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AMNESIA IN THE VOW PSY 101 Alexandra Stoddard

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Amnesia in The VowPSY 101Alexandra Stoddard

What is Retrograde amnesiaAs discussed in the power point and lecture video, retrograde amnesia is a memory mishap. This most commonly comes about after a traumatic brain injury.It presents itself as a loss of memory from a portion prior to the accident.Amnesia in the vowThe vow is a movie in which a married couple (Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams) get into an accident. Throughout the movie, it recounts the very happy and blissful life that they had prior to the accident. This movie is based off of a true story. Events like these happen to real people.Amnesia in the vowTo a certain extent, Paige (Rachel McAdams) still had a memory, but it was from before she was married to her husband. What she remembered occurred when she was engaged to a different man about five years ago. At that time, she also lived with her upper class family and was enrolled in law school.

Amnesia in the vowA therapy that is commonly used and that was used in the movie is to immerse the amnesia patient back into their normal routine to try to help them regain the memory.Toward the end of the movie, Paige mentions a place that they used to go and her husband thinks she may have remembered but she tells him that it is something that her friend had told her.Amnesia in the vowPaige also had a passion for art, and previously, she had been enrolled in law school but them dropped it due to lack of interestWhen she came out of her sedated state after the accident, she reverted back to her former life in law school. According to our text, when amnesia happens, personalities and passions can be brought up again or they can be completely changed from what they once had been.correlationPaige constantly tells Leo(Channing Tatum) that she doesnt know what to believe because there is no evidence that she was even with him due to her lack of memory. Retrograde amnesia can usually be restored to some extent over time, but her memory wouldnt return despite their many efforts.Because of her lack of memory, she was fearful to go back to her life with Leo the way it had previously been.The conclusionUnfortunately, Paige never regained her memory. In the movie, Paige and Leo decided to create new memories and start over.At the end of the movie, viewers are told that in the real life story, they end up getting re-married and having two children, but she never re-gained her memory.