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PM case study & assignment: project CLOCK

Project ManagementProject planningindividual assignment: Project CLOCKneil@minkley.fr1Project CLOCK Context (1)Company X (which is based in France) needs to train its staff and business partners on a very frequent basis in order to keep them up-to-date on its products, services and operations processes, which are in constant evolution.Most of the training is done online via an existing web-based e-Learning platform.All courses and training tools are created in-house.You are a Project Manager in the e-Learning Production department of this company.

PM2Project CLOCK Context (2)The head of the e-Learning Production department has identified the need for a set of tools/templates that will enable instructional designers/writers to easily build a broad variety of "learning objects".Existing tools/templates are considered unsuitable.The department head wants new tools to be created. He has provided summary requirements, schedule & cost constraints, and has designated the people who will work on this project (code-named CLOCK*).You have been given the responsibility for leading the project team that will create such tools.


HD* Creation of a Learning-Object Construction Kit3Project CLOCK Resources *Head of Department (project sponsor)Project Manager (You!)

HDPMIW1IW2SD1Instructional Designers/WritersSoftware Designers/Developers

SD22211* No more, no less!(All 6 people are employees of company X.)4Project CLOCK Work done & Work to doYou have held a 3-day brainstorming meeting with the 2 IWs and the 2 SDs to produce and agree upon a comprehensive and detailed Requirements Specification for a "Learning-Object Construction Kit" made of 10 different tools/templates, as well as a data delivery format, and to evaluate the work to be done.(The HD has approved the final Requirements Specification.)

You must now establish a project plan to present to the HD. The plan must cover everything to be done following the agreement on the requirements, ie from design to deployment and project closure, and it must clearly show the project schedule and cost.DONETO

DO5Project CLOCK WBSDesignSample data preparation & deliveryProject managementTesting, bug fixing & acceptanceDeploymentPerform functional & UI design Review & agree upon designPrototypeFinal versionProject closurePerform technical design for the learning-object construction kitSoftware codingTest case preparationReview design after prototype acceptance,agree on changes to be made, make technical design changesPrototypeFinal versionDelivery of software for testingPrototypeFinal version6Project CLOCK Resource assignmentParticipates in design reviews and agreementsParticipates in design reviews and agreementsParticipates in final testing/acceptance of prototype & final versionPerforms overall project management (50% of her/his time)

HDPMIW1IW2SD1Participate in functional & UI designParticipate in design reviews and agreementsPerform sample data preparation & deliveryPrepare test cases; perform tests of prototype & final versionParticipate in final testing/acceptance of prototype & final version

SD2+ All 6 people participate in project closureParticipate in functional & UI design; do technical design/redesignParticipate in design reviews and agreementsImplement/code software and fix bugs revealed by tests done by IWsDeliver software for testing by IWs (and by PM for the final version)Deploy final version on "production" server7Project CLOCK Assumptions (1)Sample data (for the 10 different learning-object creation tools/templates to be developed) prepared by the IWs is required by the SDs before the beginning of the prototype software coding (not design) phase.Delivery of sample data can be treated as an implicit task of "Sample data preparation & delivery".There is no need for "final data".Graphic design of the UI is relatively simple and is done by the SDs as part of their development work. Such graphic design work does not need to be made explicit in the plan.8Project CLOCK Assumptions (2)SDs may (should!) test their software before delivering it for testing by IWs, but such "internal tests" can be kept implicit in the software implementation/coding tasks.Delivery of prototype software and delivery of final software for testing must be explicit tasks in the plan.Testing by IWs is followed by bug fixing by SDs followed by final testing and acceptance (without further bug fixing) by IWs and the PM. This "simplified cycle" applies to the prototype and to the final version of the software.Test cases are written only once (they are valid for both the prototype and the final version of the software).9Cost of HD's participation not to be countedNo other costs to be taken into accountProject CLOCK Cost assumptions 450 / day


SD2 360 / day 330 / day 420 / day 400 / day10Project CLOCK ConstraintsStart date = January 4, 2016Total duration no longer than 7 weeks

Duration unit = day (not hour)"Standard" number of hours (8) per working day5-day weeks (no work on weekends)Public holidays not taken into accountNobody (incl. the PM) to be loaded more than 100%!Total cost (budget) no greater than 45,000(end date no later than February 19, 2016)11Now, to make your assignment easier12Download plan to complete from be useful13

Project CLOCK Plan to complete (.mpp)

Will be (re)calculated automatically by the software??Durations at the lowest level should have the same values in the completed plan as they have here.14

Project CLOCK Plan to complete (.pod)

??Will be (re)calculated automatically by the softwareDurations at the lowest level should have the same values in the completed plan as they have here.15Send your completed ".mpp" or ".pod" file to before Tuesday December 15, 2015 after changing the prefix of the file name to an unambiguous NAME that clearly identifies you, for example:"Neha_PRABHU_ CLOCK_PLAN.mpp", not "PRABHU_ CLOCK_PLAN.mpp"Imagine YOU are the PM for this project!Take into account the relevant information given on the previous pages of this document.Download & complete the project plan (.mpp/.pod file):enter appropriate "Predecessors" information, featuring parallelism between tasks whenever possible,enter appropriate "Resource Names" information.

usingProject 2013orProjectLibreNote: failure to meet the deadline will result in a 0 (zero) grade! Project CLOCK AssignmentNote: you may need to adjust durations at the lowest level of the WP/task hierarchy to their initial values.