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ONCOMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN MARUTI SWIFT AND HYUNDAI I-20 In partial fulfillment of the requirements

for the degree



2013-14 Submitted To:

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Mohd. Kabeer

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Through this acknowledgement, I express my sincere gratitude towards all those people who have helped me in the preparation of this project, which has been a learning experience.

I would like to thanks the Professor (Dr.) AFTAB ALAM HEAD of the Department of management and research, the librarian and the administrative staff of the Department of the Business Administration for their support.

Finally, I express my sincere thanks to MR HABIB UDDIN who guided me throughout the project and gave the valuable suggestion and encouragement. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYI have made this project report under the guidance of MR HABIB UDDIN. The report is made for comparing the vehicles of the two leading automobile company in india i.e Maruti and Hyundai. The duty assign by the sales manager to me get market survey to know the strategy of the product of the company.

To know the various marketing strategy which help in influencing the market effectiveness.

To know which type of programs is more convincing.

To know how much people are aware about the product of the companys product, how, when, why, they but these product. This is helpful to measure the effect of the strength of communication plan used by the organization.

To know the Consumers perception towards the products of the company. DECLARATION

I, Mr. Mohd Kabeer, a First year master of business administration student of Integral University, hereby declare that I have duly completed my project on COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN MARUTI SWIFT AND HYUNDAI I-20" for the academic year 2013-2014.

The information submitted is true and original to the best of my knowledge. INDEXSr no.ParticularsPage no.

1Acknowledgement 2

2Executive summary 3

3 Introduction07

4Automobile Company Profiles13

5History and Marketing strategy17

6Analysis and Interpritation45

7 Conclusion and Recommendations 58


9 Annexure62


Chapter No. 1Introduction

1.1 Objectives

1.2 Research Methodology

1.3 Limitations

Chapter No. 2Corporate Overview1.1 - History and Statistics

1.2 - Marketing Strategies

1.3 - Cars Profile1.4 - Producers Profile

1.5 - Timeline of Generations

1.6 - SWOT Analysis

Chapter No. 3Analysis and Interpretation

Chapter No.4Conclusions and Suggestions




-INTRODUCTION-This project is an attempt to give a comparision between Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i20. It aims to know the marketing strategies, performance analysis and consumer perception regarding these cars alongwith factors which influence their choice.It focuses on the following:-

1. In 1st Chapter you will find the Objectives, Research Metholodgy and Limitations of the study.2. In 2nd Chapter you will find an overview of the History, Profile of Cars, Producers Profile, Key Persons, Timeline of Generations, Marketing Strategies and SWOT Analysis of all the 3 companies.

3. In 3rd Chapter you will find Analysis and Interpretations on the Project Report.4. In 4th Chapter you will find Conclusion and Recommendations on the Project.

5. In the end, you will find the various sources I referred for gathering information.

-OUR OBJECTIVES-1. To know the market share of Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai.2. To know the performance of Swift and i20 respectively.3. To know the perception of customers regarding these cars.4. To determine customers satisfaction regarding cars.5. To determine the factors the choice of customers regarding cars.

-RESEARCH METHOLODGY-It is a well known fact that the most important step in marketing, research process is to define the problem. Choose for investigation, because a problem well-defined is half solved. That was the reason that at most care was taken while defining various parameters of the problem. After giving through brain storming session, objectives were selected and the set on the base of these objectives. A questionnaire was designed major emphasis of which was gathering of new ideas or insight so as to determine and bind out solution to the problems.DATA SOURCE

Research included gathering both Primary and Secondary data.Primary datais the firsthand data, which are selected a fresh and thus happen to be original in character. Primary Data was crucial to know various customers and past consumer views about cars and to calculate the market share of this brand in regards to other brands.

Secondary dataare those which has been collected by some one else and which alreadyhave been passed through statistical process. Secondary data has been taken from

internet, newspaper, magazines and companies web sites.


The research approach was used survey method which is a widely used method for data collection and best suited for descriptive type of research survey includes research instrument like questionnaire which can be structured and unstructured. Target population is well identified and various methods like personal interviews and telephone interviews are employed,SAMPLING UNIT

It gives the target population that will be sampled. This research was carried in Faridabad and New Delhi. These were 16 respondents.


After the data has been collected, it was tabulated and findings of the project were

presented followed by analysis and interpretation to reach certain conclusions.SCOPE

My project was based on theComparative Study of Swift vs. i20 and data

was taken in Faridabad and New Delhi only.-LIMITATIONS OF RESEARCH STUDY-1. Research work was carried out in Faridabad and New Delhi only the finding may not beapplicable to the other parts of the country because of social and culturaldifferences.

2. The sample was collected using connivance-sampling techniques. As such result itmay not give an exact representation of the population, it is also very small which represent my research on consumer behavior.

3. Shortage of time is also reason for incomprehensiveness.

4. The views of the people are biased therefore it doesnt reflect true picture.

5. I had only found the upper-middle class family to fill up the questionnaire, but

generally, an average middle class family was required for the study.Chapter No. 2

CORPORATE OVERVIEW Maruti Suzukis Profil In early 1980s Indian Govt decided to produce a small car, which would be within buying reach of Indian middle class. The obvious place to shop for technology was Japan, which had developed world class capabilities in small cars by that time.It was not Toyota, or Nissan, or Honda ,three largest player in Japan, but Suzuki, a much smaller company with strong capcabilities in making small cars. Suzuki grabbed the opportunity with both hands and formed a joint venture with govt. called Maruti Udyog.

Maruti Udyog Limited, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan, has been the leader of the Indian car market for about two decades. Its manufacturing plant, located some 25 km south of New Delhi in Gurgaon, has an installed capacity of 3,50,000 units per annum, with a capability to produce about half a million vehicles.

Maruti rolled out its 1st car, Maruti 800 with 800cc engine in December 1983. This model targeted at masses and was lanuched as Peoples car. In early 2003, Maruti Udyog, a joint venture between Suzuki and Indian Govt. dominated Indias automobile market with 54% market share and with annual production capacity of 5lac cars. The company dominated Indian Small car market with a share of 100% in A seg, 36% in B seg and 86% overall.

The company has a portfolio of 11 brands, including Maruti 800, Omni, premium small car Zen, international brands Alto and WagonR, off-roader Gypsy, mid size Esteem, luxury car Baleno, the MPV, Versa, Swift and Luxury SUV Grand Vitara XL7.

In recent years, Maruti has made major strides towards its goal of becoming Suzuki Motor Corporation's R and D hub for Asia. It has introduced upgraded versions of WagonR, Zen and Esteem, completely designed and styled in-house. Maruti's contribution as the engine of growth of the Indian auto industry, indeed its impact on the lifestyle and psyche of an entire generation of Indian middle class, is widely acknowledged. Its emotional connect with the customer continues

Maruti tops customer satisfaction again for 8th year in a row according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific. India Customer Satisfaction Index Study. The company has also ranked highest in India Sales Satisfaction Study.

In keeping with its


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