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1. Psychological Testing of Your PersonalitySince time immemorial people have been conscious of individual differences in thoughts,feelings, traits and behavior. An effective way through which the individual differences inpersonality can be understood, measured and predicted is psychological testing ofpersonality.All individuals have a limited awareness about their personality. There are certain attributeswhich we easily acknowledge while others which we dont understand although theyheavily influence our thought processes and behavior. Psychological testing of personalityinvolves taking a detailed history and administration of a combination of self-report andperformance-based psychological tests. It helps in identifying both strengths andlimitations of an individuals personality.Take a Look at: Psychologist in los angelesUse of Personality TestingWhile working as a psychologist in Delhi, I find psychological testing of personality quitevaluable in my work. Psychological testing of personality can help in taking informeddecisions in diverse settings:1) It can aid the selection of candidates in corporate sector and determine the levels ofstress.2) It can help in clarifying the diagnosis and planning treatment of various psychologicaland psychiatric disorders.3) It can assist in identifying psychological factors which lead to medical complications.4) It can evaluate a persons competence and sanity for legal purposes.5) It can enable informed decisions in career planning.6) It can be used for psychological research.Take a Look at: Psychologist in los angeles


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