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  • Promotional poster for the 2009 Miramar Air Show

  • MCAS Miramar Air Show 2009 Event Conditions

    • Event Dates: Friday, October 2, Saturday, October 3, Sunday, October 4, 2009

    • Event Times: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm Friday • 9:30 am – 8:30pm Saturday • 9:30 am – 4:00 pm Sunday

    • Location: Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Flight Line.

    • Target Market: San Diego County Statistical Metropolitan Area and surrounding region.

    • Weather Conditions on Friday: Moderate temperatures with mostly cloudy skies with a trace of rain, highs were in the upper 70s.

    • Weather Conditions on Saturday: Warm temperatures in the mid 80s with blue skies during the day. Temperatures dropped in the early evening down to the mid 60s.

    • Weather Conditions on Sunday: Cooler temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. Partly cloudy skies.

    • Attendance Estimate: 750,000.

  • The MCAS Miramar Air Show drew over 750,000 attendees over the course of it’s three day-four performance run.

  • The Miramar Air Show is not only America’s largest community relations event, but it is also “America’s Finest Air Show.”

  • The Miramar Air Show featured hundreds of aircraft displays and the opportunity for attendees to interact with

    warbirds, modern aircraft and the event sponsors.

  • Over three quarters of a million attendees thronged the flight line during the Miramar Air Show and provided a large sampling of the Southern California marketplace.

  • Sponsor Benefits

    The next section of slides detail benefits you have received in the following areas:

    • Advertising and Branding

    • On-site Activation

    • Added Value

  • Sponsorship Benefits: Advertising and Branding

    • Print Advertising Inclusion: Sponsor branding in advertisements including seven San Diego Union-Tribune advertisements bearing Sponsor’s logo.

    • Sponsor Name: Sponsor’s name inclusion in pre-event press releases distributed to the media.

    • Event Logo: Sponsor has permission to use event logo in sponsor’s publicity and promotions.

    • Website Branding : Inclusion on event website educating the public on the importance of Sponsor support to our military quality of life programs.

    • Signage On-Site: Fifty (50) Sponsor provided banners displayed throughout Event venue and logo inclusion in “Thank You Sponsors” banner.

  • Sponsor Benefits: On- Site

    • Public Address Announcements: Sixty (60) Sponsor PA announcements were made during the Event.

    • Exclusivity: Truck, van, passenger car and SUV manufacture and sales were reserved for Ford.

    • Display Space : Provided one (1) 10,000 sq ft footprint for the Ford Experience display.

    • Vehicle Satellite Displays: Provided opportunity for Sponsor to display two (2) Ford vehicles in front of the crowd near Air Show Center.

    • Parade Vehicles: Two (2) Ford vehicles were used to parade performers along the front of the crowd line during the Air Show.

    • Interactive : Provided a 50,000 square foot Ford Fiesta Ride-N-Drive area located on the flight line of the venue within line of sight of the main Ford Drive One display space.

  • Miramar Air Show patrons crowd the Ford display

  • The Ford F-150 truck was a popular element of the Ford Drive One display.

  • The Ford presence at the Miramar Air Show was very interactive. Patrons were hands on from the

    contest to the Ford Fiesta Ride N Drive area.

  • Sponsor Benefits: Hospitality

    • Corporate Hospitality Chalet: One (1) Weekend Corporate Hospitality Chalet with food and beverage service for seventy-five (75) persons for each of four (4) performances.

    • Reserved Seating: Eighty (80) reserved Box Seat tickets for the Event.

    • General Admission Seating: One hundred twenty (120) Grandstand seat tickets for the Event.

    • VIP Sponsor Party: Twenty (20) invitations to the Sponsor Party including an upscale menu and beverage service.

    • Miramar Air Show Golf Classic: Sixteen (16) invitations to this private VIP golf outing with the Commanding Officer.

    • Parking Passes: Preferred parking passes provided.

    • Golf Cart: Use of one (1) golf cart for event.

