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  • Psychological Attributes of PersonalityPersonality Development

  • A. Personal DisciplineGetting more with less timeSchedule task by jotting them down on post it notepadsGet outside the house at least twice a dayDont over-prepareMinimize distractionsCreate a simple time saving system around your home

  • Simplify your shoppingGo to work or appointment five minutes earlyStreamline your scheduleTime Management PlanningIdentifying prioritiesGreat Achievers Are Great PlannersOrganize activitiesSort out the unimportant from the importantInvest time in productive and meaningful efforts

  • B. Self-awarenessDegree of clarity with which we perceive and understand, both consciously and unconsciously, all factors that affect our livesKnow thyself ( Socrates) The way we reveal ourselves to others is the way others will respond to usGet feedback

  • C. Self-EsteemIt is a sense of adequacy and personal self-worth Indicates how one actually feels about himselfEnhance byBecoming an officer of OrganizationTopping the classBeing a dependable or responsible member of family

  • D. Attitude AwarenessA healthy mind is the outcome of positive attitudes Define happinessThe feeling that makes our life truly worthwhileBeing at peace with oneself, feeling comfortable, enjoying self-acceptance and being tension-freeFeeling good

  • Ways to achieve a Positive OutlookRemember the truth that life is toughLearn to accept your asset and liabilitiesLearn to recognize self-hate (in/outside)Remember that happiness is everyday livingBelieve in yourselfTrust yourselfSchedule fun time and alone timeMake a list of things you like and those you dont like

  • E. Creative Thinking90% of our original ideas die upon conception We find it difficult to believe what we want in lifeBelieve in what we will become (reality)

  • F. Innate Love for PeopleLove, respect for the right of others and continuous regard for the welfare of others Deep motivationTrust and respect

  • G. Self-Confidence Dare try to succeed Transform self-consciousness to self-confidenceStrive toward mental relaxationRespond to the need of othersHave confidence in your valuesLearn to listenBe a doer instead of a sitterBe quick to complement and slow to criticize

  • Ways to improve PersonalityTreat other people as very important personsContinuously grow, change and developBe time-consciousHave self-confidence

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