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Intro-Please ReadPSU Powerlifting 4 day/week Sheiko (CMS\MS Prep and Comp Cycle - 9 weeks)SHEIKO FAQThere are four days to this routine. Follow a Sun/Tues/Thurs/Fri routine. Fridays are usually short and can be done at White/RecBelow are some notes about Sheiko CMS/MSWhy Sheiko CMS/MS?There are many Sheiko routines. Sheiko CMS/MS is a peaking routine for powerlifters whose volume is high due to consistent training and have hit certain levels of numbers (CMS/MS Level)If you have done CMS/MS before, but haven't trained for a while even though a meet is coming up (Early Fall Meet usually), do Sheiko 37PLEASE READSheiko is a VOLUME-based routine. The key behind this workout is performing the main movements frequently at high volume with moderate weight (80%).Each day features 2 main movements, Squat/DL and a bench. On each day, one of the main movements is done twice, once at the beginning of the workoutand again at the end. On the beginning sets, use your competition stance and calls. For instance, if you squat low bar, Medium stance, use that for the primarysets and then on the finishing sets (typically in the 50-70% area), use an alternating stance, such as narrow stance, high bar. Or for bench, use your competitiongrip with arch followed by close/ultra wide grip with no arch. Deadlift typically has different exercises (such as rack pulls, pulls with 35 pound plates, etc) so switching styles is notnecessary. Sumo pullers are advised to do narrow stance squats on 2xSquat days to help keep the back strong and conventional pullers may benefit from doingwide squats to help keep the hips strong. Each day also features accessory work for the Upper Body. Since this is a four day/week workout, I would advise doing the following:1 Arm Rows (5x10 mid weight) on a Squatx2 day, Side Raises on a Benchx2 Day, and Face Pulls on a DLx2 day. The key is to work the upper body and shoulders for sets, but do NOToverdo it. Band Tricep Pushdowns can also be done 3x15-20 at the end of each workout for equipped lifters.The accessory work is NOT meant to build strength, but to help recover the upper body (for instance, if you can 1 arm row 120 dbs 10 times, use 60 lbs). The weighted situpsare typically done as straight leg situps or spread eagle situps with half your bodyweight in db weight. Side DB obliques or standing weighted Abs can also be done here. GoodMornings/Seated GMs are meant as recovery exercises for the lower body and are done with low weight (~25-30% Squat Weight).For Gear Use (Ignore if you are a RAW lifter)Use gear only on First Movements. So try to use a DL suit, Bench Shirt, Squat Suit at least once a week. Work up to the Raw 80% sets. If it's 5x3 at 80%, do 2x3 80% Raw, thendo 3x3 80% Geared. Continue Gear Use until Week 8, then back down to raw to allow your body to recover. The hardest weeks are in the middle of the nine weeks, so this is whereyou should be hitting the highest numbers. The last weeks back down weight but keep up the volume so your form will be absolutely perfect come meet day.For Squatting80% sets can be done with belt. For above 80%, use briefs (suit down) and throw in a few wrapped sets as well. For above 90%, use suit up, wraps. You will open around 90-94%, so get used to thefull gear on these setsFor BenchingEquipped Benching during Sheiko can be tricky because many can't touch 80% in their shirt. Hence, you have two options. Substitute in paused 1-2 board work in for a few 80% sets once a weekas well as wear your shirt and do some 1-2 board work at 80% of equipped max. Either case, use the appropriate max so you wont burn out. The key is to get in a good amount of shirted work in.As your equipped bench stagnates, begin to throw in rack presses and other lockout exercises to build the lockout. ALWAYS USE A PAUSE ON 80% SETSFor DlingDeadlifting on Sheiko is not that complex. Same rules as Squatting apply. Use the DL suit and DL equipped max for a few 80% sets a week. Only wear the straps down unless a high % (90%+)is done. Sumo Pullers may want to buy some loose briefs or an old squat suit to help keep the hips fresh.IMPORTANT --->On the Spreadsheet, there are two columns, one for raw and one for equipped. I've made some recommendations for when to use equipped lifts.If the equipped column is gray, use raw numbers (all numbers