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Public Relations and Outreach for School Libraries. Adele Bildersee Avi Chai Webinar May 20, 2008. Introduction. Definition of marketing: purposeful coalescence of people, materials, and facilities seeking to accomplish the same purpose Philip Kotter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Public Relations and Outreach for School Libraries Adele BilderseeAvi Chai Webinar May 20, 2008

  • Introduction

    Definition of marketing: purposeful coalescence of people, materials, and facilities seeking to accomplish the same purpose Philip Kotter Should lead to articulating the importance and value of the school library media center in teaching and learning

  • Items for Discussion

    Why should we publicize?

    How can we do it?

    Whats in the future?

  • Areas to Consider Public awarenessDissemination of informationDevelopment of services to meet needsMeasuring effectivenessHow can needs be met? What are their goals and objectives?Developing strategic marketingWho is the audience?

  • The School AudienceLibrary personnel must project strong helpful image to all in the school building

    Include: - K-12 Students- Cafeteria Workers- Teachers- Bus Drivers- Clerical Staff- Custodians- Administration- Parents

  • School Audience - StrategiesSpecial Events - Book fairs, Faculty teas, Author visitsGive Book Talks and Reading Discussion GroupsDisplays: Themes, Posters, Student workSupport: Booklists, Newsletters, BookmarksWebsite: OPAC, Databases, Pathfinders, RSS feedsBe interactive: Attend PTA and department meetings, Sponsor clubsAsk for suggestions

  • Targeting the StudentsBuild a collection that meets student needsSubscribe to important databasesCreate Podcasts - Student Book ReviewsTeach use of RSS feeds for research usePublish colorful lists of new books and media in hard copy and onlineHave students share their favorite books: - Goodreads.comLibrary Sleepovers Encourage suggestions

  • Involve the CommunityConnect with the public libraryInvite volunteersSolicit senior citizens for help and talentSend newsblasts through school newsletters and local newspapersPublish vacation reading listsUsed book sales (good money raiser too!)Put up pictures of library activities on your websiteEngage other schools - feeder schools

  • Parent PresenceVolunteer OpportunitiesFamily Night once a semesterFlyers to be sent homeAttend evening events with parentsWelcome parents when they visit the libraryProvide parent workshopsEstablish reading group

  • Parents Use the Library too!Give parent workshopsTeach how to help their kids with assignmentsBoolean operatorsSpecialized databasesResponsible use of the InternetGoogle - how to make it work well for you!Research tips for kids (and them)!

  • Celebrating the School Library Special EventsPoetry FestivalMovie Night (films from books)Student author projectsStorytellingLiterary QuizBook FairsNational Library Week/Special months/ThemesEcology Fair -- books/art from recyclablesVolunteer breakfast

  • Publicize EventsSend invitations to administrators, et alAlert local mediaTake lots of pictures and publish in newsletterPost publicity on websiteFrame special items and post in library

  • DisplaysColorful and interestingTimelyUse catch phrasesStudent and Teacher art exhibitsBulletin boardsBook exhibits

  • Positive Image BuildersChanging bulletin boardsParticipating in a helpful manner to all curricular mattersSearching for needed information in a variety sources outside the schoolMaking special efforts for students/teachersCreate atmosphere of fun and acceptance

  • Avoiding Negative ImpressionsLevying finesTaking inventory while school is openReturning misbehaving students to the teacherReacting slowly to student/teacher requests for service

  • Spread the Word Be Accountable

    Monthly update to principal Cite circulation figuresQuote budget expendituresEnumerate additions to the libraryIdentify special projects

  • Annual ReportCirculation compare with previous yearsNew itemsWeb site changes and updatesBlogsWikisBig events, visitors or contributionsParticipation community, school, etc.

  • The 21st Century What to do now!Establish and maintain a web presenceWeb 2.0 (Blogs and wikis)PodcastsRSS feeds Provide databases with remote accessEstablish pathfindersOnline tutorialsUse social networks - MySpace

  • Resources for School LibrariansLM_NETAASLALAAvi Chai Wiki jewishschoollibraries.pbwiki.comConferencesAmerican Library Association -- AASLInternet LibrarianNECCComputers in LibrariesAJL Association of Jewish Libraries

  • Sources for Great IdeasLibrary Lovers

    Library Promotion Ideas Our Libraries on and off the

    Motivational Ideas: Childrens Book Week and National Library

    School Libraries Improve Student

  • More Sources for Great Web Pages Created by School

    School Library Media Monthly

    Models for Creating