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  • Protect, Enforce and Encrypt Secure Mail Protect, Enforce and Encrypt Block the Bad; Guard the Good
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  • Agenda Introduction to Secure Computing Who We Are Our Family of Enterprise Security Products Secure Mail Portfolio Secure Mail (IronMail) Inbound Security Secure Mail (IronMail) Outbound Protections Secure Mail Encryption Flexibility Secure Mail Family of Appliances Secure Mail Success Stories Secure Computing Secure Mail Edge TrustedSource Global Intelligence Solution
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  • Secure Computing Highlights Who We Are Public company (NASDAQ: SCUR); HQ is San Jose (USA), Worldwide presence; 900+ employees Largest independent enterprise gateway security company Annual billings run rate ~$300M, profitable, strong cash generation What We Do Singular focus on enterprise gateway to enable safe, secure and productive use of open networks, including the Internet Perimeter protection most secure firewalls, Identity & Access Comprehensive messaging & web gateway security Inbound & Outbound protection: Block the bad and guard the good Technology 145 Patents pending/granted Unmatched protection with TrustedSource using global intelligence Purpose-built gateway security appliances Recognized leadership positions by Gartner and IDC Customers 20,000+ Blue-chip customers in 106 countries. 60% of Fortune 500; 56% of DJ Global 50; 8 out of 10 top world banks
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  • Secure Computing is the Leader #1 in Secure Content Management (SCM) appliances #1 in Messaging Security Appliances #1 in Enterprise UTM Appliances ($10K - $100K price band) #2 in Web filtering 23M+ seats TrustedSource, Internet reputation system for proactive security Reputation-based web, messaging, firewall, Web filtering Leader in Gartners Messaging and Web Magic Quadrants Improving Challenger position for Firewall and Encryption Technology LeadershipClear Market Share Leader 100% Security Focus Acknowledged technical excellence & best-of-breed solutions Superior customer support and track record of growth 100% Security Focus Acknowledged technical excellence & best-of-breed solutions Superior customer support and track record of growth
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  • 20,000 Customers in 106 Countries 60% Of the Fortune 500 80% Of the Top 10 World Banks 56% Of the Global 50
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  • 800 security vendors 90 percent < $15M revenue Viability at risk Customers & Channel want to protect their investments Viability of Security Vendors Move to Integrated Appliances Proactive & Reliable Threat Detection Layered Security Approach Lots of Point Appliances Integrated Appliances Global Intelligence AV, IDS Anti-Spam Signatures Anomalous behavior at the box Local Behavior Firewalls IDS VPN Application Gateway Messaging Web Other Apps Network Gateway Key Security Drivers
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  • Encryption Anti- Virus Anti- Malware URL Filtering Compliance Secure your Messaging Communication Secure your Web Communication Application Gateway Anti- Virus Intrusions Encryption Compliance Anti- Spam Enterprise Gateway Security Integrated, Best-of-Breed Appliances Data & Users Internet Ensure proper Identity & Access Network Gateway AV Connex Control Firewall IPS Connex Control Authorization Authentication Secure your Network Edge Secure Web (Webwasher) Secure Mail (IronMail) Secure Firewall (Sidewinder) Secure SafeWord
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  • Secure Computings Award-Winning Portfolio
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  • Secure Mail
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  • Secure Computing Messaging Portfolio Bi-Directional Messaging Defense & Compliance Bi-Directional Messaging Defense & Compliance Secure Mail (IronMail) Internet Inbound Email Perimeter Defense Secure Mail (Edge) Secure Mail (IronMail) or any other Email security Internet
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  • Secure Mail Comprehensive Security Mail Servers The Power of Secure Mail: Simple, powerful, integrated appliance with common management, multiple message platform support, and minimal administration Block the BadGuard the Good Inbound protection Anti-virus Anti-spam Anti-malware Anti-phishing Outbound protection Content filtering Encryption Policy definition Content detection Secure Mail
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  • A Leader for Email Security Secure Mail is one of the most- full-featured appliance solutions on the market. Secure Computing moves to the right in terms of vision. For anti-spam and antivirus defenses, it exploits its TrustedSource global reputation system, combined with connections management and several behavioral and content analysis tools, for very high spam detection with few false positives. Secure Computings Secure Mail line of appliances are known for their high level of performance and have kept the company a top competitor .Secure Mail appliances also benefit from the companys TrustedSource reputation network. Secure Mail appliances offer more than simple anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities for email, but also offer features such as encryption and anti-spyware, which is a key advantage over its top competitors. 200 7 We found this product to be simple to set up and easy to use. The initial configuration wizard gets the device up in just a few clicks... The Secure Mail web interface is well organized with simple tab top navigation. This interface also features a multitude of easy to read graphs and charts that plot trends and show many other events. Secure Mail has been rated Best Buy by SC Magazine.
