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Protecting IP: Patents and Trade Secrets. Chipotle inc!. Chipotle Inc!. Tyler Fetters – CEO Afton Winner – CIO Apolo Aguirre– CFO Kyung Shim - CTO. Noxid Recreation Center. Larger recreation center E mploying over 200 employee. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Protecting IP: Patents and Trade Secrets

Chipotle inc!Protecting IP: Patents and Trade SecretsChipotle Inc!Tyler Fetters CEO

Afton Winner CIO

Apolo Aguirre CFO

Kyung Shim - CTO

Noxid Recreation CenterLarger recreation center

Employing over 200 employee.

Have a few weight rooms, several basketball and racquetball courts, an indoor track, Olympic size pool and diving well, as well as an indoor climbing wall.

Problem DescriptionOne of the Noxid employees has created a new machinePatenting and patent enforcementBest, fastest, and cost productive wayWhat are the costs associatedHow long does it take

How does Noxid create barriers to keep employees from taking their training and leavingHow do we keep our employees from using us for training

PatentsDefinition- A set of exclusive rights granted by a state to an inventor or his assignee for a fixed period of time in exchange for a disclosure of an inventionInvention- Must be New, Inventive, Useful or Industrially applicable. Primarily on codified Federal Law

Utilization PatentsInvention- Must be New, Inventive, Useful or Industrially applicable. Noxid Recreation Center - Developed new revolutionary machineUtility PatentGeneral UtilitySpecific UtilityMoral or beneficial utility Patent ProcessDevelop/Invent IdeaDetermine if it can be patentedMeet 3 Requirements:NoveltyNon-ObviousnessUtilityPerform a patent searchApply for your patent (regular patent requirements)2 PartsSpecificationClaims7Patent Cost and TimeApoloIP: Patent Professional HelpSvitek Law GroupWeb Site

Ideal for Small businesses

Full service business law including patent help and no compete or any other business contract

Cost: Hourly RateBe organized a efficient all interaction is billedTrade SecretsDefinition- Formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, or compilation of information - not generally known or reasonably ascertainable

Confidential Information" or Classified Information".

Based primarily on state law

Trade Secrets UtilizationMark computer files and documents with a confidential warningRestrict access to the trade secret to only those that really need to knowMake anyone you disclose information to sign a non-disclosure agreementKeep information enclosed in a secured areaImportant to retain key employeesProvide enough incentive for them not to jump shipTrade Secrets No competesApolo Trade Secrets Vs. PatentsApolo compare and contrastConcept MapsCase Study/Patent EnforcementPatent enforcement is the process of legally maintaining one's patent grant. If an infringed patent is not enforced for many years, a patentee may lose the patent grant

Due diligence in preparation of enforcing a patent could save literally millions of dollars in legal fees

Due diligence in preparation of enforcing a patent could save literally millions of dollars in legal feesGPCIWeb PagePatent HawkWeb PageOverall RecommendationsDecide whether you can afford legal assistance or not.If so contact either your current lawyer or Svitek Law and they will assist you along the waySearch the Patent database to ensure your invention qualifiesFill out the paper work at the US Patent websiteCreate a no compete contractAll trade secret materials should be handled as such and take due diligence to keep them secretsMaintain your PatentsMake Millions!QuestionsNoxid?



V is for victory or defeat.

Eat Chipotle!


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