  • Sponsor Benefits: Added Value

    • Sponsor branding on mobile billboard advertising vehicles. Content included two panels on the roads throughout San Diego for two weeks. All sponsor logos were featured in the mobile billboard promotion.

    • Event T-shirts: Eighteen Event T-shirts provided as added value.

    • Air Show Program: Sponsor logo included on “Thank You Sponsors” page in the event program.

    • Sponsor branding On-Screen Theater Adv: Logo included in on-screen advertising at the UltraStar Theater chain for one month prior to the Air Show.

    • Media Flights: Sponsor received the opportunity for two (2) media flights with Air Show performers. The seats on these media flights were made available to Sponsor after all available members of the media were assigned seats with performers. This opportunity was not a part of Sponsor’s paid benefits nor sponsorship agreement.

  • Added Value

    Added value publicity leveraged additional exposures for sponsors. The Ford Drive One display area and the Ford Fiesta Ride N Drive area were both featured on the event site map, which was printed in both the Air Show Program and the San Diego Union

    Tribune, which was also sold on site at the event.

  • Sponsor recognition marquee was included in the MCAS Miramar Air Show Program

  • Publicity Measured media exposures for the MCAS Miramar Air Show breaks down as follows:

    Print: 7,219,985 est. exposures

    TV: 614,190 est. exposures

    Radio: 12,701,940 est. exposures

    Outdoor advertising and new media breaks down as follows:

    Billboards/Marquees: 3,280,000 est. exposures

    Wed Sites: 1,280,000 est. exposures

    Mobile and Aerial Billboards: 400,000 est. exposures

    Total estimated exposures: 25,496,115 est. exposures

    The following section of slides is a small sampling of some of this year’s print press coverage received by the MCAS Miramar Air Show.

    The press clippings in this section were provided by the San Diego Clipping Service and the San Diego Union-Tribune Newspaper.

  • Cable news covers America’s largest air show

    at MCAS Miramar

    This is a sample of some of the TV news coverage from various news outlets

  • The CW, Channel 6, Coverage of the Miramar

    Air Show

    This is a sample of some of the TV news coverage from various news outlets

  • Fox 5 news coverage of the Miramar Air Show

    This is a sample of some of the TV news coverage from various news outlets

  • Advertising was created bearing your brand mark.

  • Quarter page color with sponsor branding

  • Quarter page b&w with sponsor branding

  • Quarter page color with sponsor branding

  • Quarter page b&w with sponsor branding

  • Half page color with sponsor branding

  • Quarter page color with sponsor branding

  • Quarter page b&w with sponsor branding

  • San Diego’s largest daily newspaper ran a major promotion with the Miramar Air Show which also include their online publication.

  • Nearly every media outlet in the region carried editorial or advertising content on the Miramar Air Show.

  • The Miramar Air Show was featured as a top event on many regional calendars.

  • The Miramar Air Show was featured content in both English and Spanish-language

    publications such as El Mexicano.

  • Full color news stories in the Union-Tribune’s Spanish-language publication Enlace also

    covered the Miramar Air Show.

  • The Miramar Air Show is well established as a regional favorite community event.

  • The most highly regarded event in San Diego, many publications described America’s Finest Air Show as

    a destination and special event not to be missed.

  • Media coverage documented San Diego’s anticipation of America’s largest community

    relations event and America’s finest air show.

  • The North County Times is the second largest publication in San Diego next to the San Diego

    Union-Tribune. NCT has a daily circulation of 94,000 copies. The U-T circulates 266,780 copies daily.

  • Publications like the San Diego International Times illustrated the broad demographic appeal of the Miramar Air

    Show throughout the region.

  • Broadcast Publicity • Live radio broadcast: Four hours live on Saturday, October 3

    on AM 600 KOGO on the ClearChannel Radio Network. • Click on the horn icons below to hear samples of the radio spots.

    • Live radio broadcast: Two hours live on Sunday, October 4 on AM 600 KOGO on the ClearChannel Radio Network.

    • Spanish language tel