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Promoting Excellence: Bringing Dementia Learning to Life


<ul><li>1.Promoting Excellence: bringing dementia learning to life! Social Services Expo and Conference 18th March 2014 </li></ul> <p>2. What should you leave with today? More awareness and understanding of the Promoting Excellence learning framework Some new ideas about how to use the framework and associated resources to plan for dementia learning and development within your own organisations what do you want to leave with? 3. Can you rate yourself on the following statement? I am familiar with the Promoting Excellence framework and know how to implement and embed dementia learning in my organisation (use the map on your table to record your answer) 4. Some history Created for ALL health and social services staff working with people with dementia, their families and carers Supports the educational change actions in Scotlands first National Dementia Strategy (2010) Developed in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland and launched in 2011 alongside the Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland Want to read more? 5. Why does it matter? Education and knowledge must be at the heart of changing any system Ann Pascoe, National Dementia Carers Action Network I have the right to be regarded as a unique individual and to be treated with dignity and respect Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland, 2011 6. Whats out there already? Free to access at 7. Click for clip from Informed about Dementia DVD Click for preview of social worker resource (working with carers section) 8. Activity Planning ahead Write down the different roles in your organisation- as many as you can in two minutes Look at the levels of knowledge and skills in the Promoting Excellence learning guides- which level should each worker, or group of workers, aspire to achieve? What makes you think this? How should you decide? How can you make this happen? What are the enablers and barriers? 9. Can we promote excellence together? Rene Rigby, Development Officer Scottish Care 10. Edinburgh Dementia Training Partnership Change fund monies Membership SCOTTISH CARE CITY OF EDINBURGH COUNCIL E.V.O.C. NHS LOTHIAN 11. Journey Stage 1 Appreciative inquiry pilot Team building, family involvement, action planning Time, resources and training Stage 2 Awareness raising and training Resources Ambassadors 12. Impact Outcomes CITY OF EDINBURGH 13. Promoting Excellence 14. Promoting Excellence 15. Could you be a Dementia Ambassador? Email 16. Contact us! Kerry Cannon, Project Officer Wendy Johnston, Project Officer Phone: 01382 346189 Workforce Development and Planning Scottish Social Services Council Rene Rigby Independent Sector Development Officer Scottish Care Edinburgh Reshaping Care for Older People Partnership </p>