PUBLIC NOTICE Subject :- Provisional seniority list of ... NOTICE Subject :- Provisional seniority list of PCMS doctors (2008 batch to 2013 batch). 1.0 It is hereby informed that provisional seniority list

Download PUBLIC NOTICE Subject :- Provisional seniority list of ...  NOTICE Subject :- Provisional seniority list of PCMS doctors (2008 batch to 2013 batch). 1.0 It is hereby informed that provisional seniority list

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<ul><li><p>PUBLIC NOTICE </p><p>Subject :- Provisional seniority list of PCMS doctors (2008 batch to 2013 </p><p>batch). </p><p> 1.0 It is hereby informed that provisional seniority list for 2008, 2009, </p><p>2010, 2011, 2012 &amp; 2013 batches has been prepared on the basis of available </p><p>office record and has been uploaded on, </p><p>, for the information of all </p><p>doctors. </p><p>2.0 Hard copies of the provisional seniority list shall be sent to all the </p><p>Civil Surgeons with the direction that these lists must be made available to all </p><p>doctors in the district. </p><p>3.0 After going through the provisional seniority list, if any PCMS </p><p>doctor finds discrepancy in the provisional seniority list they may send their </p><p>objections to alongwith all relevant documents </p><p>to support their case. It is also suggested that they may submit their </p><p>objections in writing &amp; send it to the following two postal addresses. </p><p> 1. Under Secretary to Govt. of Punjab, Deptt. of Health &amp; Family Welfare, R.No. 327, 3rd floor, Punjab Civil Sectt. 2, Sector-9, Chandigarh </p><p> 2. Dr. Shashi Kant, Deputy Director, R.No. 210 O/o DHS, Parivar Kalyan Bhawan, Sector-34-A, Chandigarh </p><p>4.0 It may please be noted that objections be sent upto 30.11.2013 (45 </p><p>days after publishing the provisional seniority list) shall only be considered. </p><p>The seniority list shall be finalized after examining all the objections &amp; after </p><p>giving adequate opportunity to all the concerned doctors. </p><p>Director, Health &amp; Family Welfare, Punjab </p></li><li><p>SN Name of Doctor Father's Name (Sh.) Date of Birth Date of </p><p>Joining Merit No</p><p>Service </p><p>No. </p><p>(Temp.)