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<ul><li><p>Project: New Garden Beds </p><p>Project Definition </p><p>The project is defined as the design, planning, and </p><p>construction of a new garden beds in my backyard. This </p><p>project has the goals of 1) a cost no greater than $3,000 </p><p>and 2) a start-to-finish time no greater than one months. </p><p>The construction of the garden beds will commence on </p><p>October 1. There will be multiple work forces and trades </p><p>working on the project at any given time, and the Project </p><p>Manager has the right to increase/decrease the work force </p><p>at his discretion. </p><p>Organization </p><p>Project Manager </p><p> Responsible for the overall planning, organization, </p><p>management, and tracking of the project </p><p> All changes to scope, schedule, or budget must be </p><p>approved by the PM </p><p> All contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and third </p><p>parties will report to and be subject to the direction of the </p><p>PM </p><p> The PM will maintain the master schedule and will be </p><p>responsible for keeping it up-to-date with completed work </p><p>and changes </p><p> The PM will be responsible for signing all close-out and </p><p>completion documentation and no contractor may </p></li><li><p>demobilize from the site prior to receiving completion </p><p>notice </p><p> Contractors </p><p> Responsible for delivering their scope of work to the </p><p>specifications and plans </p><p> Will be the primary contact point and responsible for </p><p>working collaboratively with the Project Manager </p><p> Detailed scopes and specifications can be found in the </p><p>Work Breakdown Structure </p><p>Roster </p><p>Name Role(s) Organization Contact Information </p><p>Myself Project Manager NA NA </p><p>TBD Design </p><p>TBD Ground Work </p><p>TBD Prepare soil </p><p>TBD Planting Plants </p><p>TBD Landscaping </p><p>Major Deliverables </p><p>Milestone Major Deliverable Responsible Party </p></li><li><p>1 </p><p>Design complete Design </p><p>2 </p><p>Design approved Project Manager </p><p>3 Finance completion Project Manager </p><p>4 Ground work Landscaper 5 </p><p>Soil, garden beds, planting, landscaping </p><p>Landscaper </p><p>6 </p><p>Final approval Project Manager </p><p>Project Plan </p><p>Work Breakdown Structure </p><p>Step Planning Ground work </p><p>Prepare soil </p><p>Planting Landscaping </p><p>1 Design Mark the area </p><p>Add rich organic compost, manure and fertiliser </p><p>Place plants before planting </p><p>Grass seeding </p><p>2 Fund arrangement </p><p>Get rid of grass </p><p>Blend new ingredients </p><p>Find the exact spots </p><p>3 Solicit Contractors </p><p>Dig it up </p><p>Turn the beds </p><p>Plant in the ground </p></li><li><p>4 Confirm Contractors </p><p>Edge the beds </p><p>Add fresh garden soil with organic </p><p>Spread mulch </p><p>5 Fix garden beds </p><p>Mix new soil with old </p><p>Water it in </p><p>6 Leave for couple of weeks </p><p>7 Remove weeds </p><p>8 Dig again </p><p>9 </p><p>Risk Assessment </p><p>Risk Register </p><p>Priority </p><p>Description </p><p>Consequence </p><p>Impact </p><p>Likelihood </p><p>Risk Score </p><p>Mitigation Plan </p><p>Owner </p><p>High Design delays </p><p>Measuring the areas, taking idea, drawing </p><p>30 40 12 Be proactive and diligent in </p><p>Project Manager </p></li><li><p>the requirements and fund arrangement will affect for the entire project </p><p>getting the project fully designed and finance ready </p><p>High Delay in Planning </p><p>Design selection, find an appropriate contractor will take time and it will affect for the rest of the flows </p><p>25 40 10 Prioritise the planning </p><p>Project Manager </p><p>High Delay in ground work </p><p>The equipment availability, rock removal, ground preparat</p><p>25 15 3.8 Prioritise the ground work </p><p>Contractor </p></li><li><p>ion and weather can be affected </p><p>Moderate </p><p>Delay in prepare soil </p><p>This will affect for the following processes </p><p>30 10 3 Contractor </p><p>Moderate </p><p>Delay in planting </p><p>This can leads to seasonal changes and not growing as expected </p><p>15 5 .75 Contractor </p><p>Moderate </p><p>Delay in landscaping </p><p>landscaping scope will only affect the final outcome of my project </p><p>0 0 0 Contractor </p></li></ul>


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