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project updates for dott


<ul><li> 1. Royal Cornwall Show </li></ul> <p> 2. Royal Cornwall Show 3. Royal Cornwall Show 4. Royal Cornwall Show 5. Royal Cornwall Show 6. Royal Cornwall Show 7. Royal Cornwall Show 8. Back to projects. 9. New Designers UCF showcase 10. New Designers UCF showcase 11. New Designers UCF showcase 12. New Designers UCF showcase 13. New Designers UCF showcase 14. New Designers UCF showcase 15. New Designers UCF showcase 16. New Designers UCF showcase 17. New Designers UCF showcase 18. Back to projects. 19. Designing Communities 20. How can a new community centre bring about lasting benefits to the people living in Pengegon?Designing CommunitiesDesigning Communities 21. Designing Communities 22. Designing Communities 23. Designing Communities 24. Designing Communities 25. Sustainability the BIG COMMUNITY? Designing Communities 26. Back to projects. 27. New Work 28. New Work 29. New Work 30. New Work 31. New Work 32. New Work 33. New Work 34. New Work 35. Back to projects. 36. Cornwall Works 50+ &gt; 37. Cornwall Works 50+ &gt;&gt; 38. Mentoring 50+ to 50+ Skills Exchange Treasure Chest of Skills Host HomesCornwall Works 50+ &gt;&gt; 39. Cornwall Works 50+ &gt;&gt; 40. Back to projects. 41. From Cornwall with Love 42. From Cornwall with Love 43. From Cornwall with Love 44. From Cornwall with Love 45. From Cornwall with Love 46. From Cornwall with Love 47. Consistency How do we demonstrate the unique aspects and quality of Cornish produce and products as a consistent message of quality? Presentation &amp; Professionalism How can we build on the skills and tools needed by small companies to move forward and punch above their weight? Convenience and Availability How can consumers get access to the quality produce and products from Cornwall?From Cornwall with Love 48. Made In Cornwall Do the objectives of the Made In Cornwall Scheme match the reality of the market? Should there be more focus on quality rather than traceability? Tourist Stickiness How can Cornish businesses retain some of the extra business that the summer season brings? Community How is the Cornish creative and food producing community perceived? How do different sectors within these industries work together? From Cornwall with Love 49. Back to projects. 50. Serious Play 51. Serious Play 52. Serious Play 53. Serious Play 54. Serious Play 55. Back to projects. 56. Share the road 57. Share the road 58. Share the road 59. Back to projects. 60. Move Me 61. Back to projects. 62. Eco Design Challenge 63. Eco Design Challenge 64. Eco Design Challenge 65. Eco Design Challenge 66. Eco Design Challenge 67. Eco Design Challenge 68. Eco Design Challenge 69. Back to projects. 70. Comms Update. 71. Skills &amp; Knowledge. </p>