</p><p>Remarks</p><p>1 Bikradip Singh Amar Singh 07-06-1979 20-01-2009 74/GC/Surgery 1/2008</p><p>2 Pratik Kapila B. Kapila 14-12-1976 21-01-2009 1/GC/Paed 2/2008 Resigned</p><p>3</p><p>Monika Gupta Inderjit Kumar Goyal 21-01-200929/GC/Gyane</p><p>3/2008</p><p>4 Dr. Mohit Kumar Nasib Singh 21-06-1977 21-01-2009 41/GC/Medicine 4/2008 Resigned</p><p>5 Shilpa Gupta Vinod Kumar Gupta 15-12-1981 21-01-2009 69/GC/Medicine 5/2008</p><p>6</p><p>Jatin Kumar Dahra Bhagwan Dass Dahra 04-11-1977 23-01-200971/GC/Medicine</p><p>6/2008</p><p>7 Gurdip Singh Tarsem Singh 11-04-1976 24-01-2009 80/SC-2/Paed 7/2008</p><p>8 Shilpi Battra Vinod Kumar Battra 04-12-1981 24-01-2009 84/FF/BTO 8/2008</p><p>9 Ruchi Aggarwal Madan Mohan 24-09-1974 27-01-2009 26//Gyane 9/2008</p><p>10 Virkramjit Singh Balmukand Singh 08-01-1980 27-01-2009 47/GC/Paed 10/2008</p><p>11 Satish Kumar Chuni Lal 19-07-1973 27-01-2009 56/GC/Micro 11/2008</p><p>12 Rajinder Kumar Dhani Ram 03-03-1969 27-01-2009 79/SC-2/Radio 12/2008</p><p>13 Jaswinder Singh Sarwan Singh 14-06-1976 27-01-2009 89/SC-2/Paed 13/2008</p><p>14 Gagandeep Gill Swinder Singh 15-02-1977 27-01-2009 93/SC/Aneas 14/2008</p><p>15 Naresh Kumar Ved Prakash Goyal 16-06-1981 28-01-2009 59/GC/Medicine 15/2008</p><p>16 Varun Mohan Adarsh Kumar 27-08-1980 29-01-2009 82/SC-2/Medicine 16/2008</p><p>17 Gurwinder kaur Amrik Singh 25-04-1978 06-02-2009 77/SC-2/BTO 17/2008</p><p>18 Sashi Kant Deer Ravi Kumar Dheer 08-01-1981 12-02-2009 43//Paed 18/2008 Resigned</p><p>19 Kanchan Sharma Vikas Sharma 27-10-1978 16-02-2009 48/SC/Paed 19/2008</p><p>20 Monika Sharma Sarwan Kumar 24-08-1977 03-03-2009 12/GC/Gyane 20/2008</p><p>21 Sunil Gupta Vijay Kumar Gupta 07-10-1975 04-03-2009 7/GC/Psy. 21/2008</p><p>22</p><p>Dheeraj Goyal Inderjit Kumar Goyal 02-12-1976 05-03-200944/GC/Ortho</p><p>22/2008</p><p>23</p><p>Kanwar Vishal Singh Jagdish Chander 19-04-1982 06-03-20091/GC/Aneas</p><p>23/2008</p><p>24 Jatinder Kaur Dalbir Singh 09-10-1982 06-03-2009 29/SC/Medicine 24/2008</p><p>25 Vishal Garg 07-03-2009 1/Haryana 25/2008</p><p>26 Sukhjinder Singh Kulwant Singh 08-07-1977 09-03-2009 20/GC/Paed 26/2008 Resigned</p><p>27 Jony Kumar 12-11-1978 10-03-2009 Haryana 27/2008</p><p>28 Shikha Mohita Satish Mehta 12-01-1980 13-03-2009 6/GC/Gyane 28/2008 Resigned</p><p>29 Ramandip Mohinderpal 12-01-1981 13-03-2009 21/GC/Medicine 29/2008</p><p>30 Ritu Mittal Mohan Lala Mittal 04-05-1978 16-03-2009 10/GC/Gyane 30/2008</p><p>31</p><p>Renu Verma Mangat Ram Verma 17-06-1978 20-03-200924/BC/Aneas</p><p>31/2008</p><p>32 Rajdip Kaur Preminder Singh 05-09-1981 15-04-2009 91/SC-2/Psy. 32/2008</p><p>33 Ayna Sood Harish Sood 12-02-1977 23-04-2009 25/GC/Gyane 33/2008</p><p>34 Harish Kripal Ved