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<ul><li><p>Providing state-of-the-art Information Technology Infrastructure Services </p><p>designed to increase the efficiency of Credit Union IT</p></li><li><p>In over 23 years as a Credit Union CEO, the improvements that Pure IT made have enabled us to truly serve our members more than anything I have ever experienced before.</p><p>Jerry ClancyLone Star Credit Unions </p><p>President &amp; CEO</p></li><li><p>Pure IT Credit Union Services (a CUSO) began as a partnership between a Credit Union and a group of Technology Services Professionals who joined together in an effort to help move Credit Unions toward cost effective, cutting edge and business enabling technology. The outcome was a successful engagement that resulted in a very unique partnership. Two companies coming together to serve the Credit Union Industry; two companies with a shared vision of providing business value through technology to increase services to members. </p><p>As a team we believe in the Credit Union cooperative model and we are dedicated to helping Credit Unions raise the level of technology and member services. We do not reinvent the wheel but we use tried and proven cutting edge technologies. We apply these to Credit Union strategy, Credit Union business needs, and creating efficient IT system management that propels our clients forward. We make it easy for our Credit Union clients to architect and maintain their systems for compliance, security, audit, and technology advancement.</p><p>Our focus is on technology so Credit Unions can focus on members.</p></li><li><p>INCREASEMEMBER SATISFACTIONIT SYSTEM RELIABILITY</p><p>EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITYAVAILABLE SERVICES</p><p>LET PURE IT SHOW YOU HOW WITH PURE MICRO CLOUD</p><p>Simplifying Technology for Credit Unions</p><p>DECREASEIT SUPPORT COST</p><p>IT INFRASTRUCTURE COSTIT COMPLIANCE CONCERNS</p><p>COST TO OPEN NEW BRANCH</p><p>Do you find yourself asking questions like these? Why are my systems going down?</p><p> Why are member interactions taking so long? Are my applications slow?</p><p> Are my systems compliant with NCUA guidelines and practices?</p><p> How do I enable all these new services and technologies my members want?</p><p> Why am I being told I need to buy more licenses, memory, storage, or servers?</p><p> Why am I spending so much on IT systems?</p><p> Do I have the right people, staffing, and skillsets?</p><p> Am I prepared for my upcoming core conversion?</p><p> Are my backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans sufficient? </p><p> I am responsible for my members financial data, is it really secure?</p><p> Am I susceptible to Ransomware or Cryptolocker viruses?</p></li><li><p>NEW MEMBER SERVICES In order to improve services for members, Credit Unions continue to invest in new service delivery channels such as mobile account access, mobile check deposit, automated teller machines, and advanced ATM kiosks. With an agile IT infrastructure from Pure IT, new member services and mobile Credit Union staff enable and support the new ways Credit Unions interact with members.</p><p>Credit Union Technology ChallengesREGULATION Credit Unions are heavily regulated businesses that require constant technology updates and maintenance for system security, compliance, performance, and technical advances. A Credit Unions systems must be holistically designed and expertly maintained to meet current and upcoming regulatory requirements. </p><p>COMPLIANCE Keeping up with IT compliance is daunting for most regulated environments, Credit Unions included. IT compliance requires constant focus in an effort to avoid risk of non-compliance with NCUA guidelines. Any limitations in either the number or knowledge of staff members can make it challenging to meet these requirements. New technology such as cloud computing, virtualization, and managed environments provide Credit Unions a flexible and secure infrastructure to assist in meeting compliance requirements. At Pure IT, our infrastructure solutions include business logic, automated updates, alerting, and reporting to help Credit Unions meet compliance requirements. </p><p>SECURITY Most Credit Unions recognize the significant need to keep up with security, but are often lacking the staff required to maintain daily focus. Based on their recent audits, the NCUA has placed a heavy focus on Cyber Security thereby placing it at the forefront of many Credit Unions priority list. In todays environment the security team for a Credit Union deals not only with traditional perimeter security but they also must address security issues such as malware, viruses, phishing, and social engineering. Cyber attackers are well funded and cast a wide net, making attacks on Credit Unions both dangerous and likely. We help Credit Unions strengthen their defensive position to keep member data secure.</p><p>TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENTIt is easy to see how Credit Union IT staff can become overwhelmed with keeping the current environ-ment running while trying to address new initiatives at the same time. At Pure IT, we can assist by providing strategic resources to help address new technology initiatives, the need to maximize Credit Union IT investments, as well as provide value back to Credit Union members thru those technology investments. Newer technologies such as cloud com-puting, virtualization, and man-aged services create efficiencies, stabilize costs, and enable staff to concentrate their time and efforts on forward thinking initiatives that help progress the Credit Union business.