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<ul><li> 1. Public Practitioner-ResearchersHow LISresearch is informed by praxis</li></ul> <p> 2. BackgroundResearchers do Public libraries need researchnot disseminate Public librarianstheir research need researchwell and Public needslibrarians do notresearchconsume it. LIS field needs(Durrance 1991, 280) public library research 3. Research Questions What is the current state of PPRresearch? Do PPRs research different sortsof subjects from academicsand other librarians? Do they use different researchstrategies? 4. Literature Review Evaluated the state of LIS research, including PPRs Buttlar 1991 Mularski 1991 The State of PPR research activities Powell, Baker &amp; Mika 2002 Chapman &amp; Pike 1993 Penta &amp; McKenzie 2006 Described the need for PPR research Durrance 1991 5. Study Design Content Analysis 405 Articles from 11 LIS journals Research topic Research strategy Researchers job title(s) Compared PPR research toresearch conducted by others 6. LIS Journals valued by LIS professionals have significant impact read by library practitioners aimed specifically at public librarians are easily accessible focused on subjects most likely to berelevant to public librarians. 7. Content Analysis1. Began with original research subject &amp; strategy categories from Buttlar, 1991.2. Re-categorized as needed.3. Categorized researchers professional titles. 8. Authors 14 public librarians, 2 also universityfaculty, and 3 also LIS journal editors. 3.2% public librarians. 2% solely identified as public librarians. 2.2%-3.7% in 1991 and 3% in 2006. ALL of the public librarians were published in the pages of Public Library Quarterly or RUSQ. 9. 200178180160140122120100 8063 60 402815 14 11 206 5 4 3 50 10. Authors with multiple papers25201510 5 0 11. Research TopicsInformationCatalogingMetadataOrganizationInformation OPACSOrganization Information Users BehaviorBibliographicInformationInstruction Instruction 12. knowledge information all othermanagement access subjectsmanagement economicsinformation sourcechange/futurecollaborationinformation behaviorpublic librariesyouth servicesbibliometricsinformation organization academic librariesresearch digital libraries/archivesreference collectionmanagementlibrarianship informationinstruction 13. Research Strategies60 53515040 323027 242016 138 7 71064 3 3 2 0 14. Public Practitioner-ResearchersPPR Research TopicsPPR Research Strategies academic libraries economicsanalysis8% 8%librarianship8%8%survey17%information 17% 33% 8% case study behavior public17% 17%libraries 17%interview/ referenceobservation 25% 17%data researchanalysis youth services 15. ImplicationsResearch is a responsibilityof every professional and apart of the meaning of theword professional.(Powell, Baker, and Mika 2002, 50) 16. We need PPR research Influence policymakers The Serve usersdirect, explicit, an Discern output fromd acknowledgedoutcome influence of Create &amp; understandnon-publishedresearch onresearch, such as user decision makingsurveysin libraries is Offer praxis-based almostinformation to other LIS nonexistent.professionals(Hewitt 1991, 165) 17. Change Needed Attitudes Public librarians LIS community Funders Administrators Priorities Financial Time Other resources &amp; tools Future research 18. We need PPR research, and notnearly enough is being published. </p>