Prakash Kirpal 07-06-1978 21-05-2009 16/GC/Ortho 34/2008</p><p>35 Surinder Kumar Jagdish Lal 15-12-1978 26-05-2009 23/SC-2/Ortho 35/2008</p><p>36 Shelly Khillan Sikandar Lal 08-03-1977 29-05-2009 2/GC/Gyane 36/2008</p><p>37 Munish Arora Ramesh Arora 01-11-1980 30-05-2009 3/GC/Paed 37/2008</p><p>38 Poonam Dhillon Ranjit Singh 16-10-1975 01-06-2009 5/GC/Gyane 38/2008</p><p>39 Sonia Seth Mohan Seth 31-03-1975 01-06-2009 1/GC/ENT 39/2008 Resigned</p><p>40 Gagandeep Kaur Jagdish Singh Gill 30-03-1979 05-06-2009 11/GC/Gyane 40/2008</p><p>41 Monika Gupta Dwaraka Nath 02-02-1979 08-06-2009 9/GC/Gyane 41/2008</p><p>42 Joginder Singh Mukhtiar Singh 01-01-1976 17-06-2009 25/SC-2/Ortho 42/2008</p><p>43 Rajiv Raghwar Diyal 29-08-1979 24-06-2009 15/GC/Medicine 43/2008</p><p>44</p><p>Deepak Kumar </p><p>Monga</p><p>Radha Krishan </p><p>Monga</p><p>14-07-1980 08-07-200910/GC/Paed</p><p>44/2008</p><p>45 Lovelesh Gupta 31-01-1976 08-07-2009 7/GC/Paed 45/2008</p><p>46 Jot Kaur Randhawa Msulakhan Singh 27-02-1976 13-07-2009 63/GC/Psy. 46/2008</p><p>47</p><p>Diljot Singh Bedi Mohinder Singh Bedi 05-06-1975 14-07-20098/GC/Paed</p><p>47/2008 Resigned</p><p>48 Amritpal Sidhu 14-07-2009 2/Haryana 48/2008</p><p>49 Amritpal Singh Karam Singh 19-09-1973 22-07-2009 3/GC/MO 49/2008</p><p>50</p><p>Maninder Singh </p><p>Randhawa</p><p>Joginder Singh </p><p>Randhawa</p><p>18-06-1981 22-07-200919/GC/MO</p><p>50/2008</p><p>51 Lovleen Kaur Mangat Singh 31-12-1984 22-07-2009 32/GC/MO 51/2008 Resigned</p><p>52 Amandip Kaur Bachan Singh 28-10-1975 22-07-2009 36/GC/MO 52/2008</p><p>53</p><p>Navpreet Garewal Surinder Singh </p><p>Garewal</p><p>22-03-1974 22-07-200950/GC/MO</p><p>53/2008</p><p>54</p><p>Varinder Kumar Shiv Chander 11-09-1979 22-07-20091/SC (ESM)/MO</p><p>54/2008</p><p>55</p><p>Jasvir Singh amarjit Singh 13-04-1965 22-07-20094/SC (ESM)/MO</p><p>55/2008</p><p>56 Ranbir Singh Bhupinder Singh 27-09-1983 22-07-2009 5/BC/MO 56/2008</p><p>57 Akshya Bhargav CL Bhargav 09-03-1981 22-07-2009 10/BC/MO 57/2008</p><p>58 Rupali Aggarwal Satish Aggarwal 26-02-1983 23-07-2009 5/GC/MO 58/2008</p><p>59 Seerat Kanwarjeet Singh 03-09-1983 23-07-2009 11/GC/MO 59/2008</p><p>60 Amanpreet Kaur Swaranjit Singh 24-09-1981 23-07-2009 17/GC/MO 60/2008</p><p>61 Nidhi Mittal Satish Mittal 18-08-1975 23-07-2009 18/GC/MO 61/2008</p><p>62 Anand Singla Rakesh Singla 10-08-1984 23-07-2009 21/GC/MO 62/2008</p><p>63 Sunita Aggarwal Ruplal Agarwal 24-11-1980 23-07-2009 23/GC/MO 