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  • Project Robin Hood

  • Project Robin Hood is a City of Melville participatory budgeting project that provides $100,000, as a number of small grants ($1,000 - $20,000), for projects initiated, developed and implemented by community groups, not-for- profit organisations, businesses and individuals that connect communities and build better neighbourhoods, with a focus on place-making and capacity building.

  • Unlike traditional funding, the community select which projects receive the money via an online voting process using a budget allocator. Each community voter is given a $100,000 budget to allocate to a number of projects. The proposal with the most community votes receives the funding, up to a maximum of $20,000 per project. As a participatory budgeting project, the aim is to hand the decision making over to the people with a focus on improving places within communities. The overarching objectives of Project Robin Hood are to: • Empower the community to select priority projects for

    implementation in their neighbourhood • Support the creativity of community owned project ideas

  • • Enhance relationships between the City of Melville and the community

    Project Robin Hood is a way of building relationships by working together to create interesting, connected places in our streets, neighbourhoods and communities.

  • Project Principles - Community Empowerment, Public Participation, Inclusion, Social Justice, Partnerships, Sustainability, Valuing local knowledge, culture, skills, and resources

  • A Home for Microbats Build and supply 150 Microbat boxes for local schools, community groups and the general public as part of a habitat development and education program.

    Because removal of trees, Microbats now have fewer places in which are suitable for them to live and breed. By providing roosting boxes for Microbats we can increase their numbers and have more of them working for us every night, eating mosquitoes and other insect pests.

    Every night, our tiny native Australian Microbats eat 40% to 50% of their own body weight in insect pests including mosquitoes, which is up to 1,000 mozzies a night!

  • Loki the Therapy Dog The project will use the funding to train an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog which will then be taken into a range of community groups, care and support services etc. within the City of Melville. Animal Assisted Therapy focuses on reducing stress, raising awareness for mental health, promoting community inclusion, and working towards helping people live a more fulfilling life.

  • Bushfoods & Native Species Community Corridor at Mount Pleasant Primary

    The creation of a community verge that attracts local natives such as birds and lizards as well as growing bush tucker to eat which will be coordinated by Mount Pleasant Primary School. The community Bushfood Corridor will be located on the council side of the school fence running along the entire length of Gunbower Street allowing community access at all times.

  • Kidpreneur Market To provide a local market twice a year exclusively for young people - kidpreneurs (school age students running their own business) to sell their wares and services

    Nature Play at Attadale Primary School The creations of a new nature lay space on the grounds of the Attadale Primary School which will be accessible to the wider community.

  • Place making – local parks Before


  • Place making – community



  • Nature Play Installations

    Drinking Fountain for Dogs