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2. Contents123 3. II : Leicester free running park opensThe 40,000 funding wasawarded through the YouthOpportunity Fund following asuccessful bid by the teenagers.Free running group LeicesterParkour applied for city councilfunding and helped design thepark, which will open to thepublic on July 24.Free running, or parkour, is aform of urban acrobaticsinvolving jumping off buildingsand bouncing between benches,phone boxes and street signs.The group was founded in 2007with the help of the estatesMagpie Youth Club, whichhelped the 11 teenagers toapply for a grant. 4. Congested goods The The availability Itsmarginal for using thiscongested cost ofpark will be existadditional goodsuntil it reaches at consumer some quantityisnt zero.of citizenused 5. I : Health Government provides care blueprintsThe first framework will provide standards for coronary heart disease. This will be theblueprint for all services offered to people with coronary heart disease up and downthe country.These standards will be monitored by the Commission for Health Improvement whichis due to established in 1999-2000. 6. pure public goodNon-payers canConsumption intake a free ride andcare blueprints byenjoy the benefits of one person doescare blueprint. All not reduce thethe patients will availability of careconsume the sameblueprints toquantity of pureothers.public good . 7. III : Probe finds China train crash avoidable High-speed rail crash Public outrage was completely avoidableThe probe had found design defects Suspending approval of the new railway Recalling 54 bullet trains 8. Contents123 9. Case studyMitigating the Effects of ClimateChange in Belarus. 10. How to run this programme 11. 123 12. Mitigating the Effects of Climate Changeprogramme is public goodsCollectively consume1. One persons consumption doesnot prevent another person Public goods It is impossible to exclude one toderive benefit 13. Contents123 14. Altrunism and Voluntary provision of public goodsResearcher ContextTools Study peoplePersonal Lenne Maaltrunism affectsMeaningfulKaterinatheir behaviour in Profile (PMP)Sherstyyuka voluntaryMalcolm Dowling contribution to Oliver Hillpublic goods andinvestigate theVoluntary difference of Contributioncontribution Mechanismamong people (VCM) 15. Altrunism and Voluntary provision of public goodsVoluntary Contribution Personal Meaningful Profile(PMP)VCM show how muchAltrunism57 questions 7 Levelsthe subject contribute Voluntary ContributionAltrunist ,Intermediate Mechanism (VCM) and Non Altrunist 16. The Result 17. BEHAVIORAL AND EXPERIMENTALECONOMICSPMLGROUP EXPERIMENT VCMRESULT 18. Conclusion 1 23Any populalist policy Global Public goods Lets pay attentiongovernmentis worldly collective to the any provisionpromised to citizen consumption that be of voluntarycan lead to ruin in required thecontribution ofeconomy and consensus to agreepublic good becauseimportantly, Raisingupon it. If weit benefiting toawareness ofequally concern everyone. So itseconomy is duty ofabout it, surely theinvaluable ordealnot only government disaster wont beprovided everyonebut also everyone.taken place carry on. 19. Add your company slogan WE LOVE PUBLIC FINANCELOGO