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DESCRIPTION Learn how to run a book giveaway and promote your published Kindle or book.


<ul><li>1.The importance of excellent self promotion.</li></ul> <p>2. SELF PROMOTIONEvery self-publishedauthor will at some pointlearn the importance ofexcellent self-promotionin the success of his orher book. 3. DREAMS OF SUCCESSWe all dream of the runaway success of self-publishedwriters such as Amanda Hocking, but without theright promotion we know our books could languish atthe unattractive end of the Amazon rankings. 4. THE BEST TECHNIQUESThe problem is that there are no real tried and truetechniques to ensure a runaway success. Your bookmight be better than anything else in your genre, buteven a full time promotion schedule may fail to get itthe attention it truly deserves. 5. TIPS FOR SUCCESSA well-orchestrated book giveaway could be just thething you need to bring your work to a wideraudience, and here were going to look at three quicktips to help you spring your book to success.1. Share2. Advertise3. Target 6. SHAREAny author who has run a book giveaway will knowthat its vital to get the word out well in advance. Ifyou run your own blog, post several times in the daysand weeks running up to the promotion. If youre onFacebook, create a fan page and ask your friends tolike it. 7. ADVERTISEPaid advertising can play a large role in promoting abook giveaway. Popular review sites such as Pixel ofInk and Kindle Nation Daily can increase downloadsduring a giveaway by thousands of copies per day. Infact, the most popular free books on Amazon areusually those that have been promoted by one orboth of these sites. 8. TARGETWhile this may seem obvious, the trick to a successfulgiveaway is to get your book in the hands of peoplewho are predisposed to enjoy it.If youve written an excellent romance novel youcould give away a million copies, but if the recipientsare all single-minded fans of science fiction youreunlikely to see many post-giveaway sales or positivereviews. 9. FINDINGGOOD TARGETSSites such as Goodreads offer the chance to connectwith fans of every genre at the click of a mouse.Before running your giveaway you should build apresence on the site, joining groups devoted to yourappropriate genre and, where permitted, promotingyour book to your target audience. One targetedreader will be worth dozens of untargeted readers. 10. THE IMPORTANCE OF PROMOTIONAs an author youll no doubt already understand theimportance of promotion in making your book asuccess.While traditionally published authors usually have theluxury of an agent and publishing house to handle theheavy lifting of a marketing campaign, self publishedauthors must take the lead in running their owncampaign, getting the word out to potential fans andinfluential reviewers. 11. GOODREADSFortunately, in this connected age we no longer needface the horrors of an extended book tour to find ouraudience.Sites such as bring our readersto us, and by leveraging the power of the Internet wecan find an audience without leaving the comfort ofour homes. 12. GOODREADS GIVEAWAYPerhaps one of the most powerful promotional toolsavailable to the exposure-hungry author today is theGoodreads giveaway. The site, a social network thatoperates much like a book club with millions ofmembers.IT offers authors the chance to get their book in frontof countless potential readers, and by offering agiveaway you can not only generate interest in yourlatest book but also generate immediate sales andreviews. 13. HELP TO PROMOTE YOUR WORKSo, how can a Goodreads giveaway help you promoteyour work? Why is it such a powerful promotionaltool, and how can you make the most of it?Here are two ways it helps promote your work.1. Awareness2. Reviews 14. AWARENESSPlain and simple, a Goodreads giveaway will get yourname out there to your target audience. Whether youoffer a single free copy or 100 in your giveaway, anaverage of 60 entrants (according to Goodreadsstatistics) will add your book to their to-read list. Thisis, of course, no guarantee that they will actually readit, but all publicity is good publicity. 15. REVIEWSOn average, 45% of giveaway winners will go on toreview your book. While this may not sound like agreat return, the truth is very different.One in five Goodreads members runs their own bookblog, so not only will each review be seen by each ofthe reviewers Goodreads friends, theres also a verygood chance it will be published on a popular blog,spreading the word even further. 16. TIPS FOR GOODREADSGoodreads members who have run successfulgiveaways recommend that authors offer as manyfree copies as they can afford.They advise that the contest should run for a goodlength of time (several weeks to a month), and thatduring that time the author throws him or herself intopromotion to spread the word about the giveaway. 17. EXPOSER TO POTENTIAL READERSThere are a few things you should already have inplace. It is important that you have a blog or webpresence in which you can offer your temporarily freee-book to your readers, or even your friends.There are a few simple steps you can take to makesure that your e-book gets exposed to as manypotential readers as possible. 18. SOCIAL NETWORKINGPay Close Attention To Social Networking: You canuse social networking sites to your advantage withoutmuch effort. Simply put on your Twitter andFacebook account that something you wrote will begoing for free in the Amazon store a few days beforehand. 19. USING TWITTEROn the day that it happens, make sure you mention it,and let people know that they can only get it for freefor a limited time.For twitter use hashtags like #bookgiveaway orsomething similar. 20. DOING A SERIES OF BOOKSThis is good especially if you are doing a series ofbooks instead of just the one and have several onAmazon at the same time, but only one of them isfree, because if your book is good, it will spark upinterest in the rest of your work. 21. FACEBOOK GROUPSHere is a Facebook group you can join that is for bookgiveaways: your book to general book giveaway sites. These sites offer a varietyof giveaways, not just books: 22. LINK-AGGREGATOR SITESUse Link-Aggregator Sites: These sites can be a bitscary and intimidating, because they tend to be sovery big. You might feel like your link might be lostwithin a sea of other links.Most link-aggregators have subsections, thankfully,and you can just find the subsection that suits you themost to promote your book. 23. REDDITReddit, for instance, has an r/selfpublish and r/write,dedicated exactly for this purpose. You might notbecome a front-page sensation but a few extra hitscould make the difference between connecting with areader and not being able to. 24. THANK YOU!AND GOOD LUCK! Amy Harrop Avid writer Amy Harrops Blog </p>