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Design Thinking Action Lab - Assignment 3 - Prototype and test


<p>Prototype and test Assignment 3 Kerry Maton</p> <p>Develop an app that students can use to find information on professions and applying for a job. </p> <p>Prototype and test Assignment 3 Kerry Maton </p> <p>Students who are unsure of what they </p> <p>want to do when they leave school </p> <p>need ways to Access guidance, information and </p> <p>support on applying for jobs, and on </p> <p>different work choices so they can make a good decision about the type of work they </p> <p>may enjoy and also be successful in obtaining </p> <p>a job they want </p> <p>because Students do not have </p> <p>the experience or access to support </p> <p>mechanisms to help them make an </p> <p>informed decision and action that decision. </p> <p>Problem statement </p> <p>Students who a re unsure o f wha t t hey wan t t o do when they leave schoo l need ways to access gu idance , i n f o rmat ion and suppor t on app ly ing f o r j obs , and on d i f f e rent wo rk cho ices so they can make a good dec is ion abou t t he t ype o f wo rk they may en joy and a l so be success fu l i n ob ta in ing a job they wan t because s tudents do no t have the exper ience o r access to suppor t mechan isms to he lp t hem make an in fo rmed dec is ion and ac t ion tha t dec is ion </p> <p>Idea </p> <p>Deve lop an app tha t cou ld be down loaded to any e lec t ron ic dev ice tha t s tuden ts , pa ren ts and teachers cou ld use to f i nd in f o rmat ion on p ro fess ions and app ly ing f o r a j ob . I t wou ld inc lude pe r t inent i n fo rmat ion on a la rge va r ie t y o f p ro fess ions inc lud ing wo rk du t ies and expec ta t ions , l oca t ions , educa t ion requ i rements , pay ranges , e t c . A lso wou ld inc lude suppor t i n fo rmat ion on app ly ing f o r j obs job app l i ca t ions , wr i t i ng a resume, wha t t o expec t a t an in te rv iew and wha t wou ld be requ i red f rom the cand idate . The in f o rmat ion wou ld be a imed a t schoo l l eave rs and wou ld be use fu l and p rac t ica l . </p> <p>Prototype </p> <p>I used an in te rac t ive on l ine document w i th hype r l inks - please re fer to Pages 3 -16 </p> <p>Test method I asked my s takeholder ( same pe rson who was in te rv iewed) t o t r i a l t he p ro to t ype and documented the i r f eedback re fer to page 17 </p> <p>PROTOTYPE AND TEST </p> <p>Cl ick on the app to open </p> <p>SCHOOL LEAVER JOB HELPER APP </p> <p>School Leaver </p> <p>Job Helper </p> <p>Cl ick on a se lect ion for more informat ion </p> <p>INDEX </p> <p>A-Z of jobs </p> <p>Create a resume </p> <p>How to look for a job </p> <p>How to apply for a job by phone </p> <p>How to apply for a job in writing </p> <p>Prepare for an interview </p> <p>Cl ick on the Chi ldcare worker job for more informat ion the job </p> <p>AZ OF JOBS </p> <p>A-Z of jobs Accountant Actor Actuary Agricultural and food scientist Anthropologist Architect Artist Automotive mechanic Bookkeeping clerk Budget analyst Carpenter Chemist Childcare worker Civil engineer Coach Computer hardware engineer Computer support specialist Customer Service Officer Cost estimator Court reporter </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Find informat ion on the job C l ick to watch v ideo </p> <p>A JOB </p> <p>Childcare worker Description of work duties .. Work environment .. Hours of work .. Location of jobs .. Education requirements .. Career path .. Pay .. How to become a childcare worker .. </p> <p>Watch A day in the life of a childcare worker </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access informat ion on c reat ing a </p> <p>CREATE RESUME </p> <p>Create a resume Your resume outlines information about you and your skills, knowledge, experience and interests. Things to include in your resume Your name Contact details address, phone </p> <p>numbers, email address Education history Employment history Referees contact details Your career objective Skills, eg. computer skills Hobbies and interests Special achievements </p> <p> Resume example </p> <p> TIP Double check your resume ask a </p> <p>parent or friend to check it for you </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access a bas ic resume example for a h igh school s tudent </p> <p>RESUME EXAMPLE </p> <p>Resume example </p> <p>FirstName LastName Address </p> <p>Contact phone number Email address </p> <p> Education Penrith High School, Penrith, NSW2009 2012 Experience Customer Service / Checkout Operator, Coles2010 Present Provide service to customers after school and during school holidays Achievements School captain 2012 Youth basketball referee of the year, Penrith </p> <p>Basketball Association Volunteer Experience Basketball coach Interests / Activities Basketball Photography Computer Skills Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, </p> <p>and Internet Homepage </p> <p>Access informat ion on where to f ind job vacancies </p> <p>HOW TO LOOK FOR A JOB </p> <p>How to look for a job You can find advertised job vacancies via Newspapers </p> <p> Online job boards </p> <p> Company websites </p> <p> Shop windows </p> <p> Community