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  • Secure Mail Successes BiopharmaEducationFinancialGovernmentHealthcareRetailTelco/UtilitiesOthers
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  • Key Messaging Security Drivers Spam volumes reach over 90% in 2007 New spam technologies render traditional inspections useless Storm botnet infects over 50 million computers Annual sales from medical spam messages net over $4 billion a year Inbound Threats Proactive & Reliable Threat Detection AV, IDS Anti-Spam Signatures Anomalous behavior at the box Local Behavior Global Intelligence + Local Knowledge Policy-Based Enforcement Regulatory Point Solutions Employee Training Outbound Protection Multiple industry, state, national and international regulations 42% of all complaints to the FTC are about Identity Theft Customers lose trust in companies that cant prevent data loses Global compliance requires global solutions Drivers Trends Culture of Compliance with Automated Enforcement
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  • Threat: The Spam Surge Trend Rapid increase in spam volumes are overloading mail gateways and servers, degrading performance, and increasing delivery of unwanted email Spam Hits All Time High in 2007
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  • Threats From All Sides A cybercrime is committed every 10 seconds; twice the rate of actual real-world robberies 46% of enterprises experienced a security breach in 2006; 10% dont even know!! 26% experienced more than 10 breaches that year 1.8 billion records were compromised between 2000-2006 Data loss clean up costs in 2006: Exceeded $5 billion in the US Exceeded 1.7 Billion in the UK Trojans accounted for over 78% of all newly discovered malware in August 2007 An average of 11,906 total new malicious websites were detected daily in August 2007 An average of 264,133 new zombies were detected daily in August 2007
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  • Inbound Protection Zero Hour Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing
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  • Secure Mail: The Secure Messaging Gateway Solution For Inbound and Outbound Mail Threats Computation of globalreputation scores Email Servers Reputation- based filtering for IP Senders, Messages, Domains, URLs, and Attachments Anti- Malware & Spyware Anti- Virus & Content Analysis Correlation and real-time updates Spam, malware, etc. Users Data Leak Prevention/Compliance Policy Management, Content Filtering, Fingerprinting, Adaptive Lexical Analysis, Clustering, Policy Enforcement, Encryption Attachment Filtering & Statistical Analysis Local Knowledge Access, Management and Reporting Tools Secure Mail
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  • Integrated, Scalable & Secure Messaging Architecture
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  • SpamProfiler Industrys First Multi-Method Spam Detection Engine Total amount of spam stopped: ~80% Total amount of spam stopped: ~95% Total amount of spam stopped: 99%+
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  • Secure Mail Zero-Hour Anti-Virus/Malware
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  • Secure Mail IntrusionDefender
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  • Outbound Protections Compliance and Data Leak Prevention Define, Detect, Defend Compliance and Data Leak Prevention Define, Detect, Defend
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  • Key Messaging Compliance Drivers Myriad of US and International regulations: SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, State Privacy Rules, FISMA, HSPD- 12, NYSE & SEC rules, PIPEDA, PIPA, PPIPS, EUs Directive on Data Protection, UK Data Protection Act, Australia Privacy Acts, OECD Guidelines Myriad types of data being regulated: Corporate financial, consumer financial, healthcare, consumer privacy, federal government, securities transaction Regulatory Compliance Culture of Compliance Global Content Control Regulatory Point Solutions Employee Training Data Leakage 150 data breaches in 2006 exposed 80 million people to identity theft Four sources of loss: hackers, malicious insiders, bad policies, honest mistakes Other types of data to protect: Trade secrets, intellectual property, customer lists, confidential financial information, R&D schedules Drivers Trends Multi-Reg Pol


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