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Pride Pumpkin Festival Presentation


  • 1. Pride Pumpkin Festival2013 East Longmeadow, MASubmitted by Deb AxtellTickets for Groups, Inc. October 2012

2. OverviewProduce a Pride Pumpkin Festival in 2013 in the centerof East Longmeadow, with the goal of establishing anannual autumn celebration that includes: dramaticdisplay of carved & lit pumpkins, costume pageant,crafts, retail exposure, live entertainment, and fireworks.Generate exposure for primary sponsor, Pride Stores.The event will showcase the companys commitment tothe community, build loyalty with existing customers,engage new customers, and sign up members for PrideRewards and Pride Savings card programs. 3. Similar CelebrationsSome well-knownpumpkin celebrations: Circleville Pumpkin Show,Circleville, OH;www.pumpkinshow.com Keene Pumpkin Festival,Keene, NH;www.pumpkinfestival.org Milford Pumpkin Festival,Milford, NH;www.milfordpumpkinfestival.org 4. The Experience 1---Carved pumpkins are placed at street level through the festival floorscape (with small candles inside) 5. The Experience Not all pumpkins are on turf; majority are placed on picnic bench-style pumpkin tables. These are 2x4s and 2x6s constructed for the festival. Stored for annual use. 6. The Experience Not all pumpkins are on turf; majority are placed on picnic bench-style pumpkin tables. These are 2x4s and 2x6s constructed for the festival. Stored for annual use. 7. The Experience As twilight approaches, volunteer battalions hit the streets with electronic lighters to light the candles in each pumpkin 8. The Experience The focal point, is the Pumpkin Tower This is a 3- to 4-story construction, set off from the main walking area in its own roped off section. As attendees enjoy the lower level displays, retail, crafts, etc. ultimately they arrive at the striking Pumpkin Tower. 9. Tower Set Up Backside of towerscaffolding 10. Tower Set Up Backside of towerscaffolding 11. Tower Set Up Backside of towerscaffolding Closer up; Christmaslight holes visible 12. Tower Set Up Backside of towerscaffolding Closer up; Christmaslight holes visible All lights feed intoelectrical box at baseof tower 13. Event Basics Pumpkin Carving. Multiple days for Pumpkin Lobotomy (cuttingscene at local pumpkin farm). The Festival is a single day celebration, with two prior days of set-up. The Festival Location: Meadows Shopping Center (retail, craft, liveentertainment, pumpkins at street level), with Healthtrax parkingarea for the Pumpkin Tower. Childrens Activities: costume parade, pumpkin seed spittingcontest, crafts, pumpkin patch games/adventure activities Retail Alley: designate area for local crafters and booths, foodsellers, festival merchandise Volunteer and Sponsor Tent: designate tent for sign-in ofvolunteers, pumpkin lighters, sponsor supplies. Live Entertainment: centrally located stage/risers to showcase localentertainers; evening fireworks 14. Sample Schedule DAY ONE Builders erect tower scaffolding, bench scaffolding and risers forentertainment Merchant tents erected Volunteer Meeting at Volunteer Tent Station DAY TWO Final pumpkin carving Pumpkin placement Merchants check in at Volunteer Tent Station DAY THREE (Festival Day) Show coordination (entertainers, crafts, volunteer coordination) Begin manual/flame lighting near dusk Pride Stores Commitment Presentation + Lighting of Pumpkin Tower atdusk Fireworks Late night Clean Up crews hit the area 15. Tower Lighting Presentation Highlights Pride Stores CommitmentsThe Pride Promise: Dedicated to providing fast and friendly service, quality products at low prices, with clean and professional facilities.The Pride Goal: Continue operating great stores and expand our growth. We will do so responsibly and adhere to our commitment to our Partners, our customers, our community and our environment.Pride Pumpkin Festival Mission Statement:Our mission is to improve the quality of life through a cultural, family-oriented eventthat brings the community together in celebration. We are dedicated to keeping ourcommunities alive and thriving, and to providing a celebration that truly enhancse thequality of life for our residents, employees, friends, and visitors.Festival Traits: Free, family-oriented, inspirational, community-driven, entertaining, quality, striking visuals that result in a memorable experience. 16. Festival Location 17. Sponsor TypesList of sponsors that will be needed to provide financialsupport, products and services Pumpkin tower scaffolding. Local builder to fabricate and place scaffolding,and display benches. Electricity. Local electrical contractor to light tower pumpkins and runelectricity to vendor booths. Website. Volunteer to design and post messages onto Pride PumpkinFestival website. Advertising. Need local publication to run print ads for the event. Suggest:Reminder Publications Signage/program printing. Suggest: PIP or Priority Pumpkins. Suggest: Pell Farm, Meadowbrook Farm Tables/chairs/tents. Suggest: Taylor Rental Hardware/lighters. Suggest: Rockys First Aid. 18. Retail Merchants 19. Entertainment 20. Childrens Activities 21. The Pumpkins 22. The People 23. The Finale 24. The Clean Up