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  1. 1. Pudding Recipes
  2. 2. Pudding Pudding is the dessert type of food which is composed of rich source of calories. There are different varieties of pudding which wholly contains milk products and some are contained with the fruits and vegetables. The pudding styles differs based on the region and preference factor also varies. Some of the predominant pudding types are showcased in the further slides
  3. 3. Bread And Butter Pudding Bread and butter pudding has the high source of energy and they are preferred the most by the children. Bread and butter pudding can be made with ease without the egg and the taste which equals the egged pudding is obtained. This can be prepared easily within few minutes and served hot to the kids. Recipe: http://atozfoodrecipes.com/eggless-bread-and- butter-pudding.html
  4. 4. Caramel Custard Pudding Caramel custard is the yummy dish which is prepared with the best combo of custard and caramel. Both the egged and eggless custards are opted for the preparation method. Caramel is poured on the pudding which stagnates and falls over. Recipe: http://atozfoodrecipes.com/eggless-caramel-custard- pudding.html
  5. 5. Pumpkin Pie Pudding This is the creamy dessert prepared keeping pumpkin as the main ingredient. Skimmed milk adds unique and special taste to this recipe. This is very simple dish which are loved by all age folks. Recipe - http://atozfoodrecipes.com/pumpkin-pie- pudding.html
  6. 6. Rainbow Jelly Pudding Jelly is one of the favorites of kids. The texture and colored pattern makes the dish even more interesting. As the name implies, this pudding is composed of seven colors and it has the unique combo of seven flavors. The condensed milk and gelatin are the two main ingredients used here. Recipe - http://atozfoodrecipes.com/rainbow-jelly- pudding.html
  7. 7. The above are some of the pudding recipe which are preferred by all age group folks. There is myth that excellent and original pudding cannot be made in houses. But the truth is the pure and energetic pudding with added health benefits is made exclusively only in the house. Pudding is made even more interesting with many more innovation in the ingredients and garnishing techniques.
  8. 8. A to Z Food Recipes(http://atozfoodrecipes.com) is the recipe site which showcases in all types vegetarian recipes. The recipes from the starter to the desserts are covered with complete clarity in the ingredients required. The preparation method is explained in the step by step manner.