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  • 1. Psychological Attributes of Personality

2. Psychological Attributes Personal Discipline Self-awareness Self-esteem Attitude awareness Creative thinking Innate love for people Self-confidence 3. Psychological Attributes Personal Discipline Getting More with Less Time Time Management Consultant 4. Personal Discipline Do first the chores that you feel are the most important. Schedule tasks by jotting them down on post it then stick each note on a calendar Get outside the house at least twice a day. Dont over prepare. 5. Personal Discipline Minimize distractions Create a simple time-saving system around your home. Simplify your shopping Go to work or to an appointment five minutes early. 6. Personal Discipline Streamline your schedule Relax Relaxation will not remove fear, nor will it remove anxiety but it does remove the tension arising from both. 7. Personal Discipline Time Management The effectiveness use of time can be achieved by identifying priorities. Time is what ones life is made of. 8. Personal Discipline Great Achievers are Great Planners 1.Organize Activities 2.Sort out the unimportant from the important 3.Invest time in productive and meaningful efforts 9. Personal Discipline Self-management, planning and developing a system in relation to time are the secrets of getting things done. 10. Personal Discipline At the close of each day, write down the five most important things you plan to do the following day. Start working on the most important things down to the 5th priority. If only three are accomplished, the 4th and 5th will be the next priorities on the next day. 11. Personal Discipline Do not be upset if you do not accomplish all the five things. The next day, list again the five unfinished things and do first the most unpleasant tone. Your day will become most enjoyable as it goes along. 12. Personal Discipline Personal Discipline is important in terms of time, personal habits, will power and emotional stresses. These can streamline the direction of ones life. Wasting these personal resources is by far worse than committing omissions. 13. Personal Discipline There is growth and strength from ones weaknesses if they are turned to useful assets. Accepting weaknesses and handicaps serve as the baseline data for building ones personal effectiveness and confidence. 14. Personal Discipline People need to grow within the constraint of their external and internal resources. One can plan and be determined about the plan. 15. Self-awareness Self-awareness is defined as the degree of clarity with which we perceive and understand, both consciously and unconsciously, all the factors that affect our lives. 16. Self-awareness Knowing and understanding one self is the first important step to ones growth and development as a person. It is an endless exploration which may go on and on through out ones life. 17. Self-awareness Know thyself. Socrates Once one comes face to face with himself, one can do something about his limitations. 18. Self-awareness Self-discovery is the beginning step toward growth and change. The change and growth should signal the directions where one is going. 19. Self-awareness The way we reveal ourselves to others is the way others will respond to us. How we see ourselves and how others see us are the two different things. 20. Self-awareness Being able to look at oneself realistically is the beginning step in self-awareness and it is basic to self-understanding as well as our understanding of others. 21. Self-awareness Getting feedback from others gives the opportunity to increase ones awareness of oneself to determine the consequences on ones behavior and to change his own behavior if necessary. 22. Self-awareness Responsible feedback is given and received from very close and trusted friends and given to us out of genuine concern. Feedback can either be positive or negative or neutral. 23. Self-awareness Positive feedback is given less frequently while negative feedback is difficult to give and to receive. However, both can be very useful and constructive if one has an open mind and a positive attitude to make them work to ones advantage. 24. Self-awareness If one knows, he is accepted, he feels safe. He can throw away his defenses and his masks, remove his facade and relax, and be just his true self. He can develop sincere relationships with others and open his door towards personal growth. 25. Self-esteem Self-esteem is absolutely essential to personal happiness and a rich life. It is a sense of adequacy and personal self- worth. It indicates how one actually feels about himself. 26. Self-esteem Genuine and lasting inner peace and happiness are only possible to the degree that we accept and feel good about ourselves, in spite of our human mistakes and problems. 27. Self-esteem The degree that we acknowledge our unique importance and attend to our own basic needs enables us to concern ourselves with the needs and problems of others, to be genuinely warm and loving, and to be truly understanding and compassionate. 28. Attitude Awareness Attitudes can give new dimensions to ones thinking. A healthy mind is the outcome of positive attitudes. It accelerates fulfillment in ones life. 29. Attitude Awareness Negative attitudes are resistors which hold us back, retard effectiveness, and cause others to respond negatively toward us. 30. Attitude Awareness By developing good positive attitudes one will experience changes in ones feelings and physical well-being. A new plateau of achievements will be gained, and ability to get favorable responses from people will be enhanced. 31. Attitude Awareness Life will flow effortlessly with minimum frustrations and strain. 32. Attitude Awareness Happiness, according to Rubin, is the feeling that makes life truly worthwhile. * at peace with oneself * feeling comfortable * enjoying self-acceptance * being tension-free 33. Attitude Awareness Rubin also stated that happiness breeds in the atmosphere of plain everyday life and is nurtured by the ordinary rather that the glorious. 34. Attitude Awareness There are times when all of us need compassion, tenderness and love from one another to stir up our own dormant self- compassion and love of self, both of which are necessary in order to be happy. 35. Ways to Achieve a Positive Outlook 1. Remember the truth that life is tough. Justice is good but rare. High expectations of any kind will lead to disappointment an unhappiness. 2. Learn to accept your human assets as well as your human liabilities. 3. Learn to recognize self-hate both inside and outside yourself. 36. Ways to Achieve a Positive Outlook 4. Make maximum use of compassion in accepting all aspects of yourself so that you can attain happiness. 5. Remember that happiness is everyday living. Feeling good is what happiness is all about. It is found in eating, exercising, breathing, seeing, loving and talking. 37. Ways to Achieve a Positive Outlook 6. Believe in yourself. Stop thoughts that are self-doubting and belittling. Recall past successes. 7. Trust yourself. Listen to your intuition and follow your hunches. 38. Ways to Achieve a Positive Outlook 8. Schedule fun time and alone time. 9. Make a list of things you like and those you dont like. 10. Meditate, exercise and pray often. 39. Creative Thinking Ninety percent of our original ideas die upon conception. Ten percent become somewhat developed. Half of the 10% see the light of day. This is because we find it difficult to believe that we can have what we want in life. 40. Creative Thinking What we wish for and what we expect must be combined. What you want and what you get are two different things. The only reality is that we believe in what we will become. 41. Innate love for People Factors that lower efficiency in a company: * discouragement * demoralization * monotony * dissatisfaction * irritations * detractions * unappreciated efforts 42. Innate love for People Factors that can spell the difference between success and failure of the company: * love * respect for the right of others * continuous regard for the welfare of others 43. Innate love for People One can help others grow by: * giving praise and encouragement * being tolerant * listening to them * understanding them * sharing with them * helping them dream * dismissing their blunders and mistakes * giving them your sincere love 44. Innate love for People Trust and respect are two prime ingredients in any invitation to grow. 45. Self-confidence Competence in the job and self-confidence go hand in hand. Confidence in ones work can be achieved by doing the following: 1.Dare try to succeed. 2. Transform self-consciousness to self- confidence. 46. Self-confidence 3. Strive toward mental relaxation. 4. Respond to the needs of others. 5. Have confidence in your values. 6. Learn to listen. 7. Be a doer instead of a sitter. 8. Be quick to compliment and be slow to criticize. 47. Ways of Improving Personality 1. Treat other people as very important persons. 2. Continuously grow, change and develop. 3. Be time-conscious. 4. Have self-confidence.


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