63/2008</p><p>64</p><p>Harpreet Singh Bains Rupinder Singh 24-12-1980 23-07-200924/GC/MO</p><p>64/2008</p><p>65 Mohit Bansal Hari Ram Bansal 04-07-1984 23-07-2009 25/GC/MO 65/2008</p><p>66</p><p>Rhoit Goyal Shashi Kumar Goyal 24-08-1982 23-07-200926/GC/MO</p><p>66/2008</p><p>67 Banmeet Singh Surjit Singh 16-01-1981 23-07-2009 27/GC/MO 67/2008</p><p>68 Pushpinder Singh Gurcharan Singh 26-09-1984 23-07-2009 28/GC/MO 68/2008</p><p>69 Anuj Bansal Rajinder Kumar 27-11-1982 23-07-2009 31/GC/MO 69/2008</p><p>Seniority List of Medical Officer (Specialist/MBBS) 2008</p></li><li><p>70 Sudip Sandhu Pragat Singh 12-11-1974 23-07-2009 33/GC/MO 70/2008</p><p>71 Mahip Kaur Sudip Singh 17-05-1984 23-07-2009 35/GC/MO 71/2008</p><p>72 Jashan Singh Harmit Singh 05-04-1982 23-07-2009 38/GC/MO 72/2008</p><p>73 Sandip Goyal Bir Bhan Goyal 19-12-1984 23-07-2009 45/GC/MO 73/2008</p><p>74</p><p>Mandig Singh </p><p>Randhawa</p><p>Tarlok Sandhu 28-01-1982 23-07-200946/GC/MO</p><p>74/2008</p><p>75</p><p>Mohammad Parvej </p><p>Faruki</p><p>Rashid Mohammad 13-11-1982 23-07-200948/GC/MO</p><p>75/2008</p><p>76 Jasminder Virk Harbans Singh Virk 27-11-1973 23-07-2009 49/GC/MO 76/2008</p><p>77</p><p>Ravinder Kaur Obrai Naryan Singh Obrai 24-10-1975 23-07-20095/ESM/MO</p><p>77/2008</p><p>78 Aman Sharma Ashok Sharma 09-06-1978 23-07-2009 1/FF/MO 78/2008</p><p>79 Parmindejit Singh Kewal Singh 23-08-1977 23-07-2009 1/PH/MO 79/2008</p><p>80 Gaurav Pawar RGS Pawar 12-07-1981 23-07-2009 1/SC Other/MO 80/2008</p><p>81 Suman Ram Krishan 13-02-1969 23-07-2009 2/SC Other/MO 81/2008</p><p>82 Sukhdip Kaur Gurmel Singh 29-12-1984 23-07-2009 3/SC Other/MO 82/2008</p><p>83 Harmit Singh Sant Ram 03-06-1981 23-07-2009 9/SC Other/MO 83/2008</p><p>84 Vidhi Darshan Singh 25-08-1982 23-07-2009 10/SC Other/MO 84/2008</p><p>85</p><p>Harbhajan Singh </p><p>Negi</p><p>Surjit Singh 28-01-1974 23-07-20093/SC (ESM)/MO</p><p>85/2008</p><p>86</p><p>Naripjit Kaur Nirmal Singh 13-11-1978 23-07-20092/SC (M&amp;B)/MO</p><p>86/2008</p><p>87 Sandeep Kumar Ajit Ram 10-11-1973 23-07-2009 2/BC/MO 87/2008</p><p>88 Charanjit Kaur Didar Singh 25-06-1972 23-07-2009 3/BC/MO 88/2008</p><p>89 Gagan Singh Kuldip Singh 20-02-1977 23-07-2009 4/BC/MO 89/2008</p><p>90</p><p>Vijay Kumar Mangat Ram Verma 19-01-1982 23-07-20099/BC/MO</p><p>90/2008</p><p>91 Manpreet Singh Kashmir Singh 04-02-1998 23-07-2009 11/BC/MO 91/2008</p><p>92</p><p>Love Kumar Hans Dial Dev Hans 23-07-1976 24-07-20099/SC (M&amp;B)/MO</p><p>92/2008</p><p>93 Ravi Kant Kumar Gupta 04-02-1977 24-07-2009 7/GC/MO 93/2008</p><p>94 Mayank Jeev Singh J.R.Jain 12-10-1974 24-07-2009 8/GC/MO 94/2008</p><p>95 Davinder Singh Dalip Singh 26-09-1978 24-07-2009 12/GC/MO 95/2008</p><p>96 Manmeet Kaur Sarwan Singh 26-02-1978 24-07-2009 13/GC/MO 96/2008</p><p>97 Vishvdeep Goyal Deepak Goyal 10-09-1979 24-07-2009 16/GC/MO 97/2008</p><p>98 Ankita Goyal Rakesh Kumar 31-05-1982 24-07-2009 34/GC/MO 98/2008</p><p>99 Gill Manpreet Kaur Rajinder Pal Singh 24-09-1973 24-07-2009 39/GC/MO 99/2008</p><p>100 Jodip Singh Amitjeet Singh 03-03-1980 24-07-2009 43/GC/MO 100/2008</p><p>101 Gurinder Singh Harkrishan Singh 27-09-1970 24-07-2009 2/ESM/MO 101/2008</p><p>102 Anurit Kaur Walia Jaswinder Singh 23-04-1982 24-07-2009 1/Sports/MO 102/2008</p><p>103 Rupam Chaudhry Bakhshis Singh 18-10-1982 24-07-2009 4/SC Other/MO 103/2008</p><p>104 Navjot Badhan Mela Singh 06-01-1983 24-07-2009 11/SC Other/MO 104/2008 Resigned</p><p>105</p><p>Jaswinder Singh Amar Singh 14-11-1972 24-07-20093/SC (M&amp;B)/MO</p><p>105/2008</p><p>106</p><p>Sukhwinder Singh </p><p>Matu</p><p>Tara Singh Matu 25-03-1983 24-07-20096/SC (M&amp;B)/MO</p><p>106/2008</p><p>107 Upinder B Singh Lakhbir Singh Soni 10-02-1979 24-07-2009 10/SC (M&amp;B)/MO 107/2008 Resigned</p><p>108 Manpreet Kaur Amrik Singh 23-01-1985 24-07-2009 1/BC/MO 108/2008</p><p>109 Gurpreet Singh Basant Singh 12-05-1981 24-07-2009 8/BC/MO 109/2008</p><p>110 Balpreet Kaur Santokh Singh 20-08-1984 27-07-2009 15/GC/MO 110/2008</p><p>111 Amandip Kaur Hari Singh 03-07-1982 27-07-2009 8/SC Other/MO 111/2008</p><p>112 Hushan Pal Lal Chand 20-01-1975 27-07-2009 5/SC (M&amp;B)/MO 112/2008</p><p>113 Ekta Jeevan Kumar 02-05-1979 27-07-2009 8/SC (M&amp;B)/MO 113/2008</p><p>114 Ruchi Jain Magar Jain 09-03-1974 28-07-2009 6/GC/MO 114/2008</p><p>115 Yadvinder Singh Manmohan Singh 20-11-1984 28-07-2009 10/GC/MO 115/2008</p><p>116 Sukhrant Veer Dharamveer 05-06-1979 28-07-2009 29/GC/MO 116/2008</p><p>117 Nisha Shivaji Ram 07-12-1982 28-07-2009 2/PH/MO 117/2008</p><p>118 Harkirat Gill Jeet Singh Gill 11-11-1997 28-07-2009 7/SC (M&amp;B)/MO 118/2008</p><p>119 Karan Sandhu Kanwar Sandhi 09-09-1981 29-07-2009 2/GC/MO 119/2008 Resigned</p><p>120 Paramvir Soni Lakhbir Singh Soni 12-09-1976 29-07-2009 6/ESM/MO 120/2008</p><p>121 Sheetal Jindal ML Jindal 19-08-1978 30-07-2009 7/ESM/MO 121/2008</p><p>122 Inderpreet Kaur Surjit Singh 09-02-1980 03-08-2009 2/Sports/MO 122/2008</p><p>123 