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Alex Kemp 2009 - 2010 Graphic and Product Innovation (BA)

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Project brief: campaign - rubbish littering. Come up with the prototype and project the work/design onto the prototype


  • Alex Kemp

    2009 - 2010

    Graphic and Product Innovation (BA)

  • Prototyping Project

  • Protyping Project 2010

    Choosing a local campaign. I decided on litter and picked Barnes Station as the location as there is often litter on the ground.I photographed a 180 degree view of the approach to the station.

  • I printed the scene in three sections and glued them together before prototypng it.

  • First attempt at prototyping using foam board. Two stairwells and the ticket machine protrude from the background to create a 3D effect.

  • The black and white image makes it look serious and bold and gives more depth to the scene.

  • My prototype

  • A new prototype without the stairs and ticket mchine but add-ing the ground surface to mekt it look more real.

  • Changed the contrast making it a bit brighter.

  • Idea generation. Planning projection.

  • Here are some of my campaign messages.

  • B IN

    I T

    Throw the rubbish into the bin and just walk away..................................................................Simple

  • StopTreatingYour

    stationLike a Wastebin



    your Business! ru




    your sta


    Like a Wa


    I emptied a bag of rubbish on to a path and photographed it.

  • More campaigning messages.

    These are my favourite three.

  • I projected my best photograph of the rubbish on to the ground in my prototype of Barnes Station and added a coloquial slogan.

  • This time projecting on to the steps and walls as well as the ground.

  • More widespread projections.