  • 18. This will work on mouseover rather than click
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  • 20. Suggestions on selected text
  • 21. This click simulates text selection
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