Prabhjeet Kaur Pratap Singh 16-01-1980 04-08-2009 9/GC/MO 123/2008</p><p>124 Nina Rani Prem Chand 03-01-1974 06-08-2009 30/GC/MO 124/2008</p><p>125 Surti Marwaha Devi Das Marwaha 09-11-1982 10-08-2009 1/SC (M&amp;B)/MO 125/2008</p><p>126 Gurprit Singh Ajaib Singh 15-10-1979 10-08-2009 6/BC/MO 126/2008</p><p>127 Simardip Kaur Amar Singh 21-09-1975 11-08-2009 41/GC/MO 127/2008</p><p>128 Vijay Gatwal Ganga Ram 25-04-1974 12-08-2009 2/SC (ESM)/MO 128/2008</p><p>129 Ravinder Siongh Kuljit Singh 22-06-1980 30-08-2009 12/BC/MO 129/2008</p><p>130 Raul Rekhi Ashok Rekhi 03-04-1980 01-09-2009 1/GC/Medicine 130/2008</p><p>131 Manav Jindal Kewal Krishan 07-08-1977 02-09-2009 3/GC/Ortho 131/2008</p><p>132 Manjit Singh Gurbachan Singh 31-10-1978 03-09-2009 2/GC/Medicine 132/2008</p><p>133</p><p>Sunil Bhardwaj Om Prakash </p><p>Bhardwaj</p><p>23-04-1979 11-09-20091/ESM/MO</p><p>133/2008</p><p>134</p><p>Navchetn Singh </p><p>Bajwa</p><p>Manjit Singh Bajwa 25-12-1975 11-09-20094/ESM/MO</p><p>134/2008</p><p>135 Taranjot Kaur Manmohan Singh 26-01-1975 17-09-2009 1/GC/MO 135/2008</p><p>136 Linu Gupta Surinder Kumar 04-12-1984 08-10-2009 42/GC/MO 136/2008</p><p>137 Devinder Sigh Bhag Singh 29-01-2010 156/NW/15/GC/Medicine 137/2008</p><p>138 Mohit Kumar Nasib Singh 03-02-2010 /156/93/35/Medicine/MO 138/2008</p><p>139 Rajinder Kumar Dhani Ram 03-02-2010 156/93//SC-2/Anes/MO 139/2008</p><p>140 Anita Singh Joginder Singh 06-02-2010 156/93//SC-2/Gyane/MO 140/2008</p><p>141</p><p>Amardip Singh Kartar Singh Sandhu 09-02-2010193/8/156/GC/Gyane/MO</p><p>141/2008</p></li><li><p>142 Parampal Singh Harpal Singh 09-02-2010 156/NW/93/66/GC/FF/Medicine142/2008143 Sikha Mehta Satish Mehta 10-02-2010 156/36/Gyane/MO 143/2008</p><p>144 Salini Nagpal Vinod Kapur 10-02-2010 45/NW/Gyane/MO 144/2008</p><p>145 Amit Kumar Goel Ramesh Chand 11-02-2010 45/NW/4/GC/Ortho 145/2008</p><p>146 Amanpreet Kaur Gurmat Singh 16-02-2010 156/NW/21/GC/Medicine 146/2008</p><p>147 Sukhwinder Kaur Harbansh Singh 21-02-2010 156/NW/19/GC/Gyane 147/2008</p><p>148 Jagshir Singh Darshan Singh 12-03-2010 45/NW/02/GC/Ortho 148/2008</p><p>149 Anita Pal Joginder Singh 22-03-2010 156/36/BC 149/2008</p><p>150 Sujata Rani Javahar Lal 23-04-2010 156/NW/07/GC/Gyane 150/2008 Resigned</p><p>151 Vikas Kumar Rajinder Pramar 23-04-2010 156/NW/BW/Medicine 151/2008 Resigned</p><p>152 Rawal Jindal Surkh Jindal 27-04-2010 156/NW/08/Psy 152/2008</p><p>153 Dimple Singla Kanwal Krishan 02-12-1978 Joined 1/GC/Gyane 153/2008</p><p>154 Kanwaljeet Singh Kuldip Singh 18-08-1983 Not jointed 7/BC/MO 154/2008</p></li><li><p>SN Name of Doctor Father's Name (Sh.) Date of Birth Date of </p><p>Joining</p><p>Merit No Service </p><p>No. </p><p>(Temp.)