</p></li><li><p>Pure ITs SolutionsConsulting &amp; Professional ServicesASSESSMENTAt Pure IT, we have built a practice around solving IT issues for Credit Unions. We help Credit Unions identify gaps in their infrastructure and then work together with our clients to resolve those gaps. Our staff of experienced architects provide clear documentation and have open and transparent conversations to help Credit Unions understand what is working well, what may need improvement, what may be a business or security priority, as well as how much those improvements may cost.</p><p>REMEDIATIONOur team of IT engineers, technicians, and consultants help remediate any issues uncovered during an assessment. With a clear process, priority list, and agreed upon schedule we quickly work to improve a Credit Unions IT systems. The end result, the Credit Union is well prepared to take the next step towards any larger infrastructure projects.</p><p>ARCHITECTUREAfter remediation, we design the future state architecture to support the Credit Unions goals. We have experienced Enterprise Architects who listen for business goals, understand business processes, and help create an overall holistic IT architecture that meets the specialized needs of the Credit Union. The architecture and IT strategy go hand-in-hand to support and enable your Credit Unions overall business strategy.</p></li><li><p>INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE (IaaS)At Pure IT Credit Union Services, our team combines all of the services included in a public cloud offering from providers like Amazon and Microsoft, however we build a custom and physically smaller private cloud solution. Our Pure IT Micro Cloud can reside inside your data center, at your colocation facility, or within our Tier IV data center space with replication to a secondary site anywhere in the United States. This gives you all of the benefits of cloud computing but in your own private solution. Credit Unions can create virtual servers on demand to enable new services and functionality, growing and scaling the environment without adding additional costs for hardware and support. In this way, Credit Unions get the benefit of the cloud within a private IT environment.</p><p>VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE (VDI)Our Pure IT Micro Cloud also adds the ability to have completely virtualized environments for the desktop infrastructure (VDI). Instead of managing dozens or hundreds of separate desktops in various locations, you can manage </p><p>all of the desktops as a centralized service. VDI saves time and money while providing greater defense against catastrophic failure, improving upon updates to desktop applications, and providing an easy way to customize the desktops based on business logic and policy. Every bit of the communication is encrypted and desktops are both secure and fast. This allows Credit Union IT staff to support their internal employees and Credit Union employees can now serve members from anywhere. </p><p>DISASTER RECOVERY AS A SERVICE (DRaaS)When utilizing virtualized or cloud services, some additional options for Disaster Recovery become available. Pure IT has built a Disaster Recovery cloud environment where we can keep your virtual machines replicated in real time and allow you to fail into the Pure IT hosted environment. Credit Unions can use our DR technology between private Pure IT Micro Clouds or use our DRaaS </p><p>solution with a Credit Unions existing IT environment.</p><p>There is a very distinct difference between disaster recovery and backup. At Pure IT we offer both as we understand Credit Unions are required to retain archived copies of files that might be deleted by accident, by malicious events, or are required for data retention regulations. Our Backup as a Service solution keeps your data backed up, encrypted, and transmitted off-site so Credit Union data is always protected.</p><p>Typical IT teams will spend 90% or more of their time firefighting issues within their environment and assisting users. Credit Union staff often have little time left to work on strategic projects that move technology, security, and stability forward. Here at Pure IT, we strive to free Credit Union staff for higher business needs. </p><p>Once a new environment is designed and implemented, we have the ability to provide Managed Services whereby the daily management of your environment is simply a monthly service. That 7x24x365 support includes proactive monitoring and management, regular updates (tested and verified against the client software requirements), policy management based upon business needs, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). </p><p>Our Managed Service offering frees up your IT team to focus on high value member applications and member services while we take care of the infrastructure foundation activities.</p><p>Managed Services</p></li><li><p>Pure IT Credit Union Services, LLC21638 State Hwy 249</p><p>Suite HHouston, TX 77070</p><p></p><p></p></li></ul>


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