punctuating quotations and writing dialogue in narrative writing

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This slideshow review the procedures for punctuating quotations and writing dialogue. For dialogue, I have used comic strips to model the idea of descriptive dialogue and adding a sense of movement to a narrative. Graphics include Star Wars and Hagar the Horrible.


  • 1. Tag lines dialogue Jake stated , The Star Wars movies are really exciting .
  • 2. Tag lines of dialogue The Star Wars movies are really exciting , Jake stated .
  • 3. Questions Did you see Return of the Jedi ? Jake asked intently . -ORJake asked intently , Did you see Return of the Jedi ?
  • 4. Exclamations The special effects were amazing ! Jake exclaimed . -ORJake exclaimed , The special effects were amazing !
  • 5. Divided Quotations When Revenge of the Sith is released , Jake asked eagerly , do you want to see it together ?
  • 6. Writing Dialogue
  • 7. Change paragraphs when the speaker changes
  • 8. Nurse , who is my next patient ? asked Dr. Zook irritably . Nurse Olga replied , Hagar the Horrible .
  • 9. Dr. Zook inquired , Whats his complaint ? He has a sore back , she replied .
  • 10. Examining the patients records, Dr. Zook walked down the hallway to the waiting room. Morning, Hagar , he said casually . Morning, Dr. Zook , boomed Hagar .
  • 11. My nurse tells me you have a sore back , stated Dr. Zook . Thats right , moaned Hagar . The doctor inquired , How long have you had a sore back ? Since I returned from raiding England , Hagar mumbled sheepishly .
  • 12. Hmmmbefore I examine you , Dr. Zook said , let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried acupuncture ? With four arrows lodged in his back, Hagar sarcastically replied , Yes. Just recently .
  • 13. Change paragraphs when the setting or action changes
  • 14. As his crew was unloading their bulky cargo from the Viking ship, Hagar demanded , Stow the loot aboard, men ! Ill be back shortly . With his sword and shield in hand, Hagar strode confidently into the village. When he came to Ye Olde Dress Shoppe, he mumbled , I have one more thing to do before I return home !
  • 15. Hagar entered the shop and hailed the clerk , Morning ! While Im here in England, Id like to get a dress for my wife ! Hand outstretched, the clerk replied cheerily , Certainly sir! What kind of dress would you like ?
  • 16. Im looking for a blue short-sleeved dress, size 48 , Hagar requested . I have that style ! replied the clerk , eager to please his customer .
  • 17. Change paragraphs when a new idea is introduced
  • 18. Then quickly ,the clerks tone changed. But, say arent you Hagar the Horrible ? he yelled accusatorily . Thinking this was a compliment, Hagar beamed, Why yes, I am . To Hagars surprise, the clerk darted behind the counter, and grabbed a sword . Youre not taking the dress without a fight ! cursed the clerk while brandishing his sword menacingly . My reputation follows me everywhere ! Hagar sighed disgustedly to himself .
  • 19. Now its your turn. Choose one of the following and write dialogue, just as I showed you!
  • 20. OR-----I have some other Hagar the Horrible strips. OR-----Choose a comic strip of your own. It must be a multiple frame strip just like the examples. Please check with me to make sure your strip has enough detail to complete this project.