</p><p>Remarks</p><p>1 Surnpreet Singh Raghubir Singh 25-06-1979 07-02-2009 157/GC/MO 1/2009</p><p>2 Rinku Bala Surinder Pal 09-12-1979 03-10-2009 18/GC/MO 2/2009</p><p>3</p><p>Isha Verma Satish Chander Verma 16-10-1983 29-10-2009</p><p>10/GC/MO</p><p>3/2009</p><p>4 Gagdip Singh Megha Singh 16-12-1980 29-10-2009 23/GC/MO 4/2009</p><p>5 Monika Sehgal Surinder Kumar Sehgal 25-03-1975 29-10-2009 37/GC/MO 5/2009</p><p>6 Monika Sood Raj Kumar 15-02-1975 29-10-2009 38/GC/MO 6/2009</p><p>7 Sumit Kainth Gurbachana Singh 06-11-1985 29-10-2009 99/SC Other/MO 7/2009</p><p>8 Inderjit Kaur Kirpal Singh 13-09-1972 29-10-2009 111/SC Other/MO 8/2009</p><p>9 Harinder Singh Jasvir Singh 08-11-1983 29-10-2009 117/SC (MB)/MO 9/2009</p><p>10 Bhawna Sharma Desh Raj Sharma 27139 40116 9/GC/MO 10/2009</p><p>11 Harbhinder Singh Jagtar Singh 21-01-1985 30-10-2009 11/GC/MO 11/2009</p><p>12 Navjot Singh Ranjit Singh 30-12-1982 30-10-2009 21/GC/MO 12/2009</p><p>13 Japrit Singh Gurmit Singh 18-07-1985 30-10-2009 35/GC/MO 13/2009</p><p>14 Amanjit Kaur Manjit Singh 15-06-1985 30-10-2009 40/GC/MO 14/2009</p><p>15 Prity Goyal Hemant Dhavan 22-01-1980 30-10-2009 52/GC/MO 15/2009</p><p>16 Gitanjali Sagar Dharam Singh Sagar 11-07-1979 30-10-2009 56/GC/MO 16/2009</p><p>17 Mohpreet Singh Karamjit Singh 05-05-1975 30-10-2009 71/ESM/MO 17/2009</p><p>18 Harpreet Singh Bhatia Daljit Singh 05-05-1983 30-10-2009 91/SC/MO 18/2009</p><p>19 Neha pal Surinder Pal 02-10-1983 30-10-2009 97/SC Other/MO 19/2009</p><p>20 Kusham Mulkh Raj 30-11-1980 30-10-2009 107/SC Other/MO 20/2009</p><p>21 Tejinder Pal Singh Mangat Singh 14-02-1981 30-10-2009 131/SC (MB)/MO 21/2009</p><p>22 Hem Lata Ramesh Chander 02-04-1979 30-10-2009 141/BC/MO 22/2009</p><p>23 Doli B Singh Baldev Singh 14-08-1978 31-10-2009 14/GC/MO 23/2009</p><p>24</p><p>Jaslin Chatwal Avinash Chander </p><p>Chatwal</p><p>27513 40117 16/GC/MO 24/2009</p><p>25 Vaninder Singh Riar Amarjit Singh Riar 18-08-1985 31-10-2009 62/GC/MO 25/2009</p><p>26 Amita Modi Rakesh Modi 12-01-1983 31-10-2009 87/Sports/MO 26/2009</p><p>27 Satinder Jit Kaur Nam Dev Khangar 12-12-1984 31-10-2009 98/SC Other/MO 27/2009</p><p>28 Sima Jasal S Manmohan Datt 04-09-1973 31-10-2009 104/SC Other/M...</p></li></ul>