notice boards </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access informat ion on how to apply for a job by phone </p> <p>HOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB BY PHONE </p> <p>How to apply for a job by phone </p> <p> Prepare for the phone call. Tips .. Have your resume with you so you can answer questions about your experience &amp; also provide referee details Speak clearly say your name and let them know what you want . ..Hi, my name is and I would like to apply for the .. Job that was advertised Be prepared for an answering machine &amp; rehearse what message you will leave remember to speak clearly and leave your name and contact number. </p> <p>Access this checklist to help you prepare. </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access a checkl ist to help you prepare for apply ing for a job over the phone </p> <p>HOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB BY PHONE </p> <p>Checklist Applying for a job by phone </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access informat ion on c reat ing a resume and see an example of a resume </p> <p>HOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB - IN WRITING </p> <p>How to apply for a job in writing </p> <p> You can respond to an advertised role in writing and you can also write to an employer enquiring about any jobs that are available or may become available. Use this checklist to assist you in applying for a </p> <p>job in writing. Access an example of an application letter for </p> <p>an advertised job. </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access a checkl ist to help you apply for a job in wr i t ing </p> <p>HOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB IN WRITING </p> <p>Checklist Applying for a job in writing </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access an example job appl icat ion let ter </p> <p>HOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB IN WRITING </p> <p>Example job application letter </p> <p>Ms A Cannon 12 Viccan Avenue </p> <p>GISLING NSW 2998 Mobile: 0400 000 000 </p> <p>Email: 15 June 2012 Mr M Bee HR Manager Xet Limited PO Box 55 SYDNEY NSW 2000 Dear Mr Bee I am very interested in the position of .. Advertised in the Gosling Press on 13 June 2012. II have a range of administrative skiils and experience to match the position advertised, including . I am confident that I would be able to perform all duties required in the role. Enclosed is my resume for your review. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this position further. Yours sincerely, </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access informat ion and t ips on prepar ing for and at tending an inter v iew </p> <p>PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW </p> <p>Preparing for and attending job interviews </p> <p> Preparing for the job interview Learn as much as you can about the company </p> <p>and what it does visit its website for information </p> <p> Prepare for interview questions practice with someone </p> <p>What to wear Resume &amp; documents </p> <p> Attending the job interview Dont be late Make eye contact Listen Be friendly and smile Give short answers dont waffle Access a list of a range of interview questions that may be asked that you can practice with. </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>Access sample inter v iew quest ions </p> <p>PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW </p> <p>Sample interview questions Why do you want to work here? </p> <p> What are your career goals? </p> <p> Why do you think you are suited to this role? </p> <p> What are your strengths? </p> <p> What are your weaknesses? </p> <p> Can you tell my about a difficult situation you </p> <p>have been in and what did you do? </p> <p>What are your interests outside of work? </p> <p>Homepage </p> <p>TESTING AND STAKEHOLDER FEEDBACK </p> <p>What worked Simple, easy format to follow Click through links Provides essential information about </p> <p>finding and applying for jobs Good tools resume/job application </p> <p>checklist &amp; sample </p> <p>What could be improved Provide links to job websites in how to </p> <p>look for a job such as Seek, myCareer, Spot jobs </p> <p> More information on different interviewing models, eg. STAR model, targeted questions in a Situation, Task, Action, Result format </p> <p>Questions How will students know about this app? Will schools provide it to them? How often will it be updated? </p> <p>Ideas Have an entry level job link that brings </p> <p>up jobs available (from job sites) that are aimed towards school leavers </p> <p> On the job list separate jobs that need an university degree / tafe certificate. </p> <p>Prototype and testAssignment 3Kerry MatonPrototype and Test School leaver job helper app INDEX AZ of jobs A JOBCREATE RESUME RESUME EXAMPLEHow to look for a job HOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB BY PHONEHOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB BY PHONEHOW TO APPLY FOR a job - in writingHow to apply for a job in writingHow to apply for a job in writingPrepare for an interviewPrepare for an interviewTesting and stakeholder feedback</p>